Monday, October 27, 2008

Fat Loss from INside to Outside...

Today I'm going to share with you some email and phone coaching that was done on a online client.
First let's give you some details about the person.

Lil is 49yrs of age
Lives in Aussie
Still learning to use a computer
Works full time
Kids grown up
Had ACL reconstruction on knee about 20yrs ago

Here's the latest email I received from her just today;

Morning Spida,
I have just finished my squats lunges feeling really good I think your programme was very cleverly put together I am thinking this is a life time change rather than a 6week programme.

For me the eating was the hardest as I ate when I was hungry, which was maybe twice a day and they were huge meals and at the totally wrong time, and now I pack my snacks for work and really look forward to my breaks, all the while making a conscious effort of what and how much I eat the whole process is my choice in turn gives me the control rather than thinking diet.

I really enjoy my power walks and feel I have had a good workout after everyone I get these in before work so I have a real positive approach to work which puts me in an excellent mindset for the day dealing with people.

So thank you for giving me that first step towards making positive change for the better.

My knee's ankles are getting stronger but still very conscious and cautious when doing my squats and lunges.

Here's my response;

Thanks this is excellent!!! I can “feel” and “hear” the change in you which as we have discussed is what REALLY exercise is all about

i.e. building more

ü inner belief

ü confidence

ü self esteem.

From this we are building from the INSIDE out, where most people are building from the outside in. The way we are doing it means REAL TRUE success because the “look” is 2nd to how you “see” yourself as a human being!

Exercise when done in a ego free environment is about changing from the inside out, as I've said to those that are in the coaching group. Treat it like a fun game with a small attachment to the outcome rather then a complete "win" "lose" mindset. This way exercise becomes fun and you learn more along the way rather then a I HATE this but I HAVE too in order to "win" against the war of fat!!!

Here's some of the comments Lil has made in the phone coaching call we did last week.
  • Feels like I'm really clicking with the training and eating
  • Positive mindset on thinking and mindset
  • Increase in energy
  • I'm wrapped with how I'm going
  • This is a lifestyle change for me, therefore none of it's a problem!
  • I'm not feeling deprived of anything
  • My uniform for work is looser around my legs and bum
  • I feel like I did 22yrs ago doing martial arts where I was in control of my life
  • I feel more in control of my self
  • I can deal with negative people who question what I'm doing
  • I've now realised I've been "idle" for years!
This is what I got to write down when I was talking with Lil, there was more but I can only write so fast :-)

So here's a 49yr old mum of 2 that is doing what she can, she is outside her comfort zone with ALL OF IT but doing the programme to the best of her ability!

That is all I ever want from a client or of myself to do your BEST with what you got, most people want the BEST IDEAL situation before they "start"!

There is no ideal time except NOW. I know this is easy to say, I'm sure if you are reading this you are probably agreeing with me, I know I'm feeling good writing it. But we need to move from the "feeling good" to "doing" something now, then something tomorrow and something the next day and so on.... small steps to making it happen!

One last thing about Lil, she is my mum! She paid full price for the 6wk Online Coaching course and she is getting her money back in ways that can't be brought!

Am I proud of her, of course I am! Maybe this is where I get it from?? Don't you want your mum's to live life to her fullest so they can experience what they want rather then what is pushed on to them!

Thanks for reading about how my mum has gone!

p.s. Everyone in the coaching group both online and in person is experiencing these benefits to read more of them then sign up to the newsletter by clicking here

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