Thursday, December 18, 2008

Personal Bests all round at EHP!!

Lets share with you some awesome Personal Bests that’s been happening from clients at the moment!

Most people don’t understand that when you increase someone’s functional strength you by default effect their;

ü Relative-strength

ü Speed-strength

ü Strength-endurance

ü Speed

ü Speed-endurance.

ü Self Confidence

ü Self belief

And to lesser degrees;

ü Higher levels of aerobic fitness

ü Agility

ü Dynamic mobility

ü Max strength development is a precursor to lean-mass gains i.e. more muscle less fat! Due to fast-twitch motor units have much greater capacity for hypertrophy (muscle growth) than do Type I Motor Units.

What does this mean to you the joe blog? Well, looking at the above benefits of training strength doesn’t it make sense to train for a “form” of maximal strength? After all, look how much “bang for your buck” you get when you train to lift heavy!

Any ways, that how I see things and that’s how I can get quicker results then 95% of trainers in my home town, because they pussy foot around with 3kg pink dumbbells and 20reps at a time and say things like, “you won’t get BIG when using this weight because it’s light and we are doing lots of reps, we are “toning”!!

Okay, get back on track Spida! :-)

Some Clients PB's:





Went from 80kg Deadlift to 160kg for 4reps in 6wks!!! That’s a 100% return on investment thank you very much, he the man!

Oh and we measure him tomorrow to see how much more weight/fat he has lost. After only 3 wks he had lost 4kg and 3% bodyfat!


New PB on Incline from 60 to 65kg!

NO INCLINE BENCH training at all, he trained with John for last fight doing “fighting protocols” and as a result increased his squat, incline. He’s also doing a 2 shoulder exercises 2x per week before every session.Which I think at this point has also helped him in breaking down the 60kg mark!!


Deadlift 190kg for 2reps from a recorded 170kg.

I’ve done 180kg on trap bar about 3yrs ago in Melbourne, so once I hit 180kg I got a new PB, felt good then hit 190kg. I let me ‘ego’ out of the bag at the right time!

For the ladies out there!!


Deadlift 2reps at 105kg from100kg

Back Squat from 75kg to 85kg at 1rep

Don’t let your ego tell you she’s built like a brick sh%# house guys/girls cause she’s not at a dress size of 12!!!


Dead lift from 75kg at 5reps to 90kg at 1!!

I trained Miki online while she was studying this year and when she come back and i saw here improvements I “new” she could get up there and she did! Dress size 10 here as well ladies!!!


60kg Deadlift for 5reps

Not bad for 49yrs young is it and a bodyweight of ^@kg (like I was going to give you that she’ll kill me :-).Oh another size 10 her, so there goes the lifting big makes you into a man!

So what’s the secret to breaking down personal PB’s!?

Obviously technique is important, however if it’s the main concern then you shouldn’t be lifting to your max! Honestly though, the secret is the “talk” between you and the bar or the "talk" that's happening between your ears!! Sometimes you can out beat your thinking and other times you don’t, but when lifting heavy it’s all in the mind!

Case in point: Lifting to your max is part about numbers i.e. 100kg is 100kg today, tomorrow 10yrs time it’s 100kg. So in simple terms it’s math! If you add another 10kg it becomes 110kg, it’s still math!!

NOW, the secret is HOW and WHAT does that number do to your thoughts, feelings and what impact does that have on YOU!!!

Do you get my drift, the weight on the bar is JUST A NUMBER but what and how it makes you “feel” is where the secret lies! You conquer that and you conquer the weight!

Now, you may have the right “feelings/thoughts” in your head but sometimes you just don’t lift it, that’s means your not strong enough, yet! Easy solution to that, KEEP TRAINING! But my experience dealing with “normal” people who don’t lift tin for a living is, the number they see scares the shyt out of them and sometimes me too!!

So always "talk" to yourself in a postive manner and if that doesn't work then let it out, you know the part of you that's not accptable to show in public?

All the anger, hate, ego, alpha, up yours, type thinking WE ALL have in us! I'm still learning to let it out and be okay with it, it's a part of me that scares me a little so I don't like showing it.

Last week when I hit 190kg, that was from the "hate/anger/ego" place and if I'm being real honest. I enjoyed it in fact I loved it!!!

What did I say between my ears that got me to lift it?
The first attempt and only moving it 1inch off the floor, Holy shit that's heavy!

Then directly after that, between my ears was "f$#@ you, you don't own me, I own you, now show it (the bar) who the F---- boss is around here, mutha F-----ka"!!

