Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't plan for 2007 yet?!

2006 is almost over, before planning a great 2007 take 5mins to be grateful for 2006! If you are grateful for what you have NOW, you will be able to attract what you want into your life for 2007!

To show you that I'm a doer of this everyday here's 10 things I'm extremely grateful for in 2006!

1) How my son has developed this year into a little boy (ok, his mother and I (with help from others) have been parenting better to allow this to happen) but I'm grateful for it never the less!

2) My partner Tracey has been a rock for me when I was having moments (having moments is a past tense although she may debate that :-)

3) My holiday's with my mum and sister both trips where awesome as we had great laughs!

4) Doing More to Life course, a extremely challenging course that I wouldn't change for the world!

5) Becoming a certified diver with 2 of my best bro's, Dave and Joel check the Maaori seals out here click on pics to enlage them

6) Friends/Family, I bunch these 2 as one because my good friends are like family to me. Uncles, Aunty's, friends, cuzzies that I have regular contact with all have a impact on me, thank you for just being there!

7) My clients are great, not only because they put food on the table but because they allow me to go out there and seek more!

8) My nana, she's the last of my grandparents alive. Kayleb's great grandmother :-) she has I think 14 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. She has told me but I've lost count! She still as sharp as they come!

9) Doing Charles Poliquin course, even though I struggled with him as a person, it was a good experience!

10) What I have in my life, the great, good, things to work on :-). I created it all, even the things I don't like or want! Guess what, I can uncreate it too!

Your xmas will either be chaotic with little time to be grateful or it will be absolutely awesome laughing with friends/family. What ever one it is, it will be by your choice!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Better late then never!

Well if this works, this will be my first Blog post?!

Ok, Better late then never but still so far away, My blog page and the content in this first blog :-)

I read in the paper last week that schools are removing fizzy drinks from every school in NZ! Yeah for our kids, however this won't happen till 2009! Why 2009? Why not NOW?

Here's the catch, coca cola NZ are still going to supply "Diet" fizzy to the schools! Go figure, Diet is just as bad but in other ways through the additives they put in "Diet" fizzy! I will post an article I wrote titled "For the Love of your Kids"! My boy was 16months old at the time I wrote this article, call me a what ever you want because I choose to RESTRICT (not eliminate) his fizzy intake no matter where we go!

Would you give your child 8+ tsp of sugar? That's what's in a can of fizzy!

When I was doing Charles Poliquin internship, he often made the comment that sugar will suppress your immune system for up to 5hrs after it's consumed!!

Click here to read more about fizzy for you and your kids