Friday, September 26, 2008

My Man Zach is at it again....

My man Zach Even Esh is at it again, this dude never stops pushing the boundaries, I'm telling you he's "killing it" at the moment!! He's not for everyone but neither am I, you may perceive him as "hardcore" which is cool!!

We all have a bit of "hardcore" in us some where, I know I do when it's time to 'hustle' I'm going to "kill it"!!

Anyway check out Zach's free video's here to learn some of what he teaches by clicking here

In the words of Zach "Kill it"!!

Fatloss Steps made easy...

Fatloss Step #1
Are you doing resistance training?

Fatloss Step #2
Are you doing it in a way that is going to create what's called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). In other words will you burn calories AFTER YOU HAVE WORKED OUT!!

Fatloss I.Q. time:
People are so concerned with "how" many calories they burn WHILE exercising! Who cares!!! It's the amount of calories you can burn when at rest recovering that will provide more bang for your buck!!

Case & point: You workout for 60mins and burn 500 calories doing "cardio". I workout following resistance style of EPOC principles i.e. high metabolic workouts with limited recovery and high tension.

In 45mins I burn 400 calories BUT BUT BUT the next 36hrs POST workout I burn an extra 400 calories while I'm recovering.

Tell me who is kicking some serious fat, that's right ME!!!

Just in case you are a person that needs "science" to validate everything in your world :-)

(Evidence suggests that a high-intensity, intermittent-type of training (interval training) has a more pronounced effect on EPOC (Haltom et al. 1999). Also, it appears that resistance training produces greater EPOC responses than aerobic exercise (Burleson et al. 1998).)

(EPOC). Originally referred to as an oxygen debt, this postexercise state was first hypothesized by A.V. Hill and H. Lupton in 1922.

Nutrition Step #1
Are you eating 4-6meals per day?

Nutrition Step #2
If NO, then that's where you start ,don't worry about WHAT you eat at the moment just add meals/snacks to your day. From this you will increase your metabolic rate because you will graize rather then pig out, and you know when you are starving you pig out!

Don't be ashamed about "pigging out" I don't give a rats bum WHAT I eat when I'm hungry, I want food and I want it NOW!! We all can be 2yr olds in big people's bodies at times, gotta love those hissy fits!!

If yes, then only have white carbs after you have trained i.e. if you train you have earn't the "right" to eat some white rice/pasta/potatoe etc...

I could give you more "detailed" steps but the reality is MOST people are NOT doing these steps, you may think you are from your perspective but from mine more then likely your not!

That's the beauty of a coach they "look" at the big picture and figure out what's ideal to give you a massive return on minimum effort (sometimes maximum effort too :-)!!

What about cardio? ESD or cardio has it's place and it can give you results when done in a "EPOC" fashion,for now though I think if you just action ed 1 of these steps you will see a "shift" in fat!

So will you move on one of these steps or will it be something you "know" but don't "DO"?

If at First You Don't Succeed, You're in Excellent Company!

This is a copy from an article on Wall Street journal It's worth the read and something I believe in 100%!!

In her new autobiography, "Home," Julie Andrews tells of taking a screen test for MGM studios when she was 12 years old. "They needed to gussy me up a bit because I was so exceedingly plain," she writes. "The final determination was 'She's not photogenic enough for film.'"

J.K. Rowling's book about a boy wizard was rejected by 12 publishers before a small London house picked up "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Decca Records turned down a contract with the Beatles, saying "We don't like their sound." Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor who said he "lacked imagination." Michael Jordan was cut from his high-school varsity basketball team sophomore year.

hat makes some people rebound from defeats and go on to greatness while others throw in the towel? Psychologists call it "self-efficacy," the unshakable belief some people have that they have what it takes to succeed. First described by Stanford University psychologist Albert Bandura in the 1970s, self-efficacy has become a key concept in educational circles, and is being applied to health care, management, sports and seemingly intractable social problems like AIDS in developing countries. It's also a hallmark of the "positive psychology" movement now sweeping the mental-health field, which focuses on developing character strengths rather than alleviating pathologies.

Self-efficacy differs from self-esteem in that it's a judgment of specific capabilities rather than a general feeling of self-worth. "It's easy to have high self-esteem -- just aim low," says Prof. Bandura, who is still teaching at Stanford at age 82. On the other hand, he notes, there are people with high self-efficacy who "drive themselves hard but have low self-esteem because their performance always falls short of their high standards."

Still, such people succeed because they believe that persistent effort will let them succeed. In fact, if success comes too easily, some people never master the ability to learn from criticism. "People need to learn how to manage failure so it's informational and not demoralizing," says Prof. Bandura, who signs many of his emails, "May the efficacy force be with you!" ("I've failed over and over and over again in my life. That's why I succeed," Michael Jordan has said.)