The rest they say is history......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#1 Secret of All time!

I read some where that Warren Buffet the billionaire was asked what best investment someone could make in this economic time we have?

His answer?
"The most important investment you can make is in yourself"

How simple sweet and to me true! I've been investing in myself in particular with meditation for the last 14months or so and I will say it has been one of the best things that I've incorporated in my life!

The benefits of it are well documented, however I will give you some of my own experiences;
  • More relaxation
  • Increased recovery from training
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased depth of sleep
  • Increased awareness of "good" vs "bad"
  • Increased ability to detach from drama my own and other people.
  • Groundedness
Now meditation has been around for thousands of years and there are many forms of it, however I've been using Holosync Solution from Bill Harris. He promotes that you get INSTANT deep meditation and being on his programme I can assure you, you do!!!

Now it's not for everyone, because it maybe too truthful for you to handle as it does "force" you to be more truthful (if you listen to the programme)!

If you do take the leap of faith, I wish you all the best I'm sure you will gain instant access to a more "aware" world in a time that instant gratification is at an all time high with little to show for it except debt, hate, war, win vs lose, black vs white!

Please remember, meditation is like anything in life, you have to invest in the time to DO IT which takes approx an hour per day. If time is a concern for you then hopefully after you receive some "grounding" you will see the benefits of it and stick it out through "good" and "bad"!

p.s. Thanks to Jason Ferruggia who posted on his blog about him doing it. I've been to chicken shyt to discuss it with the masses for my own B.S reasons! Interesting isn't it when you look from the outside in.....

p.p.s Holosync for me has been the best and hardest personal development tool I've ever used, wouldn't change it for the world! :-) Click here to read about it all you can.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Difficult, Difficult, Difficult Easy

I read this at on Alwyn Cosgrove's Blog and it stirred something in me that I took action on 4 things that have been on my list of "things to do" but where never done due to my own little "fears" about them!

Hopefully you find some truth to this and it moves you in a way that you really get it! Here's some examples of me making difficult, easy choices in my life and justifying it in a way that I thought was difficult, difficult!

Training in the gym for me is Difficult, Easy!
Speaking to groups of people about health is Difficult, Easy!
Telling myself, that I'm overwhelmed with stuff is Difficult, Easy!
Posting on the blog about "intellectual" stuff is Difficult, Easy! Posting from the heart is Difficult, Difficult!

In order for this to make sense, I'll leave you with the article below!

Difficult difficult, difficult easy
Geoff Thompson

I bumped into an old friend from the distant past. In my early days as a hard-nosed knuckle-dragger he was one of my compatriots, and one of the hardest working martial artists around. He had always prided himself on his sinewy mentality when it came to all things physical, and he had a prolific work rate. After a brief (and predictable) catch up (how’s the work, the car, the kids, the wife and the mum – in that order) he said ‘hey, you still doing animal day?’
Animal day, for those that do not know, is a form of knock-out or submission fighting (any range, any technique) that I pioneered in the mad, bad (and often sad) 90’s. A time I absolutely loved, but a time I am also grateful to have left behind.

I shook my head in the negative. It had been a many years since I engaged in my last animal day fight.
‘Why not?’ he asked, adding, ‘I’m still mad for it.’

‘Because it is difficult easy,’ I said, ‘and in order for me to continue growing my character, I don’t need difficult easy. In order for me to grow my character I need difficult difficult.’
He gave me one of those loud, squinty eyed confused looks that shouted from a hundred feet ‘Explain!’

So I explained.

Even as a veteran of thousands of fights, animal days were still a scary experience for me, it was violent and dangerous and extremely difficult. But because I had fought so many times and knew the terrain well it no longer stretched me.

Whatever it was that I needed to reap from that hard period of my life had been well and truly harvested; there was nothing left for me to learn there. Animal day was still difficult, and from the outside looking in it probably looked as though it was mad difficult, but for me it wasn’t, in fact it had become difficult easy.

My friend was still in love with the ground-and-pound style fighting and whilst his physical prowess was evident he had not grown even a single inch in any other area of his life, probably not for the last ten years. His was the mistake made by many; they presume that if something is difficult then they are in the arena. But experience has taught me that the only time you are truly in the arena is when you are (ever so slightly) out of your depth.

Difficult easy is when you are on familiar terrain, not matter how hard the going.

