Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Biggest "Secret" is in Turning Up....

With 3days left of 2009, I saw a post on Facebook by Alwyn Cosgrove that he had just completed #250 workout of the year.....

This got me thinking to how many days I have meditated this year as I've been "measuring" it.....

Well I can now tell you I hit my goal of 90% Adherence to Meditation and I'm very proud about it!!

What does 90% look like in the real world?
I meditated for 329 days out of 365
I missed 36 days of meditation which is 10% of the year!

I've written about Does Meditation Really Work? Before here
I've also written about #1 Secret of All Time here

This isn't about Meditation although if you are interested then go here this is about SHOWING UP CONSISTANTLY!!

So many secrets to your health and fat loss goals, yet people are missing a few important facts to anything in life!
  1. Secret #1 Show Up
  2. Secret #2 Show Up Consistantly i.e. 90% of the time (if 90% is too much start with 70%)
  3. Secret #3 Totality of health/Fat loss is more important then your "secret ab exercise"! So look at many different facets rather then just exercise or nutrition......
Look you don't have to be completely anal about "measuring" everything other wise you won't start, however when you are ready to move up a level then things like this matter!!

The most important "secret" you can do right now is START..... enjoy the process and journey and let it come to you by DOING!!

2010 is coming and everyone is talking about "best year ever".....rather then look at it as a best year ever, maybe look at it from a perspective of "what would my life look like if everything increased by 10% minimum!!!???

Have a awesome New Year and Talk next year!!

Spida Hunter

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Speak Your Voices BUT.... Beware of Haters!!

It's always interesting when you speak your different voices i.e. the voice of hate, love, anger, compassion, right, wrong etc... what response you get back from people around you!!

I mean the more I "speak out" about what I think/believe the thicker my skin needs to be..... But here's the other side of this coin..... Alot More people are listening as well!!

So today I write from my different voices to the "haters" and the "listeners"....

Firstly, if you are a "hater" of what I've got to say, then good on you! I mean who said I'm right???

However, I challenge your thinking if I seem to p#$% you off with my rants and thoughts about how things "should be"!!

What is it that you so dislike?
Is it I speak my mind?
Do I strike a cord with your beliefs about ___?
Maybe you absolutely hate me?
Do you think I'm a egotistical male pig?

What ever your reason for being a "hater", I ask you to ask a couple of simple questions before you pass judgement on what you perceive I say........

Ask; What does he mean? E.g. Not what do I think he means, what does HE ACTUALLY mean when he says something that gets under my skin?!?

What is it REALLY about what he says that p#$%$# me off?
Am I all pi$ed off because he saying something that doesn't align with what I believe?

At the end of the day "haters", all I'm doing is speaking what I perceive to be true and yes, I do have a strong conviction when I bring it to the table but that still doesn't make me right or unable to change my thinking!!

May I suggest to you "hater"...... Always look at both sides of coin even if it is against your beliefs because to truly "get it" you need to look at EVERYTHING from a 360 degree perspective!!

To the "listeners" who enjoy what I got to say, thanks for listening BUT I ain't god and I make mistakes and have been known to be wrong many times!!

If you do have a "strong voice" about how you think, speak it but speak it with a OPEN MIND to other people's thoughts on the subject!!

Spida Hunter
P.S. Of late I have been speaking from my "take it or leave it" voice and this is why I created the video's below;

Part 2:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celebrate it with US.....

I've rushed to put this page together in celebration of ??????
Well it's kind of got something to do with Xmas and Santa but it's even awesom-er news then that!!

Celebrate this page with us by clicking here AWESOME AS NEWS :-)

If you like the page, help others and us by sending them a link to it!!

Ma te wa, taniwha!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It Saddens me...

While I had lots of fun play fighting with the kids in the pool at Hamner Springs, I want to share with you 1 thing I did see that saddened me!

I saw 1 girl eat the entire time we were on the bus both going up and coming home i.e. 90mins each way!! Plus, we ate once we got to Hamner and then just before we come home! Now, I did NOT see her eat in those times.........

However, what I saw was a kid UNCONSCIOUSLY throwing food in her mouth, and I'm not talking making a pig of herself, she politely ate and when it was gone, she started on something else!!

Now, it's easy to pass judgment on her, however I looked at her and thought,
"Is she ok, because the way she is continuously eating, indicates to me she is NOT?"

Here's a 10yr old girl who has started a habit that is going to be very hard to "get to the bottom of", now and or as an adult!

Yesterday I was on my son's bus trip with about 60 kids ranging from 5-11yrs old....yes very tiring and heaps of fun!
I don't think it's fair to blame the parents either, with out knowing what's going on! Let's face it, as parents we all slip into unconscious behaviors and this is WHY I think it's so important to ask questions of yourself not just as a parent but an adult!

Question I ask of myself when parenting or living;
  • What is this really about?
If you answer this honestly, you will get passed all the bullshyt that your mind will justify to make it "ok"!

Worth pondering on........
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making our Woman Strong in Body & STONGER in Mind!

I'm a big believer in making woman "strong" when training at EHP!! My REAL mission when ever training woman is obviously get them their desired results.....

BUT it's more then that for me, if they let me, I want them to get the results they desire BUT also to have a strong(er) mind & spirit then body, I use physical training to "tap" into these other pillars of health!!

This is very important to me as a "man"....No I'm not that new age metro sexual type!! However, as a "man's man" I have the up most respect for woman that get on with it and JUST DO IT! This is the example I was shown by my mother and this is the example I have come to expect in woman!!

