Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How will WE think in 20+ yrs?....

Stole this clip from Alwyn Cosgrove's blog How will you (we) "think" in 20+yrs time from how we do today?

Funny thing is, we still put all our TRUST and believe in GP's/Dr's today!! Why is it that 99% of GP's just prescribe drugs and from a visual point of view they aren't the most "healthiest" person in the room?

Many reasons, however just maybe we'll see that in 20+yrs time :-)

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Fighters Heart Story...

"Having a fighters heart, having gameness, is about knowing yourself and not being afraid of losing. You become a better version of yourself. Nobility is a by-product of that attitude, just like love is a by-product of aggression"
Sam Sheridan's Book "A Fighters Heart"

Check out the Fighters Heart in this girl!!

I heard a great story about a netball coach who read my newsletters and when she was coaching her U16 Netball team that played in the South Island Under 17 tournament she told them about what I do and who I train and what a Fighters Heart means!!

When the girls heard the story, the next day they decided while playing netball, that when they needed to "dig" a little deeper they had a call "Fighters Heart"!!

The girls were yelling out to each other "Fighters Heart, Fighters Heart"!

These girls utilized the characters of "Fighters Heart" and made the finals of a Under 17 tournament when they where a Under 16 team! Their coach Donna said the difference in them and other teams was "Belief" in themselves and to have a Fighters Heart against the odds!

The girls unfortunately lost in the final on the score board, but one in the hearts of those that watched them play, they went to heights that they had never been too before! Donna the coach is still getting text's from the girls about how much they have "enjoyed the tournament" and how she has given them "greater belief" about themselves OUTSIDE of netball!!

She's also received comments from parents saying,
"What did you say to those girls, their playing better then I've ever seen them"!
"They have matured so much"!

How COOL is that, those girls are the REAL winners in my eyes, NO first prize can give you a "Fighters Heart", what their coach Donna taught them is MORE then winning it's about giving your all for more then YOURSELF and don't be afraid of believing in yourself!!

Next time you find your back against the wall or you come 2nd, ask yourself, what did I become in the process? A "ego" looking for something external or did you discover another part of yourself that you can call a "Fighters Heart"!!

Thanks Donna for taking the "Real" meaning of my work and putting it into Action with the next generation of athletes in LIFE and SPORT!