Difficult difficult is when you find your self at the bottom of someone else’s class with three crazy training partners; fear at your left, doubt on your right and (that big bastard) uncertainty squaring up in front of you.

Difficult easy is treading water whilst kidding yourself that you are swimming against the tide.

Difficult difficult doesn’t need to employ pretence because it is drowning and swimming for its life.

I see many people suffering stalled development because they are so busy occupying themselves with very worthy, respectably, difficult easy tasks that they use to avoid the difficult difficult areas of their lives.

I am doing it right now as it happens. I should be doing a re-write of a difficult (difficult) film script that is over due, but instead I am busying myself with a piece of difficult (easy) work that is not really due to be in print for another fortnight (damn, caught myself out again!)

Some (more) examples; you bury your relationship problems (difficult difficult) under hundreds of miles of road running (difficult…but easy).

You fill every spare moment with hard lists of worthy causes (difficult easy) so that you don’t have the time to invest in the book that you were always going to write, or the film you would love to make (if only you were not so committed in other areas) or the (difficult…very difficult) painting career that you had always intended to create.

You immerse yourself in course after course, book after book (so difficult, and yet….so deliciously easy) on becoming a life coach/property developer/master chef instead of just getting out there (difficult, oh so difficult) and actually doing it.

Listen. Let me tell you, the moment a task becomes difficult easy you stop growing. That is a fact. In order to re-establish your vital development you need to take an honest inventory (difficult very difficult – I have done it) of your life, ditch the pretence, and embrace the black that is….difficult difficult.

And stop chasing ostentatious challenges (that are difficult easy for you) and sort out your health; you are three stone over weight and your blood pressure is off the scale.

Kill the worthy endeavours that you think other people will think are impressive and do something truly and uniquely impressive; take your (secret) addictions to task and kill the porn (in all its forms).

Stop collecting trophies and certificates and belts that tell the word how successful you are and actually BE a success, by taking a hammer to that creepily burgeoning fear that you are harbouring.

And don’t, please (like my old mate) fall into the trap of mistaking hard work – even extremely hard (easy) work - for progress. Because, let’s be frank, difficult easy is really just another way of saying ‘easy’, and there is no growth in easy.

We aspirants are into the hard game, the long game, the difficult difficult game. What we are not into, or what we should not be into is the game of easy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I Believe....

My man Dax Moy has started a "I Believe" post and I thought I would follow it up with my own version here.

Basically I'm going to post what I believe right "now" with what I "know" and "see"! However first let's define what a belief is and a few other things that I feel are important to cover;

  1. The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another:
  2. Mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something:
  3. Something believed or accepted as true, especially a particular tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons.

We also need to "clear up" that we can have POSITIVE beliefs that can serve us in a way that we have our life and we can have negative beliefs that don't serve us and provide results that we don't want.

To my understanding most negative beliefs are unconscious because if they were conscious we would no longer believe/do them, this works on the premise that if you actually KNOW you are doing something that doesn't serve your life then you won't do it as a habit!

Right, now that we have that out of the road let's move on to what I believe!

6 Beliefs on Health:

  1. I believe Health & Fitness is FOUNDATIONAL to a Optimal Life, however "health" to me is Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. The fitness world is driven by the "physical" health of appearance only, this is part due to our own insecurities and what we allow to be "true" to us!

  2. I believe that when embarking on a fat loss journey you need to ensure that you take note of the "journey" not the just the end result. If you have 2 versions of success then you will be twice as wealthy in knowledge of truly understanding the process relative to what you got in return!

  3. I believe that we separate Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Health! I call these the 4 Pillars, yet they are so closely related that how can we separate them as "parts"? E.g. If I train a client, depending on how I put together the programme I can take them on a journey to discover "things" about themselves that they never new they had in them. Physical training can "tap" into mental, emotional and spirituality and vice verse with any of the 4 Pillars!

  4. I believe health is built on Increasing your Health & Fitness I.Q! This does NOT come in the form of FREE forum's where anyone can be an "expert" on health. I believe in foundations and we all need a good understanding in foundations of all aspects of the 4 Pillars. From having foundations you have more "informed" choices and can "see" things more clearer then what they may be from just a surface choice.

