Friday, March 19, 2010

Client Success - Fat Loss, MMA, BMX & LIFE!!

I would like to talk about some of the success we have had at EHP with some of our EHP Tribal Clients.

Cam Steer - Victory

Won his MMA Fight at Fight Sports Night on Saturday March 13th 2010 via rear naked choke in 1st round.
Phil Looney - Bugger
Lost on the same card in a Thai fight on points decision, I've heard it was a real close fight!! Next time Phil, we'll close the deal :-)

Jay Hepi - 13kg!!
Has lost a total of 13kg since starting, we have hit a plateau at the moment however with regionals in Kapa Haka coming up, I'm sure that will be breaking through it!!

Shannon Alexander
Smashes PB
in Dead lift by 15kg

Shannon is the 4th female I've coached to dead lift 100kg, this is an awesome achievement since last year was her first year training EHP Style for BMX Strength & Conditioning!! Oh, she's only 14 & weighs 58kg!!!! I know, real cool!!!

See, females should lift heavy! :-)

Kate Alford -

Is competing in her first 109km bike race next week, so this will be interesting to hear how she goes in this journey, I'm sure she will make it look as easy as her 100kg dead lifts for reps!! :-)

New Dress

She has lost 5cm in 5wks ___________________ (the line represents 5cm) around her waist, that's 1cm a week!!

Here's how it looks for Denise in 5wks to get this awesome result with MORE TO COME!!
  • Train 4x per week = 2 Metabolic Strength & 2 Metabolic Conditioning
  • Record her Food
  • Eat According to the 9 Habits of Fat loss
  • Be Positive
  1. She has missed 3 sessions over 5wks!!
  2. Her eating is around 70% across 5wks compliant, we aim for 90%!
  3. She's honest about what she eats & not ashamed of it i.e. Positive!
  4. She's not afraid of "hard work"!
  5. We've dramatically increased her Lean Body Mass i.e. Muscle! So her weight is the same BUT her clothes are a lot looser i.e. she's getting ready for new dress size :-)
To finish, I've posted the stuff we can "measure" the stuff you can't measure as well is confidence, life performance, belief systems, mindset, attitude etc... and these things mean more to me because these "life skills" are what determine your character as a human being and the impact you will have on others!

Thanks for reading have a great day and Kia Kaha = Be Strong....... In your training and in life EHP Tribe/Whanau!

Lastly, 3 EHP Clients are also completing the City 2 Surf this Sunday. Cam, Jack, Chris & Me (running with a pram). This is the first time we have put a EHP Tribal Team in the City 2 Surf, so looking forward to more!!

Spida Hunter

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