Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Try this Fat loss, Muscle Gaining & Strength Workout!!

When it's all said & done, the most strongest & leanest people on earth always fall back on SIMPLE exercises that yield BIG ASS RESULTS!!!

Today I want to share with you a programme that you can do in the gym for a 4wk period & get great results in your Fat loss, Increased Muscle & Strength goals.....This pic is of Shawn Phillips visit his site & LEARN!!

5x5x5 Full Body Push/Pull

Perform the following programme like this 5sets x 5reps & 5 Exercises!

Day 1: Pull
1) Hang Clean or Hang Pull
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
2) Dead lift
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
3) Chin Ups
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
4) Good Morning
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
5) Single Arm Row rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets

Day 2: Push

1) Push Press/Split Jerk
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
2) Back Squat
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
3) Bench Press
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
4) Step Ups
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
5) Military Press
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets

Do the above in a alternating fashion 3x per week so week 1 you would do 2 Pulling sessions but the following week will be 2 Pushing sessions. The end result, some serious fat loss, muscle mass & Strength Gains....... That's right this kind of workout gives you all 3 for a beginner to intermediate lifter & even an advanced lifter that is looking for a "change up"!! Some things to consider to yield optimal results of fat loss, strength & muscle mass!
  • The weight needs to be heavy enough that 5reps can be completed & you maybe able to squeeze out 6reps on the early sets but 4th & 5th set.....The possibility of 6th rep is GONE :) E.g. if you can Squat 100kg for 1 reps your 5rep will be around 85-92.5kg
  • 60sec Rest is also a must.....Sure you can stretch it out to 90sec when you are having a day where you don't have the ticker to kick through but this programme ain't designed for coffee talks....GET TO WORK!
  • Abs, Bi's & Tri's......... These are far over rated for a beginner/intermediate lifter, yet 90% of people do them because we are lead to believe they are what's required for Optimal fat loss, Strength & Muscle Gaining...... Just because you see some huge dude do Bicep curls doesn't mean you need too, their foundations would not have been laid on bicep curls I PROMISE YOU!!
  • Training Partner is good for this routine they keep you honest by 1 person goes at a time, when they are done you are in banging out the next set!!
  • Other Days consider walking/jogging/Yoga as these modalities will help with soreness & allow the mind to be more passive
Have fun and let me know how it goes!!

P.S. I once did a 5sets, 5reps, 5exercises, 5days for 5wks.......Week 4
I WAS OVER IT too much volume & I was always sore!!

I think I missed 3sessions & the 4 th week was a bit of a joke as I was over it!! Here's how it looked.......

Monday = Olympic lifts

Tuesday = Upper Body Pulling

Wednesday = Squatting

Thursday = Upper Body Pushing

Friday = Posterior Chain

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My #1 Kettlebell Resource!

Are you a Kettlebell type person? Do you know what a kettlebell is? Well, I would like to introduce you to my #1 Kettlebell Resource....

Here's 3 Reasons why you will want to take in the information they are offering & sign up to their newsletter.
  1. Jason & Pam are just cool cats, they don't bring the extra "stuff/ego" to the fitness industry!!
  2. They break down the complexity and provide simple easy to follow solutions in how to use a kettlebell!
  3. They have a world view on Kettlebells, which means they don't think KB's will cure cancer and or are every solution to your problems!

Here's how I see it , I pop on over to their site when ever they post new content to check out the video's & I watch how they do what they do to learn and share.......

I hope you will join me in some of the discussions!
Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!

P.S. You can be sure to hear more of Pam & Jason because I put them up their in knowledge & bringing a "human" element to the knowledge they know.... This to me is a must have if I'm to send you to a site!!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Survival of the Fittest or Die!! Really.....

Charles Poliquin commented on his Facebook fan page and I quote:
"Just finished giving lectures for Fitness First. I like their business model for personal trainers, they encourage a survival of the fittest system, instead of a corporate down the line moronic approach that many of their competitors use."

I have no idea what "corporate moronic approach" he is referring too & I'm not interested!! My issue is with the Survival of the Fittest Model!!