  5. I believe the body is a whole of integrated processes that we have just touched on in the human development. This means to me, yes you can get back pain from emotional trauma and or muscle strain and or over use and or mental trauma and or straight out external force. So please don't throw all your eggs in 1 basket and just say it's a "posture injury" and or "sporting injury" etc... yes you may be weak in particular muscle groups that have not helped your body. But what about "how you think" towards the injury pre and post? Did that play a role of "attracting" it? If you are "injury prone" then I believe you need to look bigger then just "muscle strains" or "muscular imbalances"!
  6. I believe with conviction that I can get anyone down a dress/clothes size in a month! If they have the "will" to succeed, the "desire" to do, the "belief" of I can/will. Then the HOW at my end is what I know!!!

5 Beliefs on Life:

  1. I believe that being connected to the consciousness of the present moment i.e. NOW as you read this, is the "missing key" element in human development! We are bombarded with lots of things that have very little substance but lots of "instant gratification" we have lost touch with the present moment of the things that truly matter, to allow this to happen we need to clear our mind of "thinking" and allow ourselves to sit and "see" what ever you can with what you "know". What ever that is for you, just let that be okay! :-)

  2. I believe that in order to make a difference in this life you have to start with YOU and YOU first only! Don't do it for the external gratification of "changing the world" do it for you and allow those around you to be inspired to move in a direction that is progressive for ALL HUMAN KIND not just their own ego! For me to believe in YOU, I want to SEE you live it, HEAR you talk it and SEE you stuff it up as well so I know you are human! :-) I'm not after a "god" like figure just someone who know's how to turn it "on" and "off" when the consciously choose too!

  3. I believe we are too "intellectual" around having to KNOW everything, this is part of the 1st point of increasing your "awareness" or "consciousness"! The reality is we don't know jack crap epsically on how to bridge the gap of the 4 Pillars of Health!
  4. I believe currently we have an Inverted Relationship with Values & Things. I'm not saying we shouldn't value things or swing the pendulum the other way by being value orientated only, however I do believe we need to have a greater grasp on both rather then an extreme of one or the other. Isn't one's "awareness" the ability to bridge the gap of the 2 to have them both in harmony with each other.

  5. I believe we play a hard game of Black and White, Win/Lose, Love/Hate etc... I believe with conviction if we are to lighten up on this game we will have less of the darker side of life. After all I firmly believe we have it in us to perform the most ugliest forms of acts that you can think of and if you can "accept" this thought then we can look upon those that have performed acts that are devastating through a different set of eyes rather then the eyes of revenge/hate only!

What I have written above in beliefs are some that I live and some that I aspire to have. Remember beliefs can serve you and they can give you results of what you don't want, always look to question beliefs because like most things in life they change with more awareness and understanding of "things".

What do you believe? Post below to let me know.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alpha Training & 5 Reasons NOT to reach your Fat loss goals

Today’s newsletter I’ll discuss a few things for you to learn, ponder and expand or push your threshold for where you are today.

Alpha Training

Alpha: Being the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one's sex.

We all need a bit of Alpha Training occasionally and the last few weeks I’ve been training John Erskine for his fight this weekend in MMA.

This is John’s first time training EHP style and there is nothing like it when you have NOT done it before. My motto “hurt in practice so you don’t bleed in battle”! I can’t guarantee you John will win (although knowing John and his ability he’s a bit of a machine!!) however I can guarantee you that John will be in great shape for this fight and we’ll see if he has his first fight go the distance!

Here's John here doing a fighting protocol called Back Breakers:

My predication; it won’t go the distance because John will do what he always does which is take him down and pound him into submission.

6 Rules on Alpha Training;

1) It feeds the Ego and if you don’t have it in check you become a bigger prick then you already are!

2) You CAN’T live on “hard core” training all the time, the more I learn/see the less I actually give to clients. To all the men and woman who think “more is better” read this again.

3) If you are a male read rule #2 again!!!!!

4) Your ability to recover will determine your intensity/volume/speed/how much you can lift. So guess what RECOVERY IS KEY for optimal results!!

5) Because you train like a demon DOES NOT mean you can drink like a demon, although due to not having your ego in check this can happen. What do I mean? You justify to yourself from creating a bigger “iron will” in training that you can drink like an alpha person as well! "I've earn't it" type thinking.... Get over yourself!

6) Did I mention recovery? Well nutrition is part of recovery. Nutrition is vital or you will burn, maybe not straight away but eventually!

Here's 5 Real reasons (perceived real) to people who can't get there fat loss goal!

5 Real Reasons to NOT reach your Fat Loss goals!?!

1) “I’m too busy to make my food”

The truth is, you don’t value your health

2) “My kids come first” Spida!

Personal favorite of mine, the truth is, for you to be the BEST parent you can be you need to be healthy. But Spida I will die for my kids, that’s great but how about you show your kids how to LIVE rather then say subconsciously to them, I don’t value me enough!)

