Saturday, March 06, 2010

Day 3 of Detox- To Quit?

Day 3 of Detox is done and dusted.....

I ate according to the plan except I had a extra miso soup before bed last night. Today was a strange day, I had no amount of "mind talk" going on today and I actually delayed alot of my eating times, not to test my man hood on starvation but quite simply because I was "at peace" with this whole detox thing and felt I had reached my "goals":

1) To Cleanse the system from the inside out
2) To break patterns that I was unaware of and explore them
3) To have fun doing it!

Now the first 30hrs wasn't much fun as I observed my mind talk "own" me, but since I "cracked it" or think I've cracked it, I have a strange "peaceful" feeling about it all.

This Peaceful feeling is a feeling of
BEING NEUTRAL, I feel neutral towards my patterns. Which means I have NO ATTACHMENT to the "stuff" that surfaces. Real life e.g. When I eat my only "real meal" of brown rice & raw veggies, in that moment I'm at peace, I'm happy & grateful.

Who would of thought a "hard core" meat eater would actually get satisfaction out of a vegetarian diet, to the point that my partner and I are talking about having a meat free night, and subscribing days to particular foods! Will keep you updated on that one!

I was at peace so much I even contemplated stopping the Detox, simply because "I'm neutral" towards my stuff or most of it. In a round about way, this is what it's all about!!

Don't get me wrong there is still stuff that comes up e.g. I miss eating with my family, sure I eat with them but it doesn't feel the same. The other night they had rice and chicken, I'm not a rice fan normally but I was like it would be nice to eat the same as them and be a "part" of our family dinner.

So the question remains........

Will I stop the Detox?
I don't know, a part of me says it's ok cause you are
"neutral" and then another part of me says, "justification" for stopping.

What do you think?

Am I a failure?
Do I need to harden up?
If I stop the detox....

Or is it ok?

There's no right or wrong answer just your own thoughts, would be great to hear them!

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Anonymous said...

I think if you've truly achieved what you want out of the detox, then there is nothing to be lost by moving on from it. If your goal was to write a 5,000 word short story in a week, and you hit 5k on day three, then you wouldn't keep going just because you had more time left.

On the other hand if there's more to learn, or to do, on the detox then keep going.

Good post dude.

And no, you're not a failure.


Spida Hunter said...

Thanks Andrew, makes complete sense what you are saying and I'm still on track so there is more learning to be made from all this!!!