Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fitness Marketing = HYPE & CRAP!!

Here's me selling you on the idea of FITNESS MAREKETING!!

Don't fall for the salesman fitness pro on the internet who is more about $$ & marketing then, actually helping you i.e. they go for masses then core groups of people!

Here's reality that isn't pretty but it is REALITY!
  • Don't buy pills for fat loss
  • Don't buy fitness toys for fat loss i.e. swissballs, KB, TRX's
  • If you don't understand the fit pro's concept, that doesn't make them clever!
What to do about your Fat Loss goals:
  1. Increase your training from what you do now i.e. 1 extra workout
  2. MAKE sure you eat 4-6 x per day and DON'T worry about what at the start!
  3. Decrease the amount you eat at each meal
There's no magic in this, it's common sense but it is a version of the TRUTH!!

Your mind will have all sorts of questions about why, what, how, when to the steps 1-2-3 and that is the REAL challenge, putting your mind talk to sleep and GETTING ON WIT IT!!

The real secret to your success is applying the above and increasing your biggest muscle between your ears!!

Now, get to it and stop falling for the BS fit pro's out there trying to manipulate your thinking to "their way" is the only way!!!

The new will be raining on the BS in the fitness world, I'm sick of the crap and manipulation/lies to the masses about fat loss, fitness etc.... So I'm going to recruit the real deal trainers & experts and have an open forum on topics like these!

Be prepared.....
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