3) “My wife won’t make it for me”

Truth is, you are a lazy shyt that expects your wife to do everything for you, oh you must be the money maker in the home right? Get over yourself ya jerk!

4) “We can’t afford it”

Truth is, your not prepared to give up some of the “things” you consider important in your life, like smokes, alcohol, coffee, bling bling, brunch with mates, muffins, lifestyle etc…

5) “My partner and kids don’t want that “healthy stuff” for dinner”

Truth is tough love, put that healthy stuff i.e. veggies and protein on the table rather then something manufactured from a list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

Okay, this is a bit of a "alpha" way to look at what I've pointed out in both views of Alpha Training and 5 excuses and I know there is grey area to all of this where it can be "justified", however I'm not talking about the grey part because 99% of people are not "grey" they are a very Hard Black & White and if you believe in something with absolute conviction then post below to say, after all who said "I'm right" or "wrong" :-)?

"Your eyes can only see what the mind can comprehend"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Food Matters

Watched this movie last night, if you are looking for more knowledge to increase your health then you MUST see this movie!

Side Note:
More and more doco's are comming out of the "truths" about ___________, don't be a hater of the dark side to drug companies, because like anything in life we have just "lost our way", sure we may have been manipulated to some degree however it's still YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take owner ship of what goes into your brain both from an information stand point and food stand point.

We must learn from those that are about the $ and take what is useful rather then swing the pendulum the other way and be completely "natural" and HATE all drugs!!!

If we turn into a hater we have learnt nothing from those that are ALL about the $ and actually we have become them by being just as extreme but a "natural" extreme!

Look, I'm a "natural" type of person and always will be, all I'm putting "out there" is look at this film with an open mind of HOW do I intergrate what they say relative to what I'm prepared to give? Let's not throw the baby out with the water so to speak....

"Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food." – Hippocrates

"With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with our malnourished bodies, it’s no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. 'Food Matters' sets about uncovering the trillion dollar
worldwide “Sickness Industry” and giving people some scientifically verifiable solutions for curing disease naturally." - James


The difference between the "norm" and athletes...

What is the difference between success or not? Watch to find out.....

The 2 Best Questions to ask EVER....

I wanted to share with you today an email I sent the people who are participating in the 6wk Online Fatloss Group that I feel more people need to "understand".
All people who are in the group are getting results both in terms of fat loss and life. 1 person has reported a drop in clothes size in 4wks!!! Others have said they noticed clothes looser ALL have said that it's transfered to there life in positive ways!!
While fat loss maybe the focus, you can't put a price on improving the quality of your life!! To all those that are kicking butt, you are awesome I have posted the last video's for you as well.
questions you can ask EVER!

I believe with absolute conviction at this point and time in my life that if you ask 3 basic questions you can MOVE yourself up the ladder of success if not jump up the ladder of success!

I believe that most people get caught up in the "wrong" questions due to focusing on "things" that don't move them in a direction of success! I also believe that people regardless of where you are in life these questions will pay dividends, however if you can "see" more and then follow through on what you "see" then you will get more from the questions that you ask.

So what are the questions?

Before I give them to you, please understand that you "may" get what I'm saying at a "intellectual" basis and this is GREAT (although if you don't get it, it's still ok because if you keep asking the questions it will come), however "intellectual understanding" is ONLY 1 depth of learning and sure it's better then not getting it (even though you still do at some level).

However the REAL learning is observing and watching with curiosity of HOW you follow through on the questions; by now you maybe lost so let me explain what the questions are.

If you get "stuck" on something i.e. something is holding you back in this fitness journey then the BEST questions to ask yourself are;

  1. HOW can I over come this?

  1. WHAT can I do about it today?

  1. WHERE does it come from? (Only needs to asked if you are unhappy/sabotaging yourself)

Before we carry on please do NOT ask the WHY does this happen questions because that opens up a box to never never land, we want questions that move us forward not make us peel back layers of us that will take forever to understand,if at all!

How = asking the unconscious to find the answer

What = moving from "dreaming" to moving in a direction towards what we want to achieve.

Where = Where in your life have you "let that be okay?"

Okay please take note of this;

You DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW THE ANSWERS to the questions, more then likely if you are asking them you have NO IDEA, that is why you are asking them because you are asking your unconscious part of your brain to find the answer. If you have a perception of control then this will be very hard for you! But basically you are wanting to ask the questions then just "let it go" and allow it to come to you!

