Thursday, April 30, 2009

What we see is limited to what you comprehend!!

Your body size is a direct relation to your Fitness & Fat Loss I.Q! This may be hard to swallow but at some level is very TRUE!!

Your job in life is to expand your ability to "see" things in a way that is 360 degrees and not with the blinders on or at 90 degree's as we all tend to be at times!!

The way you "see" health, fitness, nutrition, fat loss etc.. is through your "senses" which then gets distorted by your "filters" of how you perceive them to be!

Hence why YOU SHOULD expand your awareness in Fitness and Fat Loss I.Q so you can "see/sense" all areas of what is presented to you.

Or another way to look at it, you can "see" or understand both sides of the coin either
intellectually or by actually experience of living.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This P***** me off!!

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Recommended Resource-Strength,Size & Fat Loss

Interested in a SIMPLE, "no-fail" training system that has the potential to add 10 to 15 lbs or more of muscle onto your frame VERY quickly? - NO HYPE, NO B.S. - (it can even be used for FAT LOSS, too!)

... a system that can be put to work for you in as little as 15 MINUTES, 3 times a week...

... and it works for ANYONE...young, old, male, female... EVERYBODY gets results.

Then When They Ask You What You’re “On”...Why You're Building Muscle And Strength So Much Faster Than THEY Are...You Can Tell Them You’re On EDT!

(just try not to get into any fist fights because of it...
I'll tell you THAT crazy little story below...)

Click the pic to read more about this programme that I personally own!

The Ultimate Combat Community

My man Jason C Brown is a Kettle bell Guru, he's one of the guys I turn too when it comes to Kettle Bells! He's also the owner of this combat community that has some of the "big dogs" of the fitness industry with audio integrations i.e. JC Satana, Martin Rooney plus many others!

So if you are looking for a online community that provides MMA, Grappling, BJJ, Thai, Boxing, Judo then look NO further then right here!! Take him up on his $1 trial and then decide for yourself it it's for you?

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Worth it!!

Tonight we are having EHP Studio 1st birthday Party!!

It's been worth it, all the "stuff" that people don't see :-) Watch one of my favorite video's that helps me with the "stuff"!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Super Smoothie Breakfast

Do you need a simple and easy way to have breakfast with all the foundational nutrients to start immediate;
  • Fat burning
  • building muscle
  • repairing muscle
  • Energy
  • Longevity i.e. sustain you for 2-3hrs!!
  • Time efficient i.e. takes 5-7mins to make

If you have any "special" remedy yourself post below and share with me your little smoothie secrets :-)
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you use your injuries as an EXCUSE!!!

Virgin Marathon Update:
32km was ticked off this weekend & NOT by me!!!

I wanted to share with you a text I got yesterday. I spoke to one of my best bro's yesterday morning (Saturday) & he said he was going to "knock" of 30km......

30km...... I said to him, "bro, let me know how you get on"!

At 3:45pm I got a text;
"Just got home from my biggest run. Unsure of distance but will drive it later to see. Was on the road for 3hrs & 15mins! Wow!

Then at about 8pm another text;
"32km's bro. Had to stop about 20km to get sugar hit from garage. Walked the block after that but otherwise plodded along most of the way"!
My bro's name is Joel & I wanted to share with you his accomplishments, because this is a HUGE friggin milestone 30km & we are 4wks out to the due date!!!

I'm "stuck" on 23km with a f***** brick wall in front of me that is self created!! BUT hearing of Joel's successes has givin me the kick up the a.s.s I needed to break down this mental barrier I have at the moment!!

So use Joel's success as I will to help you to achieve things you haven't done! You don't know Joel so his success of 32km may NOT have an impact on you, but I do so here's a little brief to help you "get to know him more"!
Joel's Injury list:
  • Broke his leg & dislocated his ankle from rugby league 3yrs ago (his nephew my son, went into the ambulance with him to hospital) where I saw them put it back in. To see the pain (which he doesn't remember) on his face was heart breaking, I can assure you!!!

  • I think from memory Medial ligament (or ACL) reconstruction on knee 4yrs ago, had 3months off work & first week back hurt it again (not work related)!
  • Operation on wrist 5yrs ago had about 3months off work from that!

  • He once pulled off 38 tackles in a game of rugby league, now if you don't know rugby league that is HUGE amount of tackles to pull off!! We use to have competition on how many we could do, needless to say he SMASHED me in that one, my best was 27!

Joel is still yet to hit 30yrs of age as well, that is still 3yrs away!!

So there you go, Joel is NOT someone who has simply lived the good life & never experienced some form of "pain" along the unless your injury list is more impressive then this, don't use your "injuries" as an excuse to NOT do stuff.

Find a way to make it happen!

Spida Hunter
P.S. Payment for marathon is NOW due, late fee takes effect from May 11th at 12am. Yes that means you pay more! So go to the MAIN SBS marathon site now and sort it out!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini Steal Log-

My poor abs are killing me from this little puppy!! Well this little puppy weighs 21kg on it's own!!

