Tuesday, March 02, 2010

7 Day Detox & the Fear of the New Website

Just a quick update before the tribe at home wakes up!

7 Day Detox

Tomorrow I start my 7 day Detox where I will blog about it everyday from the, highs, food, lows, to the mind talk etc.... I'm excited about doing this Detox because it gives me an opportunity to "explore" habits and addictions that go underneath the radar i.e. unconscious patterns!

Obviously there are lots of benefits to doing a Detox ranging from;
  • Weight Loss
  • Cleanse from the Inside
  • Increased Vitality
  • Greater Energy
  • Break free of Patterns
  • Understand the body more
  • Plus lots more
My main reasons are nothing more than a fun challenge i.e. can I do it? Break my normal eating patterns, give my insides a clean from the toxins, kind of like a "internal bath"!

So stay tuned tomorrow for Day 1 of the 7 Day Detox!

EHPFitness.com Is Here



I've been procrastinating on making this happen A LOT FASTER, for the simple reason of my own FEAR!!!

I'm a self taught geek and I've outsourced all of this project to the "experts" which has been a blessing and challenge. Now it's 95% done and I'm holding the chain again figuring out how to use the site etc.....

This is my way of saying I'm scared again :-)

But to face this "fear", I'm going to go on record and say in April will be the realease date of the new site! I've got excuses for this not to happen i.e. baby due any week now BUT that only sounds good to me, I'm going to dig deep to get it all sorted by this date!!

Stay tuned for more details!

Spida Hunter

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