Sometimes, the rest of the world just hasn't caught up with an innovator's genius. In technology, rejection is the rule rather than the exception, Prof. Bandura says. He points out that one of the original Warner Brothers said of sound films, "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were rebuffed by Atari Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. when they tried to sell an early Apple computer. And sometimes genius itself needs time. It took Thomas Edison 1,000 tries before he invented the light bulb. ("I didn't fail 1,000 times," he told a reporter. "The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.")

Where does such determination come from? In some cases it's inborn optimism -- akin to the kind of resilience that enables some children to emerge unscathed from extreme poverty, tragedy or abuse. Self-efficacy can also be acquired by mastering a task; by modeling the behavior of others who have succeeded; and from what Prof. Bandura calls "verbal persuasion" -- getting effective encouragement that is tied to achievement, rather than empty praise.

"I teach teachers here, and one of the things we teach them is how to build up children who have been told they aren't competent," says Frank Pajares, a professor of education at Emory University who has been a leader in using self-efficacy to nurture academic confidence. "We all have mental habits, and once they are set, they are as hard to break as stopping smoking or biting your fingernails."

It's not too late to recover. "You can develop a resilient mindset at any age," says Robert Brooks, a Harvard Medical School psychologist who has studied resilience for decades. One key, he says, is to avoid self-defeating assumptions. If you are fired or dumped by a girlfriend, don't magnify the rejection and assume you'll never get another job or another date. (Maintaining perspective can be tough in the face of sweeping criticism, though. A teacher said of young G.K. Chesteron, who went on to become a renowned British author, that if his head were opened "we should not find any brain but only a lump of white fat.")

And don't allow a rejection to derail your dreams. "One of the greatest impediments to life is the fear of humiliation," says Prof. Brooks, who says he's worked with people who have spent the last 30 years of their lives not taking any risks or challenges because they are afraid of making mistakes.

What if you really do lack the talent to succeed at whatever you're trying to do? That's a tricky question, psychologists say -- one that's on display in the early episodes of "American Idol" each season. Try to objectively assess how much you are likely to improve with training and hard work, and how much it's worth to you, or whether there are other ways to enjoy your passion -- being a coach instead of a player, for instance. On the other hand, what if Dr. Seuss had given up after his 27th rejection and not tried once more? In the words of Henry Ford: "Whether you think that you can or you can't, you're usually right."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Magic 100

After discussing in my other post there is 100 days to the turn of another year!

I figured what the hell why don't I let you in on one of my little "secrets" to goal setting!!! Actually, as I've writing this I have just finished doing The Magic Hundred for the 2nd time round!!

If you have a goal(s) and you want someone to keep you on track, you will want to jump on board with my man Dax Moy! He's the real deal and in the last 5yrs has gone from a "normal" PT to someone who is in the leading pack!!!

Visit his site now!!

He's just up graded his programme too which I have to say is even smarter then when I was doing it!!!

Spida Hunter
P.S. If you have any questions about the programme post them here and I'll do my best to answer them, or you go be a "go getter" and make it happen by taking the Leap of Faith!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

100days to Go!!

100 days to go!!

Today is the day (Monday 22nd September) that we have 100 days till
the turn of the New Year!?!

What the hell?

100 days to end the year off with a bang?
Or you can stay the same?

What choice will you make?

Now before you make this “educated” choice I would like you to close
your eyes and get rid of any “noise” you may have in your head and
just “think” of what you would like to do in 100days.

Close your eyes for 60sec and think of what you want, what does it
smell like, taste like, feel like, look like…….

Ready to “think” of what you want……..see you in 60sec

Did you do the exercise?

If you did the exercise, you may have created feelings of what you
want, if you did let me know what they are and what you can do about
it today! 1 small step every day allows you to “hit your mark”!

If your goal is fatloss and you want to reach your goal in less then
50 days then this is a good place to start

My coaching group is taking people from “knowing” to DOING, there
is such a big difference in knowing something and living
what you know.

Regardless of what action you do or don’t do 100days are going to
pass by and only you can choose to be the same or different in

I have a VERY black and white saying I use often; you are either
“growing” or “dying”, make the choice and make it happen.

To finish; L.O.A (Law of Attraction) or the Secret DVD is just one
part of the puzzle, you can “think” about being richer, healthier,
skinner, happier etc… but LOA ONLY works when you back it
up with ACTION!

I’m not bashing LOA, I’m just giving you the reality of LOA!
People think the “secret” is in LOA, the “secret” is NOT in LOA!!

Want to know the REAL secret to getting ANYTHING you WANT?

Post your comments here to see if anyone "gets" it.

Spida Hunter

p.s. 2 more days before the price goes up on the coaching group,
make it happen today to NOT only save yourself $40 but to be
living action steps everyday to “growing” in the next
50 days or less!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6wk Fatloss Coaching Course

Do you want to Drop your clothes size, bodyfat & Increase your muscle tone & fitness in 6wks or less??