If you want your own then visit NZ's best "hard core" equipment maker of Get Strength!!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Humes Fitness & Wellness Programme

Since I started at Humes Pipeline Systems in Feb 09 to April 09, EVERY PERSON has got result either in 1 or ALL of the below!!
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Power
  • Fat loss
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Energy
  • Production of work i.e. the ability to do "more" but the quality of doing work as well!
  • Life at home i.e. quality of life at home
  • Flexibility
  • Plus more....
Some real life data of a couple of employees of Humes are;
Push ups in 60sec:
Feb 09 April 09
34 49 Damien
19 38 Jeff
30 45 Afi

Squats in 60sec
45 65 Maikolo
38 57 Scott
42 65 Paul

Circumference Measurements:
Hips 110cm to 105cm
Waist 117cm to 113.5cm Jake
Chest 140cm to 134.5cm Jnr

I will try get some of these boys on camera to talk about there experience. We have used NOTHING but body weight to date which goes to show, you don't need all the toys if you don't have them!

Awesome stuff lads and it just goes to show ANYONE can do it if they want too!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 yr old TODAY!!

EHP Fitness Studio is 1yr old TODAY....

Today the 14/4/2009 is 1yr old for EHP studio, man what a journey to date.


I think off the top of my head NZ is 80% small businesses, and over 1/2 of them fail in the first 3yrs!! I've been self employed for the last 4yrs as a fitness professional (in the industry for 10+ years) and my dream of having my own studio came a reality 365days ago! Real cool ahe!

Like I said a few weeks ago, every day
is a LESSON that sometimes I welcome and sometimes I resist with passion and conviction that keeps me up at night!!

So where to next for EHP Studio? I will continue to progress and DOMINATE the local market, actually I'm prepared to say that NO PERSONAL TRAINER/Gym/Studio in Christchurch could out beat the results we can produce here for REAL fat loss, fitness, MMA, Strength, toning, success in life!

People may perceive my statements to be co.cky but it's the belief
I get stronger every day and I suggest you adopt a belief that's similar to get what you want out of your fitness, fat loss, well being, life success goals!!

Lastly, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported me in this cool journey, most of you probably don't realize how much of an impact some of you have had. So to everyone, thank you so much!! I won't name people because I may miss some out and that would make me feel like the stink guy!

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Lift Strong

From Alwyn Cosgrove:

It has now been over 1000 days since my bone marrow and stem cell transplant - a procedure that saved my life. For new readers - I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2004 - underwent chemotherapy and went into remission. Unfortunately I relapsed in early 2006 and had to have a transplant in June of that year.

The day you have the transplant is considered day ZERO. The day you are literally reborn from the stem cells and up.

Lift Strong is a product that I masterminded with the help of Mike Roussell, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. With the the help of some great friends in this profession we turned our little project into an 800 page manual (that we produce on CD to keep costs down). Everyone volunteered their time and their information. No one makes any money from this product - it's all going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The government is currently giving billions of dollars in economic aid to banks that basically messed up - yet cancer research is funded primarily by individual donations - not government help.

When you actually stop and think how messed up it is that we have to put up a website to get public donations to help fight cancer treat while the government is bailing out financial institutions left and right it just boggles the mind. I mean, shouldn't that be one of the first things we as a society are taking care of?

Anyway - rant over.

I'm a cancer survivor. But the fight hasn't stopped. People have to figth cancer every single day.

All the proceeds from the sale of this product go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I urge you to support this cause and purchase this CD. Your purchase WILL make a difference.

You are reading this today because I am alive after facing cancer twice. If I've ever made you stop and think, laugh, made you mad or taught you something - it's because I beat cancer due to medical research due to donations from people like you funding projects like this.

Again - I am alive today because of advanced medical treatment.
Medical treatment discovered by research.
Research funded by money.
Money sourced from donations.

Donations from people just like you.

Please help.

Friday, April 10, 2009

You just gave 80% Sugar & Fat!!!

This weekend is Easter and what better way to post then to let you know how much your kids have consumed in Easter eggs of fat & sugar!

There seems to be 2 sides to Easter, the reason why i.e. Jesus Christ and the commercial side i.e. selling of Chocolate!

I'm not a hard core believer in either, I mean I participate in the Chocolate side but that is still very limited and I acknowledge the religious side to Easter.

I do have a question to those that believe in the religious side to Easter:
Why is it that we have a public holiday and the whole country shuts down for 1 or 2 days to celebrate Christianity point of view, I mean why not celebrate and have holidays for Buddhism or Muslim point of view?

Ok back to the real topic at hand, giving you the information on how much your kids have consumed of the 2 worst things they can get and how you have justified it as, "well it's only once a year"!!

Here's a simple illustration of what is consumed this weekend and the cost:

In this flake Easter egg which has 2 flakes and 2 eggs:
Is a total of 190grams;
Per 100grams we have
FAT = 29grams which 19grams is saturated fat
Sugars = 50grams

So per 100grams your child or you are consuming 80grams of fat and sugar plus all the extra's to make this product up!!
That's 80% (actually a little more) of this product is based on fat and sugar!
Now, if fat loss is your goal you want to limit these 2 things from your diet as much as possible. That does NOT mean you don't have them!

The problem today, is that they are "hidden" in most foods you purchase, particularly foods that are packaged in a box!!