Call it Law of Attraction/The Secret or what ever, the reality is I want you to ASK the question BUT ALSO to follow through on what comes to you with out letting your conscious part of you say "No or Judge" you for what ever reason. This is the part to "watch with curiosity" to what happens next and or how you feel about the situation.

Please don't over analyze everything in this email just read it and ask the questions next time a "situation" arises and then just "let it be"!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fat Loss from INside to Outside...

Today I'm going to share with you some email and phone coaching that was done on a online client.
First let's give you some details about the person.

Lil is 49yrs of age
Lives in Aussie
Still learning to use a computer
Works full time
Kids grown up
Had ACL reconstruction on knee about 20yrs ago

Here's the latest email I received from her just today;

Morning Spida,
I have just finished my squats lunges feeling really good I think your programme was very cleverly put together I am thinking this is a life time change rather than a 6week programme.

For me the eating was the hardest as I ate when I was hungry, which was maybe twice a day and they were huge meals and at the totally wrong time, and now I pack my snacks for work and really look forward to my breaks, all the while making a conscious effort of what and how much I eat the whole process is my choice in turn gives me the control rather than thinking diet.

I really enjoy my power walks and feel I have had a good workout after everyone I get these in before work so I have a real positive approach to work which puts me in an excellent mindset for the day dealing with people.

So thank you for giving me that first step towards making positive change for the better.

My knee's ankles are getting stronger but still very conscious and cautious when doing my squats and lunges.

Here's my response;

Thanks this is excellent!!! I can “feel” and “hear” the change in you which as we have discussed is what REALLY exercise is all about

i.e. building more

ü inner belief

ü confidence

ü self esteem.

From this we are building from the INSIDE out, where most people are building from the outside in. The way we are doing it means REAL TRUE success because the “look” is 2nd to how you “see” yourself as a human being!

Exercise when done in a ego free environment is about changing from the inside out, as I've said to those that are in the coaching group. Treat it like a fun game with a small attachment to the outcome rather then a complete "win" "lose" mindset. This way exercise becomes fun and you learn more along the way rather then a I HATE this but I HAVE too in order to "win" against the war of fat!!!

Here's some of the comments Lil has made in the phone coaching call we did last week.
  • Feels like I'm really clicking with the training and eating
  • Positive mindset on thinking and mindset
  • Increase in energy
  • I'm wrapped with how I'm going
  • This is a lifestyle change for me, therefore none of it's a problem!
  • I'm not feeling deprived of anything
  • My uniform for work is looser around my legs and bum
  • I feel like I did 22yrs ago doing martial arts where I was in control of my life
  • I feel more in control of my self
  • I can deal with negative people who question what I'm doing
  • I've now realised I've been "idle" for years!
This is what I got to write down when I was talking with Lil, there was more but I can only write so fast :-)

So here's a 49yr old mum of 2 that is doing what she can, she is outside her comfort zone with ALL OF IT but doing the programme to the best of her ability!

That is all I ever want from a client or of myself to do your BEST with what you got, most people want the BEST IDEAL situation before they "start"!

There is no ideal time except NOW. I know this is easy to say, I'm sure if you are reading this you are probably agreeing with me, I know I'm feeling good writing it. But we need to move from the "feeling good" to "doing" something now, then something tomorrow and something the next day and so on.... small steps to making it happen!

One last thing about Lil, she is my mum! She paid full price for the 6wk Online Coaching course and she is getting her money back in ways that can't be brought!

Am I proud of her, of course I am! Maybe this is where I get it from?? Don't you want your mum's to live life to her fullest so they can experience what they want rather then what is pushed on to them!

Thanks for reading about how my mum has gone!

p.s. Everyone in the coaching group both online and in person is experiencing these benefits to read more of them then sign up to the newsletter by clicking here

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Man Zach is at it again....

My man Zach Even Esh is at it again, this dude never stops pushing the boundaries, I'm telling you he's "killing it" at the moment!! He's not for everyone but neither am I, you may perceive him as "hardcore" which is cool!!

We all have a bit of "hardcore" in us some where, I know I do when it's time to 'hustle' I'm going to "kill it"!!

Anyway check out Zach's free video's here to learn some of what he teaches by clicking here

In the words of Zach "Kill it"!!

Fatloss Steps made easy...

Fatloss Step #1
Are you doing resistance training?

