Friday, March 27, 2009

Never Stop Investing in YOU!

Well it's the end of the week i.e. Friday here in NZ and i thought I would send an email to let you in on the haps here at EHP Fitness Studio.

EHP Fitness Studio
is turning 1yr old!!
March is nearing an end and come April 14th 2009 I would have been in my studio for 1 YEAR!! So I'm saying out loud to all clients (whanau/friends too) EHP is having a 1st birthday bash!!
Dates on this will be confirmed but it's looking like Friday April 24th, so pencil it in your calender.. it's party time baby :-)
To make 1yr old has not been an easy road at all....everyday is a learning experience that sometimes I welcome like a budist monk and then sometimes I resist my learning experiences like the plague!!!!
It's quite fitting that I left my part time job 3wks ago just before the Studio's1st birthday!
The most important
investment you can
make is in yourself!
Warren Buffet stock market Billionaire has said;
"The most important investment you can make is in yourself"

I know we are in a recession of some sorts and services like Personal Training get put on the back burner...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop investing in your health and fitness!

Now I'm not saying you should continue to use the services of a Fitness Professional like myself if you are struggling to put food on the table!

However, all this means is you need to find another way to get your goals and stay invested in YOU!

Here is a video of a workout that my partner Tracey, Mum and I did on Wednesday which was Day 3 of our 30day Fitness, Fat Loss Challenge.

You will see a full body workout with Body weight ONLY from a Nana (i.e. My mum), Tracey who is 6wks post giving birth to our daughter Maaia and me who had a friggin man cold.

That means you see all levels of "making it happen" with NOTHING more then BODY WEIGHT and a desire to change!

That means, if munney is an issue for you, I have provided a workout to burn the phat right off your body that will cost you 15mins in time 4x per week!

What inspired me to write this was the fact I have just brought today;

How to win and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

A product from Ryan Lee & Mike Rousell = How to run a continuity newsletter


I don't NEED these things, however, I see them as an "investment" into me and the direction I want to go in life!

So no matter your situation that is "special" to you, NEVER EVER stop investing in yourself, even though sometimes you just can't be bothered!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tune in to Wammo & Me on Kiwi Fm

In this day and age "information" is everywhere and I've always done my best to provide you the reader with "real", "truthful" information in your journey of Fat loss, Health, Fitness, Strength & Life, that you can USE in everyday living!

If we aren't able to translate what we "know" into what we "DO" then what is the friggin point! Okay maybe that is a bit heavy, because we are better to "know" then bury our head in the sand of ignorance!!

However, to live a life to your version of Personal Excellence you need to take what you VALUE and "live" it i.e. DO IT!

Just because you KNOW something doesn't mean you are an example of what you know!

Case in point:
EVERYONE know's that veggies are good for you! But how many people actually have them 3 out of 5meals they have or 1 out of 3meals etc...

Have you noticed how many people are prepared to give you advice on something because they "know" it, but when you have a closer look at the person they generally don't live what they say.

A great example of this; is the new age trainer comming through the education system. They have more letters behind their name in qualifications but don't have the "common" sense to live the theory they have been taught! Hence the new age trainer are FATTER and WEAKER then EVER before!!!

So what's my point from all of this?
Basically every Tuesday at 7am you will want to tune into kiwifm to listen to Wammo and I discuss some ways for you to take what you know and make it happen in your life! i.e. go from 'knowing' to DOING!

We've done 2 slots on the radio so far and to access them you can visit Wammo's site for the reply where you can download it or listen in.

Podcast 1 March 17th 2009

Podcast 2 March 23th 2009

For you to start to truly change in your goals of more strength, fitness, health, decreased fat, weight etc... you need to raise your Health & Fitness I.Q!

These radio interviews are exactly that, an opportunity for you to Raise your I.Q, so tune in, listen in and them make it happen so you can be a true warrior of life!