I once believed with all CONVICTION in this model for life, sports, work.... and it has served me well in many instances in life/sport, I can assure you!! Now as a parent, husband, son and any other labels I attach to myself I NO longer adhere to this model, but before I share with you WHY I don't belong to this model I want to share with you HOW I got this "survival of the fittest" mentality to start with. By understanding how I learnt this thinking will help you understand "why" I currently think the model NOW sucks ass & I will do all I can in my being to promote/teach a more mature version of "Survival of the Fittest"!!!

Where it all Began!!!
At a young age I taught myself "how to survive" not because it was imposed upon me from people (although some of it may have), but the big reason was due to my fathers death at age 12!!

When something traumatic happens to you at a vulnerable age (more so as a teenager trying to sort out "stuff" while hormones are playing havoc on ya!) your perception on the world changes...... I mean how are you meant to make sense of your father dying at age 12 let alone as a adult?!!

So as a result of my fathers death & trying to make sense of it through the eyes of a 12yr old, you make representations of "stuff" that can be "right" or "wrong" or just plain DISTORTED! My way of making sense of my fathers death was 2 fold;

1) I took on the "I must be the man of the house now" mentality... After a 2yr period (14yrs old) this really shaped my belief systems about the world & stuff in the world....2 yrs prior I was "playing up"!

2) From the above, I took on a belief of "if I'm to survive emotionally from my fathers death, it must be Survival of the Fittest"!! Harden up Mother F#$%^# & be a "man"....... Show no "pain" because you need to be "tough" on all levels physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally!! BRING IT ON as I remember my 13+ inner voice would say to me on many many occasions!!

So that's "my story" of how I adopted the Survival of the Fittest belief system in my life & MAKE NO MISTAKE it has served me well AT TIMES, but and here is the biggest BUT!!

What can serve you so well can also make you WEAK!!!

Some of you may think where is the problem with this thinking if it served me so well, I mean it was my "saving grace" after all!!

The flip side to Charles preferred model of Survival of the Fittest, is that we are creating a bigger gap between people of "rich" vs "poor" or "strong" vs "weak" in the world!!

Some people (as I did) once justified this thinking with, "I choose to get off my ass and make something of myself & they don't, so F#$% them, they are "weak" and I CHOOSE to be strong!!!"

Fair argument, however do you see that this thought process extends a gap between humanity that is already getting wider and wider each year of rich vs poor or strong vs weak?!?

There's no room for COMPASSION in this thinking & this is WHAT we need more of in this world that is getting wider & divided by the day!!

At What Cost do You Stop Before You Are the Strongest?

This question is a personal thing that I would ask at times, but more often then not answered in a self serving way to "protect" me which really meant to protect my lack of emotionally stability!!

Here's my Model for a MORE MATURED Approach to Charles Poliquin's Survival of the Fittest!!!

A More Matured Approach to Survival of the Fittest:

  1. Understand the Difference between Immature Ego & Mature Ego we all have both!
    E.g. Immature Ego says "win at all costs without any respect to me or YOU!!"...
    Mature Ego asks "what is the cost of me winning & am I prepared to risk it?"

  2. Ask yourself, where does this belief come from?
    I'll admit this is a hard one to achieve because most of us, don't know we are "this way" because it's coming from the unconscious mind!! However, simply questioning yourself is a great place to start!

  3. Understand that most men come from a Immature Ego but tell us, they are here to "serve us"....
    E.g. Poliquin tells us from the statement above that he has a belief system of "win at all costs", some people may not have a issue with this, fair enough! BUT how content are you if your child, mother, sister are on the receiving end of the Strongest i.e. Weakest, would you be so "cool" with that?
    Would you "sell" them out to be the Strongest?
I'm sure there are many other ways to explore the more matured way of Survival of the Fittest & it doesn't start with big issues, check the vocab people or yourself that tells you your heading into "survival mode"...

Defining Yourself By More then Just Winning....

Here's my recommendations for expanding your mindset of what I have talked about by Men that have seen more then you or I reading this story!!

1) Measure of a Man
A Spiritual Autobiography by

2) Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
This has to be the first book to "change" my outlook from a Warrior who was Survival of the Fittest to accepting their is a more Peaceful (Matured) Warrior Way!! Thanks Dan!!

