Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grip Experts E Book

My good friend Zach Even-Esh has put together a monster of a E-Book on Grip training!! He's manged to put together some true professionals for this project!!

I'm very fortunate to be one of the professionals that's featured in the E-Book which I'll give you a taste of my article right now

Old School Grip for the Modern Day Warrior!

Developing an iron clad grip that our ancestors had.

When you shake the hand of someone who has done physical labour all their life you get to “feel” their raw grip strength, as a result of feeling their strength a little voice comes from the inside about how they could rip your head off with their thump and index finger!!

So the question remains how can I develop an old school grip that scares the sh#t out of the new age man!

Well, besides telling you to go work in the farm or the steal factory to develop your grip strength we can never underestimate the power of living off the land!

The modern day grip is weak due to many factors like having things made easier for us to ensure we can lift things properly without it being ‘awkward’!

Awkward my friend is the essence of true Functional Grip Strength! Let me show you how I do Grip Strength!

Firstly I believe in simplicity, from simplicity or foundations as I call them we can build what ever you dream. Without it we have something that may look good but would break if taken to the limits or put under stress!

When I’m thinking about grip strength I put it into 2 categories;

1) Functional Grip Strength

2) Functional Lactate Grip Strength

I put them into these 2 categories because that’s what is used 90% of the time in real life and when dealing with combat fighters!

Functional Grip Strength:

This is where we will take an exercise like a chin up using a bar and throw a towel over it, now it’s become functional to life or combat sports. You may be able to do 10 chin-ups with the bar but find you can only do 6 because of your grip! Therefore your grip is the limiting factor in your ability to do chin-ups.

If you are able to match your chin up strength with your grip strength then you have created relative strength that you know won’t fail you in times when it’s needed!

Functional Lactate Grip Strength:

This is the ability to work at long periods of time before your forearms feel like pop eye’s forearms due to your inability to process lactate in the muscles that you are putting under stress (forearms)

Now all of this may sound pretty simple to you which is great. Let me enlighten you to some of the secrets we use to train our grip strength and lactate tolerance with athletes of life and athletes of the fighting arena!

To read the rest of the article purchase the E-Book and all it's cool bonuses here

p.s. I have to be honest with you, I just listen to JC Santana's interview yesterday and that in itself is worth getting the E-Book, JC again is breaking grounds with his work on Grip training!! I learn't more in that interview about grip training then I ever have!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Power of Now

It took me about 8months to read this book, it's DEEP!! If you read from a intellectual mind only you will only get about 30% of what the book is about!! If you read while being in the conscious presence of "NOW", what you will reap is far greater then just intellectual knowledge!!

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is an excellent deep book that I'm wrapped I "toughed" it out and became more conscious throughout the book! Thanks Jason Suttie for lending it to me!

Maybe the book wasn't "tough" at all, maybe I just wasn't ready/conscious enough when I started reading it in early January? Yeah I agree with that! :-)