The warrior that know's and does!
(or mostly because ALL warriors f$#@ it up occasionally :-)

Here's where you need to tune in every Tuesday, actually everyday Kiwi FM have got it going on!!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

5 ways to make you lose your fight in the ring!

"Hurt in Practice so you don't Bleed in Battle"!

This has always been my motto when I started training fighters all those years ago and it stands to this day!!!

I've been training up and coming MMA star John Erskine who only lost his first fight in the weekend to a cut!

They say that John lost the first round on points and then "may" have won the 2nd before it was stopped to excessive blood from his cut! Well I saw his cut on Thursday and it was about 1cm long and looked nothing more then a little scratch!!

As they say, it must of hit a vein in his head because the pics I saw they were both covered in blood from it and John said it was pulsing out as soon as he "exerted" some serious force!

Sure enough, it had to be stopped!!

While this is John's first loss, in my mind he may have a L next to his record but everyone I've talked to said, it would of been a awesome 3rd round if it had gone to it because it was so even!!

So here's to a rematch I say and hopefully in Christchurch since both boys are from here.

I take my hat off to his opponent Garath, he looked in great nick then what I had previously seen him in!!

Here's a video of John, Scott (Kate is background doing her training) all hurting in practice so we don't bleed in battle. Ok, mostly don't bleed ;-) if you want to see blood click here, just look for the guys covered in blood!!

5 Things that Fighters do to lesson their chances of winning from training;
  1. Follow their MMA, Thai, Grappling coach for "expertize" in strength and conditioning. Get the expert coaching of the body from someone who TRAINS fighters!
  2. Watching Youtube video's on Randy Coutoure, BJ Pen and others doesn't mean their training is any good! They will be good at MMA regardless of their training, and most MMA strength and conditioning is crap! Yes, even the guys from UFC & other organizations have crappy Strength & Conditining Coaches!
  3. Don't be cheap, expand your knowledge and coaching through searching outside of your area of expertise!
  4. Running will NOT make you fit for the ring, it takes care of your aerobic system however in the ring, requires other systems of the body i.e. aerobic, lactate, A-lactate, power, strength, speed, agility etc...
  5. MMA is in the virgin stages, their is only a very select few that look at MMA as a profession i.e. train strategy, physically, mentally, emotionally, tactically, their opponent weaknesses & Strengths, their own weaknesses & strengths etc.... Treat it like a profession and seek the BEST to learn from.
If you found this useful feel free to share it with your youtube mates to learn from ;-)

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p.s. If you are looking to join the "elite" of training for fat loss, fitness, combat, health then sign up to our newsletter to get the real deal on training!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 3 Rules of Fat Loss my presentation at Weight Watchers

I've been speaking at Weight Watcher meetings the last 3wks on the Topic of;

The 3 Rules of Fat Loss & How to "DO" them!

Here's a brief run of what I have been talking about. Enjoy these tips and if you have any questions please fire away by leaving a comment below or don't be shy to spread the word around either on twitter, facebook or any way you know how.

The Importance of Synergy!!
  1. Concern for Muscle
  2. Concern for Cardiovascular System
  3. Concern for Nutrition

The 3 Rules of Fat Loss & How to DO them:

1) Nutrition: I "preach" to them that they pay for the advice of Weight Watchers, so why not follow it, after all if you are into wasting money why not give it to me!!

It doesn't matter what "diet" you follow, the point is you follow it 90% of the time, other wise you don't know if it worked because YOU changed the "diet"!
Side Note: I'm not a real believer in Weight Watchers "diet" however I am a believer in 90% compliance with WHAT EVER YOU FOLLOW!!

HOW to do it:
  • Be compliant to WW guidelines
  • 6 meals per day
  • Be weary of the products in a box, as most a high in sugar!

2) Cardio for fat loss: People are conditioned to think 60mins a day of walking or jogging will give them the fat loss results they desire and to a point this is correct, however you must ask yourself if you have done this with NO RESULTS, is there a better way?
Or if you do this with limited results for the effort you put in, is there a better way?