Just to prove to you I'm not the "new age" type.......

But...... NOT!

Yes, it's a struggle for you, but the woman before you have had it harder so get over it and make the most of what you got!!!

Anyway, back to my point before I got side tracked!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, just yesterday I had 2 girls Kathryn & Hayley perform the dead lift for the VERY first time after 8wks of training and they both lifted above their BODY WEIGHT!!!

In fact, every female who is currently at EHP can lift their body weight in Dead lift or more!! I'm not talking the "athletic" market either, I'm talking people like you and me who work and come to see me 2-3x per week and some are in the mature age bracket!! :-)

So to all the ladies that don't use your gender as a reason "not too".... bring it on and keep lifting the tin to make your mind, body and spirit strong(er)!

To the female clients of EHP, thanks so much for allowing me to extend your barriers to lifting weights!

Spida Hunter
P.S. To the men at EHP, your a stud but you don't need me to tell ya! :-)

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I DARE you NOT to Laugh.....

Let's see who is tough guy and not laugh at this video.... it's a classic!!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Get off the Internet & Get in the Trenches!

My USA buddy Zach Even-Esh has done a "killer" audio interrogation with Dan John!!

Look, I won't waste your time!

This audio talk is about REAL training that is done in real life not in the "internet" world!

If you respect hard work and are confused with all the information out there from "internet guru's", listen to this audio!

If you trained before the internet came about, listen to this audio!

Are you tired of all the bullshyt internet guru's who actually don't train people for a living, listen now!

Dan John has been training since 1966, so I think you owe it to yourself to listen to an "old schooler" of the training world & NOT the internet world!!

Go here to Zach's page to download audio Interrogation with Dan John!

P.S. I'm an "old school" dude, I believe in HARD WORK and SHOWING UP, in fact as I get 'older', I'm loving those qualities more and more and getting pi$$ed with people who don't have them! Yes, I can be grumpy "old school" guy about it, BUT I DON'T CARE!

Showing up, Hard Work & Discipline are WHAT we need more of and we have less of in reality, it does not matter for work or sport show up & be committed. If it's your family, you BEST be doing what's required for them because when it's all said and done, they matter, not some bullshyt internet forum!!

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Monday, December 07, 2009

What are abs? How do you get abs? What do abs do?

In this video Wammo (from Kiwi FM) and I dive into the pit of "Big Bad Abs"!!

Every man wants them, every female loves them and every fat loss expert tells their special secret on How to get them!!

Here's what we dive deep into to discover "you're Abz"!!
  • How to REALLY get them.... This is NOT some "secret" exercise!
  • What is their Role in the Body?
  • The "Core" who?
  • What exercises develop the Abs
  • Demonstration of a Swissball Crunch
  • Got $4.... Then you can do this ab exercise that will "fire" up your abs from the Inside Out!
  • Plus more.......

Enjoy the video and remember to LISTEN to HOW Abs are REALLY made it will change how you think!!

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Friday, December 04, 2009

What does $20 x 38 equal????

I'm serious what does $20 x 38weeks equal?

The most common answer is going to be $760 and if you get this, you get a B+ :-)

However, I'll give you the REAL ANSWER............. A Stress FREE Christmas!
Because 38wks ago, a good friend of mine and myself put $20 a week away for our "xmas" fund and yesterday we pulled it out!

The moral of the story is not about $$, it's about do something every week and by the end of the year you have a massive investment that you can "lean" on....

And that is what your health and fitness journey should be 80% of the time, while leaving 10% for going "hard out" towards a specific competition/goal!
The world we live in today is more about rewards NOW, no one wants to do the CONSISTENT hard yards!
  • What would your life look like if you started reading an hour a day for 327 days of next year? Do you think you would be smarter?
  • What would your life/body be like if you did 3hrs of training for 48wks of the year in 2010?
    3x48 = 144hrs of training
Start thinking in terms of INVESTMENTS rather then the costs, you have to "invest" in order to get real results because anything worth achieving requires some "inve$tment"......

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Things are Changing...... Are You?

It's been said by some clever person that,
"If You're Not Growing Your Dying!"

To a point I agree with this statement and like anything there is a time to "grow" and a time to "enjoy the moment"......

The real test is knowing when which
one will serve you and then use it for that time period & when it's time to let it go and progress into "grow" or "moment" thinking to apply it!!

This is the same for Strength, Nutrition, Power, Fitness, Pilates, Swissballs, Core, Fat Loss training etc.... if you are not exploring all of these avenues then what are you leaving on the table?

How much more "growth" can you get from where you are today?

This does not mean you need to be an "expert" in all areas, however a commitment to "be that" for a period of time is required for growth....not 1 day pilates & your a guru!

So here's the deal, things are changing (often too fast for us to truly get) however you need to ensure if you have a goal then you "yield" to that goal and GROW to acquire it.

Once you have achieved it, then my recommendation is to sit "in" it and be in the "moment"...... just don't forget to come out of it and then start "growing" again

Why have I posted this?

Because, I've made a commitment to post daily (M-F) to reach out to you the reader, as I've been told people enjoy my posts and I should do it more often, and this is me making it happen.....everything starts with a single step forward and this is mine.....

Please be prepared for some changes coming to this blog page i.e. New Look but the same kiwi attitude posting rants, success, health, fat loss, fitness, strength, MMA tips for you to take what you like and hopefully PUT TO USE!

Thanks for reading, Ma te wa Taniwha!

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