Monday, June 25, 2007

A Fighters Heart

I've just finished reading Sam Sheridan's "A Fighters Heart"! Highly recommend reading it, I found it very educational and enlightening to the some of the "truths" behind why humans fight! It took him 6yrs to create the book and it will take you only 3wks to read, that means you get 6yrs of his life in just 3-4wks!!

If you love combat then get this book not for learning of combat skills but to learn more about A Fighters Heart!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Give the kids a choice, NOT!

In NZ at the mo it has just been decided by the government that pies, chips, fizzy drinks be taken off the list for school tuck shops! This has been met with some people saying we need more education, kids need choices, black market for food etc....

My opinion which you may or may not agree with and I know my 'way' is always a bit more "staunch" as I'm considered by society that are fighting fat as a fitness freak! Yeah like I don't have bad days :-)

Kids are fat and it's factual! So let's keep it real to those facts! Kids eat more then they burn and there's 101+ reasons why!

Will taking the option of junk food away from school cafeteira's really work? My belief is NO it won't but I don't believe that we should put pies back on the shelfs either!

Education is the key? We have been doing that for the last year 10yrs with an increase in obesity far greater then the messages that are getting out! Should we stop educating? Hell NO!!

Give the kids the "freedom" to make the choice for themselves? Yeah right, I'm sorry this won't work either. I'm a 29yr old disciplined male with more education then the kids and I still don't make "ideal" choices, and I have discipline!!! Adults who have lesser knowledge in health and fitness don't make better choices for themselves for what ever reason so hell the hell do you expect a kid to make a better choice for their health!!??

The answer? FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY! The biggest influence you can have on making better choices as a "kid" is what your parents did or didn't do! I do believe that taking out the junk food is a better option. From taking junk food away as a option, now if a kid wants junk they can and will get it from somewhere else more then likely before school! At least the school can be proactive in their position of "we WON'T help them towards obesity at this school"!!

Get rid of the junk food in all tuck shops at EVERY school and keep providing education around "health"! I firmly believe that if you want anything in life you dedicate yourself to achieving it. You don't have a "try" attitude you have a "I will" and now I "have" attitude! Therefore until you have the knowledge, discipline to put these things back in your life then you get rid of any temptation to minimize creating a "trying" attitude!

If your kid is fat, then make the changes all the way for the family you included! Don't create 1/2 measures it's all or nothing! When your included in the changes it changes things as a parent doesn't it!? That's why parents that kill their kids through obesity should go to fat camp to learn that there's more ways then love through food!