Fatloss Step #2
Are you doing it in a way that is going to create what's called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). In other words will you burn calories AFTER YOU HAVE WORKED OUT!!

Fatloss I.Q. time:
People are so concerned with "how" many calories they burn WHILE exercising! Who cares!!! It's the amount of calories you can burn when at rest recovering that will provide more bang for your buck!!

Case & point: You workout for 60mins and burn 500 calories doing "cardio". I workout following resistance style of EPOC principles i.e. high metabolic workouts with limited recovery and high tension.

In 45mins I burn 400 calories BUT BUT BUT the next 36hrs POST workout I burn an extra 400 calories while I'm recovering.

Tell me who is kicking some serious fat, that's right ME!!!

Just in case you are a person that needs "science" to validate everything in your world :-)

(Evidence suggests that a high-intensity, intermittent-type of training (interval training) has a more pronounced effect on EPOC (Haltom et al. 1999). Also, it appears that resistance training produces greater EPOC responses than aerobic exercise (Burleson et al. 1998).)

(EPOC). Originally referred to as an oxygen debt, this postexercise state was first hypothesized by A.V. Hill and H. Lupton in 1922.

Nutrition Step #1
Are you eating 4-6meals per day?

Nutrition Step #2
If NO, then that's where you start ,don't worry about WHAT you eat at the moment just add meals/snacks to your day. From this you will increase your metabolic rate because you will graize rather then pig out, and you know when you are starving you pig out!

Don't be ashamed about "pigging out" I don't give a rats bum WHAT I eat when I'm hungry, I want food and I want it NOW!! We all can be 2yr olds in big people's bodies at times, gotta love those hissy fits!!

If yes, then only have white carbs after you have trained i.e. if you train you have earn't the "right" to eat some white rice/pasta/potatoe etc...

I could give you more "detailed" steps but the reality is MOST people are NOT doing these steps, you may think you are from your perspective but from mine more then likely your not!

That's the beauty of a coach they "look" at the big picture and figure out what's ideal to give you a massive return on minimum effort (sometimes maximum effort too :-)!!

What about cardio? ESD or cardio has it's place and it can give you results when done in a "EPOC" fashion,for now though I think if you just action ed 1 of these steps you will see a "shift" in fat!

So will you move on one of these steps or will it be something you "know" but don't "DO"?

If at First You Don't Succeed, You're in Excellent Company!

This is a copy from an article on Wall Street journal It's worth the read and something I believe in 100%!!

In her new autobiography, "Home," Julie Andrews tells of taking a screen test for MGM studios when she was 12 years old. "They needed to gussy me up a bit because I was so exceedingly plain," she writes. "The final determination was 'She's not photogenic enough for film.'"

J.K. Rowling's book about a boy wizard was rejected by 12 publishers before a small London house picked up "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Decca Records turned down a contract with the Beatles, saying "We don't like their sound." Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor who said he "lacked imagination." Michael Jordan was cut from his high-school varsity basketball team sophomore year.

hat makes some people rebound from defeats and go on to greatness while others throw in the towel? Psychologists call it "self-efficacy," the unshakable belief some people have that they have what it takes to succeed. First described by Stanford University psychologist Albert Bandura in the 1970s, self-efficacy has become a key concept in educational circles, and is being applied to health care, management, sports and seemingly intractable social problems like AIDS in developing countries. It's also a hallmark of the "positive psychology" movement now sweeping the mental-health field, which focuses on developing character strengths rather than alleviating pathologies.

Self-efficacy differs from self-esteem in that it's a judgment of specific capabilities rather than a general feeling of self-worth. "It's easy to have high self-esteem -- just aim low," says Prof. Bandura, who is still teaching at Stanford at age 82. On the other hand, he notes, there are people with high self-efficacy who "drive themselves hard but have low self-esteem because their performance always falls short of their high standards."

Still, such people succeed because they believe that persistent effort will let them succeed. In fact, if success comes too easily, some people never master the ability to learn from criticism. "People need to learn how to manage failure so it's informational and not demoralizing," says Prof. Bandura, who signs many of his emails, "May the efficacy force be with you!" ("I've failed over and over and over again in my life. That's why I succeed," Michael Jordan has said.)

Sometimes, the rest of the world just hasn't caught up with an innovator's genius. In technology, rejection is the rule rather than the exception, Prof. Bandura says. He points out that one of the original Warner Brothers said of sound films, "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were rebuffed by Atari Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. when they tried to sell an early Apple computer. And sometimes genius itself needs time. It took Thomas Edison 1,000 tries before he invented the light bulb. ("I didn't fail 1,000 times," he told a reporter. "The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.")

