Monday, March 08, 2010

Day 5 of Detox - Being at "Peace"....

Day 5 is done & dusted......

I have to admit, I struggled in the first 1/2 of the day with some of my mind talk, I think there were a couple of reasons for this;

  1. I didn't eat my juiced dinner the night before
    I was real comfortable with not eating, I didn't feel there was a "need" to eat it!

  2. I woke up & got up at 5am (on a Sunday), in my sleep I broke my headphones!
    This annoyed me most of the morning, I do my meditation through Holosync which a CD based meditation with headphones ON!! So to have broken a $150 headset is a bit of a piss off!
There is learning in both scenario's that I've explored as well i.e. 1) Put my mind under a bit more stress just as I thought I had "got it". 2) Maybe it's time I explore both Holosync and other Meditation forms.

Regardless of the above, OVERALL I'm at peace with everything, I've mentioned this in day 3! Here's what I put on Face Book yesterday;

"Now tat Ive accepted hunger, I now GET how u can be @ peace with hunger! Who would of thought Maori boy from Putaruru would figure that Jedi shit out!"

It's the strangest feeling, I mean sure I have to check myself to not look to the future of Day 8 and "wanting" something when I'm there!
I've read lots of books about "being in the moment" (Dan Millman The way of the Peaceful Warrior, Eckart Tolle The Power of Now & A New Earth are 3 of my favorites) and I've got it through Meditation at times, however it seems to be with me throughout this Detox/Fasting Journey...... Funny, because knowing something intellectually is NEVER the same as knowing it "EXPERIENTIALLY"

E.g People have said to me, I could run a marathon if I trained for it!
I'm sure you can but knowing that you could if you wanted too, to actually DOING it is a whole different level of "knowing"!!

I will do my best to explain what I'm saying about being in the moment;
In the past I have just ate without little regards how much or what (to a point)!!

Now, I'm enjoying every gulp of my juice or every spoonful of my brown rice with raw veggies! While I'm in this state, nothing is a problem, I'm at PEACE with myself & the world!!

It's the best feeling to enjoy the simplest things!!!

Hopefully you get what I'm saying intellectually & if you have been their (really been there) then you know exactly what I mean!!

More Contemplating....

Well that's some of what I've been contemplating and become so much aware of! I'm also going to explore a greater depth of how much meat we eat in modern day society.

I mean back in the cave man days as I think it is...... I doubt very much that eating meat every night was in their diet, I'm pretty sure they would of rotated their protein sources (not consciously) but due to seasons, hunting etc......

E.g. They may of had birds 1 night and fish the next then nothing for 3 days, other then plant protein while they hunted a T Rex or something!

So from what I perceive the cave man days to be, it makes sense in modern day society we consume meat/dairy way too much?! I won't get into the organic meat argument today.

So this is why, I think it's worth exploring this! More so now that I have had no meat the last 5days and I have had greater depth of sleep, greater concentration, less flatulence and smell! (Side Note: I don't think no meat is the only reason my sleep or concentration has improved, being at peace has a greater impact then meat I believe!)
In Closing...


This is what the Detox is all about for me to EXPLORE me and my perceptions of what I thought or currently think, sure I'm down 4kg but it's not like I was obese or unhealthy prior to embarking upon this journey!

I'm so grateful to have had and taken the opportunity to "detox/fasting & explore" me, without doing this I would still believe/think the same stuff without any regard to something deeper!

Take care and have a great day!

Spida Hunter

P.S. The ULTIMATE proof of knowing someone is at "peace", is check their home life!!! And here's what my lovely lady has got to say in response to my Face book comment above;
Babe you ares doing really really well on your detox its day five and your still of sane mind!!

Fuck if it was me i would have eaten my own fucken arm by now!!... and probably try to hide it!! xoxox :-) proud of ya

She has a way with words :-)
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