Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If you are a Fitness Professional and don't know who Alwyn Cosgrove is, then let me enlighten you!

At the moment Alwyn is at the top of his game within the fitness profession he is not only 1 of the BEST for getting fatloss results but 1 of the best in taking the industry to "New Heights" in professionalism!

And I'm very Grateful that he has taken the time to give an 'insight' into him and what, how he does what he does, Alwyn style :-) !

Spida: Alwyn, I had the privilege of meeting you in person at Ryan Lee's First ever boot camp in 2005, where you presented on Programme Design and using a touch of everything that works rather then 1 size fits all training modality for everyone! Could you give the readers a little about what you do, who you are and how you attain client's goals of fatloss.

AC: Basically I consider myself a problem solver. People come to me with aesthetic, fitness or performance based problems. I develop training programs that solve those problems.

For example – if someone isn't getting leaner – I try to find out why – it might be something simple like a dietary change – but often it's something more complex.

Spida: I have to admit Alwyn when I herd you speak at the boot camp, I was thinking in my head. Is there any other way but to use a "Hybrid" or "Multi disciplinary" approach to attaining one's goals! Is this the mindset of American trainers to have a hammer as there only tool for achieving one's goals or is my perception wrong?

AC: I don't think it's an American trait – I see it from trainers worldwide. Trainers seem to want to "belong" to a philosophy or "Camp". I never understood that – I always took the Jeet Kune Do approach to training – use whatever tool is necessary or helpful

Spida: Alwyn, you are known for saying out loud that Aerobics and or Aerobic forms of exercise are not "ideal" for fatloss! It's a scratched record for you and me, however for those that still don't get it, could you enlighten everyone as to why it's not the best way to achieve fatloss for 90% of the population that exercise.

AC: Fat loss is dependent upon creating a caloric deficit – ensuring that the deficit isn't closed from lean tissue (ie you lose FAT – not muscle) – and looking to elevate the metabolism. 75% or so, of all the calories you burn come from your metabolism – regardless of what activities you do.

So – increase metabolism – make sure you work the muscular system so that the body has a concern for muscle and wants to keep it.

Aerobic training doesn't do that. It doesn't maintain or promote muscle mass, it doesn't elevate metabolism and it really doesn't burn that many calories.

Spida: Alwyn in my eyes you are 1 of the leading guys in the industry for getting the right message out there for fatloss and creating new boundaries for fitness professionals. Who is it that you turn to for mentorship/support both professional and personally?

AC: Everyone. Seriously- Chris Mohr, Craig Ballantyne, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Ryan Lee, Robb Rogers, Nick Grantham, Robert Dos Remedios, Jason Ferruggia, Chad Waterbury, my wife Rachel. I'm missing people out but I have a support team that most people can only dream of.

Spida: You are editing a product at the moment where all proceeds go to cancer, would you tell us please what you are doing, why you are doing it and WHEN can we get our hands on it!!

AC: It will be available at www.liftSTRONG.com hopefully by the middle of next month. It' a big project so it's taking longer than I thought.

Spida: Where can people go to for fatloss products. If fitness professionals are looking for better programme design they can go to http://www.professionalfitnesscoach.com/!

AC: Trainers should check out www.realworldfatloss.com/professionalresources.html
And trainees – go to www.afterburntraining.com

Thanks Spida!