Tuesday, March 23, 2010

City 2 Surf = Awesome Stuff Team!!

3 EHP Tribal Members completed the City 2 Surf which is a 12km run or walk on Sunday 21st March 2010!!

Thanks heaps guys for participating, was awesome to have our first EHP Adventure Team in something like this and I'm looking forward to making it bigger next year for us!!

Congratulations to

  • Chris (holding Maaia in pram) who walked/ran the 12km in just under 2hrs with a time of 1:58mins.
  • Jack her son (to her right) ran it in 75mins
  • Cam (in glasses) ran it in 58mins and with a hangover :P
  • Myself and Maaia ran it in 75mins!

Great effort team and thank you so much for being part of the first ever EHP City 2 Surf Tribal Team!!! Proud of all of you for giving it a nudge!!

Some Reflections
of City 2 Surf:

Watching the City 2 Surf participants was awesome, I mean there were people from all walks of life, which is great to see i.e. disabled people, company's, Celebrates, skinny people to really large people all "ticking" the City 2 Surf off as "done" in 2010!!!

I was pondering while running and observing all of the different cultures & people running/walking/wheel chairing (or in my case running with a pram), that in today's society of "Instant Gratification" it does NOT matter in the big picture of life WHAT you do in terms of exercise!!!

Now, I'm a person for "Optimal Training" relative to what your prepared to commit too, however if I let go of this style of coaching and look at the big picture of life......

It does NOT MATTER, if someone is doing my Fat Burning Metabolic Circuits (which I believe is the most effective and efficient way to drop fat fast while increasing strength & lean muscle) or just plain walking, which is a inefficient way to lose fat when comparing calories burned over a 36hr period!

What matters in the big picture of LIFE is that someone MOVES more then they currently do NOW..... Sure there are exceptions to this rule, however most people say they want "the best" workout but the "best" is a relative term i.e. if they currently do no workouts just 3 is a achievement, who cares what it is (in the early stages)!

So while I still believe in "optimal training", we still need to be compassionate to those that "just move", yes, they will believe that what they do is "good & ideal" however, it's better someone moves then someone who does not?!

So start moving, and in the journey of 'moving' you will find OPTIMAL TRAINING and when you are ready for optimal, I will be waiting :-)

Spida Hunter

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