Where does such determination come from? In some cases it's inborn optimism -- akin to the kind of resilience that enables some children to emerge unscathed from extreme poverty, tragedy or abuse. Self-efficacy can also be acquired by mastering a task; by modeling the behavior of others who have succeeded; and from what Prof. Bandura calls "verbal persuasion" -- getting effective encouragement that is tied to achievement, rather than empty praise.

"I teach teachers here, and one of the things we teach them is how to build up children who have been told they aren't competent," says Frank Pajares, a professor of education at Emory University who has been a leader in using self-efficacy to nurture academic confidence. "We all have mental habits, and once they are set, they are as hard to break as stopping smoking or biting your fingernails."

It's not too late to recover. "You can develop a resilient mindset at any age," says Robert Brooks, a Harvard Medical School psychologist who has studied resilience for decades. One key, he says, is to avoid self-defeating assumptions. If you are fired or dumped by a girlfriend, don't magnify the rejection and assume you'll never get another job or another date. (Maintaining perspective can be tough in the face of sweeping criticism, though. A teacher said of young G.K. Chesteron, who went on to become a renowned British author, that if his head were opened "we should not find any brain but only a lump of white fat.")

And don't allow a rejection to derail your dreams. "One of the greatest impediments to life is the fear of humiliation," says Prof. Brooks, who says he's worked with people who have spent the last 30 years of their lives not taking any risks or challenges because they are afraid of making mistakes.

What if you really do lack the talent to succeed at whatever you're trying to do? That's a tricky question, psychologists say -- one that's on display in the early episodes of "American Idol" each season. Try to objectively assess how much you are likely to improve with training and hard work, and how much it's worth to you, or whether there are other ways to enjoy your passion -- being a coach instead of a player, for instance. On the other hand, what if Dr. Seuss had given up after his 27th rejection and not tried once more? In the words of Henry Ford: "Whether you think that you can or you can't, you're usually right."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Magic 100

After discussing in my other post there is 100 days to the turn of another year!

I figured what the hell why don't I let you in on one of my little "secrets" to goal setting!!! Actually, as I've writing this I have just finished doing The Magic Hundred for the 2nd time round!!

If you have a goal(s) and you want someone to keep you on track, you will want to jump on board with my man Dax Moy! He's the real deal and in the last 5yrs has gone from a "normal" PT to someone who is in the leading pack!!!

Visit his site now!!

He's just up graded his programme too which I have to say is even smarter then when I was doing it!!!

Spida Hunter
P.S. If you have any questions about the programme post them here and I'll do my best to answer them, or you go be a "go getter" and make it happen by taking the Leap of Faith!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

100days to Go!!

100 days to go!!

Today is the day (Monday 22nd September) that we have 100 days till
the turn of the New Year!?!

What the hell?

100 days to end the year off with a bang?
Or you can stay the same?

What choice will you make?

Now before you make this “educated” choice I would like you to close
your eyes and get rid of any “noise” you may have in your head and
just “think” of what you would like to do in 100days.

Close your eyes for 60sec and think of what you want, what does it
smell like, taste like, feel like, look like…….

Ready to “think” of what you want……..see you in 60sec

Did you do the exercise?

If you did the exercise, you may have created feelings of what you
want, if you did let me know what they are and what you can do about
it today! 1 small step every day allows you to “hit your mark”!

If your goal is fatloss and you want to reach your goal in less then
50 days then this is a good place to start

My coaching group is taking people from “knowing” to DOING, there
is such a big difference in knowing something and living
what you know.

Regardless of what action you do or don’t do 100days are going to
pass by and only you can choose to be the same or different in

I have a VERY black and white saying I use often; you are either
“growing” or “dying”, make the choice and make it happen.

To finish; L.O.A (Law of Attraction) or the Secret DVD is just one
part of the puzzle, you can “think” about being richer, healthier,
skinner, happier etc… but LOA ONLY works when you back it
up with ACTION!

I’m not bashing LOA, I’m just giving you the reality of LOA!
People think the “secret” is in LOA, the “secret” is NOT in LOA!!

Want to know the REAL secret to getting ANYTHING you WANT?

Post your comments here to see if anyone "gets" it.

Spida Hunter

p.s. 2 more days before the price goes up on the coaching group,
make it happen today to NOT only save yourself $40 but to be
living action steps everyday to “growing” in the next
50 days or less!!