Thursday, March 18, 2010

MacDonalds & Weight Watchers are Best Mates!

MacDonald's and Weight Watchers has "teamed Up" to provide the consumer a meal that will only give them 6.5 points according to weight watchers points scheme! Read Article from NZ Hereald here

I don't blame either party, I mean they are a business & they are looking for ways to grow that business! HOWEVER, this is planting of the seed to give the perception that MacDonald's are "healthy" and the kids today will believe that in 10yrs time......

I'm not "anti" MacDonald's, I believe the consumer needs to take responsibility for there eating behaviours, however to those that don't know, this also gives them the excuse to dine and wine at MacDonald's.....

Let's face it, how often do you go to MacDonald's to get a "light meal"???

There are many examples like WW & Mac's teaming up....

E.g. I'm not Anti All Blacks but a parent/kid who doesn't know any better would believe that Powerade is the drink to "scientifically" improve performance when simple H20 would do the trick before they are dehydrated.....

Oh, the All Black Marketing team have that one covered as well and SELL us bottled water when 99% of the nation can drink water straight out of the tap!!!

At the end of the day, it comes back to YOU the consumer to add more "filters" to what you believe & perceive to be real and straight out crap!

That starts by questioning things you perceive to be true, just like a 2 yr old asks WHY 24/7 :-)

Until you question "status quo" you will fall victim to what ever comes your way i.e. that will be inches around the waist in FAT & behaviors that support it with ignorance to justify it!!

So while I don't approve of this planting of the seed, I have always believed in raising your Health & Fitness I.Q & this is why.......

Kia Kaha = Be Strong & exercise your most powerful muscle, the brain!

Spida Hunter

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