Both transfat and sugar have massive impacts on your health and fat storing cells! This is why it's so important to read the back of packaged foods to see what is "hidden"!

I could go on about "bad" sugar and "bad" fat, but I think most people "know" that they aren't ideal in health or fat loss goals!

But Spida it's only once a year
let the kids have their chocolate man?!!
I get the sh#t's with this mindset, because the truth of it for me is that I'm NOT saying they shouldn't have any, but to have the product above plus smaller Easter eggs to go with it, is just bulls&^#@!

30% of kids are FAT! That means out of my son's group of 10 friends, 3 of them are going to be obese!!

This type of thinking is sending the message of, today is Easter kids & you can over indulge in sugar/fat (i.e.get f***** up) because it's once a year, which really means, don't worry about common sense just go hard and get wasted on sugar and fat and we'll sort it out later when you come down from the effects!

Adult version of the same thinking:
I haven't been on the booze for weeks so today I'm going to get f***** up and then to make matters worse I'm going to have sex with anything and everything, because it's only once a year!!


I doubt a husband/wife etc.. would accept this type of behavior so why pass it on to your kids!

Some food for thought, now it's time to finish off the above Easter egg ;-) cause that's what we got for 2 kids, NOT 1 each!!
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Breaking down Mental Barriers.....

I can be a bit slow to "get it" sometimes but oh well, it happens!

Here are 2 books that I think are MUST READ for anyone embarking on a "running journey"!!

The first I've talked about many times before called, The Ultra Marathon Man

This book is nothing short of INSPIRATIONAL!!! I mean have you EVER thought of running 200miles in 1 clip?

Me either, after all what they hell are you running away from? Why would you do such a stupid thing?
Or something simliar to those thoughts!!

Let me tell you, that Dean Karnazes book is AWESOME! It will give you an insight into his mind and body of who and what he is. This is NOT a book of immature ego, saying I'm the greatest type bullsh#t..

This merely is a collection of his experiences!

His other book is called 50 Marathons in 50 Days!

This is a bit more of a "How to" book for running marathons etc... to be honest it didn't have the same impact for me as his first one, however it taught me alot about running.

In saying all of that, it still gives some awesome stuff into the task of running 50 marathons!

In this book they also did "scientific tests" to see how much damage he would accumulate over the 50days on his body!

The results may shock most people, but I'm not surprised at all!! I loved the fact after 50 marathons he felt a little "un-easy" with himself, so he did Forrest Gump and ran....and ran and ran...............1300 miles later he stopped and went home!

So why am I sharing you this other then suggesting 2 books to add to your personal collection?

I have NEVER really got "running" except to improve fitness for sport and once I learn't anaerobic type conditioning I pretty much 'ditched' aerobic running for fat loss, fitness, sports performance!

But now I get it!!

I mean the amount of "mental barriers" you can smash through (and sometimes get smashed by them) is amazing. I love how training for a marathon makes you face "you" as a person and who you are!

Or I should say this is how I'm using the marathon training. I'm NOT concerned with time or placings, I'm all about crossing the finishing line!

I ran past 22km the other night, which for me is HUGE, I mean I KNOW I can do 22km but beyond that is "unknown" and a bit every time I've got to 22km I give myself a massive pat on the back and justify the beer I have after :-)

The problem being was I was scared of going to the unknown of beyond 22km. Why? Well all sorts of reasons but the reality is, it's nothing more then my mind playing tricks on me and me buying into those tricks!

E.g. Have you noticed when you get close to the "end" of something i.e. running X km or last little bit of gardening etc... that you all of a sudden get "extra tired" or "something" pops up before you say, "I'm almost there, not long to go now" and then it centers you to focus on the task at hand?

The other night I ran to the 22km mark and had all the noise in my head to stop me, "you have done primo Spida, it's the quickest you have ever ran, you can stop now!!"

As I stood there, I replayed what it was really about! Nothing short of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real), so I quietly said. I'm going to continue running and see what happens!

1 extra km later I ended back home having ticked off running past 22km! Thank you very much, I've now gone to the "dark side" of the unknown and I KNOW from real life experience that it's nothing more then 1 step after another regardless of "how" many km you have done!!

If you are keen to join me then go here to sign up i.e. joining up means you don't have to run you can just show your support by signing up to the marathon newsletter.

1 last thing I wanted to share with you about the marathon journey, is that I love how exercise/running/weights etc.... can strip away all the layers of bullshyt to the human ego and leave you with nothing more then a naked and sometimes insecure little human who is truly you!
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Success Stories at EHP

Here's a couple of success stories that I've managed to catch on camera!

Listen into Kate tell her story to date of post rehab ACL reconstruction, fat loss, confidence, self belief & more!

Here is Joey, 2 dress sizes in 8wks!! That's right ladies, it can be done and still be "normal"!!

I'll get some more clients talking on camera, however some of my clients are camera shy, so leading by example to over come my own fear of being in the "spot light" I'm making more video clips with me in them that are designed to provide you with more Fitness & Fat Loss I.Q to make better decisions along your journey, (well at least know what choices you have, even if you don't make the ideal ones! :-)

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