Metabolic ESD (Energy System Development) or Interval training as it's commonly known as, is ULTIMATE for fat loss, it's not to say aerobic running/jogging/walking is NOT beneficial, however if you are to choose the BEST modality of cardio then Metabolic ESD is the cream of the crop for fat loss!
(Side note: by working in a metabolic ESD way, you inhearantly increase your aerobic capacity as well!!! That's 2 stones with one bird people!!)

How to DO ESD:
  • Power Walk/Jog/Run/Sprint for 30sec then go easy for 90sec i.e. 30sec fast (fast means, an inability to communicate) then go slow to moderate for 90sec x 8sets.
  • Yes you can do it on bikes/treadmills/cross trainers, it's the protocol of 30/90sec that's important!
3) Building Muscle
Muscle is the best return on investment we have "naturally" today, for e.g. did you know that doing weights in a metabolic fashion can enable you to burn calories for up to 36hrs POST training!!

That's like 360% return on investment!!!

It's impossible for woman to look like a female version of "she hulk" (naturally). Men produce testostrone which helps build muscle and females build estrogen which has less to do with building muscle!

So the Myth of, "If I do weights I will get big" is really nothing more then your imagination holding onto "freaks" on the internet! You may feel big but that is different to BEING big!

General rule of thumb;
Majority of men need to do more metabolic ESD as they like lifting the tin for 'numbers' on the bench press, and majority of females need to do more lifting the tin i.e. build more muscle, as they do too much cardio which can waste muscle if done too much!

How to Build Muscle:
  • Do all the exercises below in a Metabolic Circuit i.e. Do 1 then straight away do 2, 3, 4 then rest 90sec and repeat the process 3x
  • 3sets x 10-15reps, 90sec rest between sets.
  1. Bodyweight Squat

  2. Push ups
    and when the baby gets older from all the push ups they can do these ;-)

  3. Bodyweight Lunges

Tricep DipsI have NOT included abs in this metabolic circuit because these exercises will help develop them because they require you to stabilize in order to perform them!

There are hundreds of variations to make all this happen, if you have a willing mind you WILL find a way to make it happen!

The bigger the movement the more calories are burnt i.e. it's harder to do a squat then it is to do a bicep curl. You require more muscles to do a squat therefore you get more "bang for your buck" in calories burnt!

If you are to follow this programme you will want to do the Metabolic Circuit first which will take you about 15mins and then the Metabolic ESD 2nd which is about 20mins.

Yes that's right, a total time of 35mins and you can do this 3x per week i.e. Mon/Wed/Fri.

Now if you can't find 35mins 3x per week then you aren't ready to achieve your goals.

Any questions just fire my way and if you would like to share it feel free to do so by using the link below.

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Thanks for visiting and have a primo as day!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's your bucket list?

How would you like to "tick" something off your Bucket List in 2009 and be part of an exclusive group of 1st timers?

This bucket list is for 1st time virgins only (exceptions can be made for those that are willing to share their experiences with us ''first timers')! Oh by the way, that's half or full marathon-er virgins!

If you have never done a half or full marathon before and would like to tick it off your Bucket List before you kick the bucket then read on..... if you have never thought about doing a marathon but interested to learn about the journey of 1st time "marathon virgins" then read on.....

First let's get the issue of "What is a Bucket List" out of the way!?

The term Bucket List comes from the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgon Freeman, about 2 old men who find out they are going to die from cancer. They come from 2 different backgrounds i.e. Morgon Freeman is very "wealthy" in the family sense and Jack Nicholson is very "wealthy" in the monetary sense.

Basically, these 2 make a list of things they want to "tick off" before they "Kick the Bucket" and use each other to spur them on to achieve what they have always wanted, but never done!

This is the the theme behind you reading this web page and deciding if you want to "tick off" or "cross off" a half or full marathon from your list before you "kick the bucket"!

To read more on this please click here

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