Final Thoughts......
The world will define you by your materials BUT your kids/family will define you by LOVE & Maturing your Ego is a long life process (or so I think so) like life it's a journey NOT a destination!!

Have fun with this new way of looking at Surviving in the world, don't "cop out" of winning just explore what winning REALLY is!!

We all must go through developmental stages in this "Survival of the Fittest Mentality"... I know I have and still am transitioning my perception of how I manage and label this mindset!! In all honesty, it still is in me to be the winner at all costs & like you I need to be "checked", so make sure you have people around you to "check" you when it comes :-)

Kia Kaha = Be Strong because you need to be "strong" to stand on this Matured Approach to Survival of the Fittest!!

Spida Hunter

P.S. I don't regret adopting my early belief of "Survival" & I have NO regrets about what God had in place for me in my father dying!

You Make the Most of What You Got, PERIOD!!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

March = Wow that much, really?

The March Update almost didn't get done with Easter, moving gym etc.... Then it "dawned" on me, don't make an "excuse" for something that you said you would do i.e. Do monthly updates! Who bloody cares if it's late, just GET IT DONE!!!

So here we are & WOW what a month it has been!! Let's just go in order of how it went......
Detox, Fasting =



I've written about this journey every day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7) so no need to get into details BUT to say that it has been a experience that I'm so grateful I've DONE, and it's got nothing to do with "weight loss"!!

I'm talking from a "health" perspective on my body & my mind!! If people can let go of the "weight loss" dogma & or even the "detox" dogma they would by default open their mind up to far more then you can comprehend in "my words"!!!!

Bottom Line: I will do a "detox" again, probably in Spring because the benefits of a detox/Elimination type Diet is too powerful NOT to do!!

I'm now a Dr........

I'm now a Dr ;-) We had another baby girl on March 12th at 12:50pm and I DELIVERED her, I'm not talking just cut cord type stuff, I mean I actually delivered here into this world as I did with our 1st daughter!

If you ever want to see a "pain free" birth, my lovely lady is the one to talk too!! Ok, I'm going to change gears & be brutal honest & you can perceive it how you want too!!!!

Woman share "war stories" of giving birth to each other like men tell stories about how great they are in bed & with how many woman!!!

If you as a woman reading this & you want to go down that path of "how much pain/trauma" giving birth was & it lasted 56hrs then by all means do that!

BUT what good is that to woman-hood!! If you truly want to empower woman then change the story to something more then "pain/world war 3" type stories!!!

I have the up most respect for woman & my words are not to degrade you, I hope you can read between the words & see the bigger picture, if not I feel the knifes warming as I type :-)

Here is Lennix Maria Lilian Hunter at 3wks old!

City 2 Surf = Thanks!

I wrote about clients completing City 2 Surf here, but think it's worth saying thanks again to those that gave it a nudge!! Your awesome!!

EHP is Moving......

EHP has combined it's magical powers with a local powerlifting club called Eastside Barbell, it is awesome to be part of a greater extended tribe of like minded people!!

Clients have already commented that Eastside has a "nice feel" which means the people at Eastside are cool cats that don't think they are the shiz cause they lift 2000000kg :-) !!!

Looking forward to breaking down new boundaries with EHP & Eastside :-)

BJJ & Pan Am

I'm back doing BJJ after a 2yr lay off, man it feels great to roll around and explore opportunities in movement. I'm taking a "new approach" to BJJ, because I'm strong I consider myself to have "strong BJJ" where is, I will use my strength to get to a position, however I'm trying to "surrounder" to this and allow my technique to find a way out or use my explosiveness when it will serve me rather then every time I'm in trouble!!

I've also decided to go to the Pan Am Tournament in Melbourne (November) where I'll compete in the masters white belt division :-)

So more to come on this........Check out Groundworkz BJJ Fan page here

Conclusion of March
Wow, what a month all this in only 4wks, there is more but I think they are the "big" things for the month....

Thanks for reading have a great day/month ahead & keep failing forward whanau, it's the only way to "fail" :-)


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