If you want to be 1 of 10 and you live in Chch then read on.....

Please Note: This group is more then just a fitness "boot camp", I'm giving you an opportunity to truly learn and reach your goals with 10 others.

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I'm going to cut to the chase straight away and then provide "details" to questions you may have about how this will all be done!

The Big Goal:

You will lose bodyfat & clothes size in 6wks (maybe less!)

You are invited to be 1 of 10 to go on a 6wk Fitness & Fatloss journey to reach your desired goals, in other words you can get a jump start on summer by comming on board and learn HOW to truly make dramatic changes in your body in just 6wks!!

What's the commitment?

You will be required to train 2x per week with the entire group at EHP Health & Fitness Studio - Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm

2x per week on your own following a specific fatloss cardio session that is designed to "blow torch the fat"!

That's a total of 4hrs per week - Yes you can get dramatic results in 4hrs per week!!

You will also learn Specific Nutrition Fatloss Strategies each week - These are the secrets I have only taught to clients!

You will be required to be "truthful" to yourself to get the best out of the fatloss group - Once people learn this the game of "be into win" is so much easier!!

An open mind and a fun attitude is MUST, NO exceptions!! I do NOT tolerate people who are tyre kickers, the ones that suck the spirit out of you and leave you with a "feeling" of yuck ness!

How will this be achieved? Give me the details Spida!!

Start Day Monday 8th October at 5:30pm:

Week 1: 8th October 2008


Phase 1 = Fat Burning Body Blast Training 20-30mins

This is where we lay the foundation of body preparation for training to come!


Learn Body Fat Strategy #1 - Nutrient timing!

Learn Body Fat Strategy #2 - Accountability to you!

Fat Loss Cardio Training - Receive 3wk Fatburning Cardio Programme


Fat Burning Body Blast Training 20-30mins


Learn & Implement your compliancy

What's on your mind?
This is where we discuss anything that is "on your mind" e.g. you may have issues arise that you need answers too, this is where you can fire my way!!

I believe this is worth the entire cost of the 6wks! You get to find answers to those "things" that may be stopping you!!

To read the rest and be part of an exclusive group please click here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something must Change!

We are in the middle of the week and I'm on track
to achieve another week of training.

How are you doing with yours? I mean really, I've been sharing with
you the last few weeks of my journey "under the bar" it's about
time you shared yours! :-)

Today during my session I "changed" it up. Today I was doing a
squatting day. This day really kicks my a.s.s, I mean at the end of
a squatting session I'm wrecked.

This morning I had a bit of "mental weakness" so after doing back
squats then front squats. I decided to "change it up"!

Rather then continue on with my 3 other squatting variations, I
jumped on board with what the client was doing which was Power bag

This is where an image of this mornings training would help, however just imagine running while dragging 3 bags that weighed about 100kg all together
for a distance of approx 35-40m as fast as you can.
(The pic below is what a power bag is, however we use a rope to join them up and run with them).

The amount of 'burn/fatigue' you get in the thighs/hips/calfs is
up there to say the least epsically when you are running as fast
as you can to do the distance i.e. the last 10m is a little slow.

Why did I change from my normal routine?
Simple, I worked out 2x yesterday since I missed Monday's session
and after a late night I didn't have the "mustard" in me to pull
me through a gut buster.

So I changed up my "gut buster" to something different that I new I
would complete and still get results that I'm after.

Here's what I would like you to take home;

EVERY session you have training, SOMETHING MUST CHANGE!

Ways to change what you are currently doing (just choose 1 if you are going to action it);
1) Increase weight by 2.5kg (5lbs)
2) Add 1-2 more reps with the same weight
3) Increase Speed of movement (some exercises are better at changing
speed then others, and always FORM before speed!)
4) Change tempo i.e. 6sec on the eccentric(down part) of exercise
1sec hold then as fast as possible up on the concentric part of
exercise. Often written as 6.1.X

And the most IMPORTANT!
Increase your Kinesthetic Awareness!!

This means, every rep you do, you create an awareness of HOW it

If you can "feel" the movement you have the power to make dramatic
results very quickly!

How do you "feel" the movement?
Feel the movement by being the movement, if you have a weight that
is relatively easy, clothes your eyes and "feel" how you are doing
that particular exercise.

This "feeling" type stuff can take time I understand that, however,
I promise you if you can get in touch with your kinesthetic side,
your progress will be slow at the start but you will ALWAYS beat
someone who is just adding more reps or increasing the weight!!!

6wk Fatloss Coaching Course is comming soon! Will you "change up"
your training to reach a new clothes size before summer even starts?

Time will tell, if you truly want to "change"!!

Let me know ways you are "changing up" at the moment.