Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm RIGHT and you are WRONG.....

How often do you say something like;

"Is this right?"
"That's wrong"!
"This is the right way to do it, isn't it?"
"They shouldn't do it that way!"
"I know I'm right"!
"You should do it this way"

Or statements that are similar to that?

Be honest we all say it. The problem I hear with these statements is more often then not they are judgments upon who/what they are directed at.

How? Think about this, you are making a statement about something "you think" to be wrong or right!


But who are you to say it's wrong or right?
Is there anything truly "right" or "wrong" or another way to look at it, is there truly anything "black" or "white"?
Who said it's right or wrong?
Who said it's black or white?
Who said that person (thing) is right?

If you are still with me, when ever you "see" something as right or wrong you are seeing it through the world (your eyes) as you know.

And if you don't ask questions like;
"why do I think or believe that?"
"Where does that come from? "

You will only ever see the world through what you know and more often then not you will have more conviction in your "righteousness" or "wrongness"!

I'm not trying to convince you that "my way" of thinking is right, I'm just trying to show you there is more to "thinking" then just black and white or wrong and right!

That's why, I believe that it's so important to never stop learning/growing/experiencing things so you can expand the way you think and how you "see" the world.

I find it very sad (and sometimes I just get pi$$ed off) when people will defend their position on what they "think/believe" to be right or wrong and will not have any room for Grey or 'possibility'!!

Now, some people will be struggling with what is written. For instance you may say it's "wrong" to kill and 95% of the time I will agree with you with what I know.

HOWEVER, there is a 5% still there maybe even more that states.
"You can't fully have black and white in it's "true" sense because when we do we cut off the possibilities of grey or understanding and compassion"!

My point I'm trying to explain is that everything is "truly" ONENESS we as humans with our "intellect" create black/white, right/wrong, yes/no, poor/rich, ugly/pretty, yummy/yucky, happy/sad, love/hate, angry/laughing etc...

We have created "divisions" in life to create safety for ourselves and while we "need" a version of this, I'm just putting it out there that you don't have to be confined by what you perceive to be right or wrong and black/white because what you perceive to be these things were more then likely imposed upon you from someone else or you took them on as a means to survive in the situation you created for yourself!

"Your eyes can only see what your mind can comprehend"

Therefore if the above is true (and I believe it is) then it is your responsibility to ensure you expand your mind to more then what it currently gets so you can see the world as "oneness" rather then through a straw of Black and White!

This is why I'm big on Increasing your Health & Fitness I.Q. because the more you expose yourself outside of what you believe/know/perceive and or see the world you will expand your minds threshold for "new" information!

Make it happen, learn from everyone (even those that you don't like) and never give up!!

The greatest Athlete EVER.....

The Olympics are over and this is the first post I've givin on them! I don't know about you but I enjoyed the Olympics or what I saw of it, I won't lie and said I watched them all but I did make an effort to watch as many kiwi's compete.

How was Michael Phelps awesome effort with 8 gold medals, "Freak"?!!

How about Usain Bolton winning the 100 and 200m and breaking both world records and apparently he had his shoe lace untied in the 100m?! Yip, you guessed it, "Speed Freak"!

What about the courage of Mahe Drysdale for NZ in the rowing? "Heart of a Lion Freak!"

How about one of my favorite's Valerie Villi who got gold in the shot put?! "Girl Freak"!

Dean Kent? Who you say..... Dean Kent (NZ swimmer) has been to 3 Olympics and has never placed but guess what? He's a "commitment freak" for showing us it's not all about WINNING and as long as you do your best, your a "WINNER!"

The list can go on and on of "awesome-ness" of so many athletes!

Alot of people are talking about Usain Bolton and how he is the greatest athlete EVER!

Now, I'm sorry the man is a "freak" let's get that out there right away, a FREAK OF NATURE!
But the greatest ATHLETE ever?

He maybe the greatest ever sprinter known at the Olympics but athlete? Sorry not in my books, he's not even close!

So what he broke 2 world records while going into a slight head wind and shoe lace untied, all he has to do is run in a straight line (pretty much) for 2 events. Where is the "Athleticism" in running almost straight?
Michael Phelps is more of an "athlete" then Usain, after all 8 gold medals in 8 different events!!

I've got nothing against Usain, I'm wrapped for him. I just won't agree to main stream thinking of "he's the greatest athlete ever"!

To be honest, the only difference between me, you and them the "freaks" is commitment! They are prepared to do what it takes to be the their version of the best!!

Take home message, before you think of someone as the greatest _____ create a picture in your mind of what you perceive to be the greatest.

Now that you have that picture, what's stopping you from being your version of the "GREATEST"!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Programme Template

Here's a programme template I use for clients when they come to me for fatloss, fitness, strength goals. Don't get to concerned with what the exercises are just google them to find out how they work.

Look at the design of the programme and how it is Systematic covering all my basis of warm up, core work, pre/re-hab, mobility, flexibility then into resistance work and finishing off on "cardio" work. We then follow it up with a recovery shake or stretching.

A good programme will take you through the workout step by step or A-B-C-D etc.. Not A to M!

If you turn up to the gym with no plan your first goal "should" be to invest in a plan of WHAT you are doing based on what you want to achieve.

Anyway here is one way I design programmes for clients:

Dynamic Warm Up

Squat/Star Jumps/Seal Jumps/ Flip jacks 5mins

Movement/Core Prep

Dynamic Movement Prep

MB Chop/ Hip Extensions/Fire Hydrants/Scap circuit Y.W.L.Flys.Rows/

Walking lunges/Bear Crawls/T rotations 3-5mins

Metabolic Resistance

A1) Alternating Lunges

30sec rest b4 next exercise

A2) KB B-over row

30sec rest b4 next exercise

B1) MB Push Up

30sec rest b4 next exercise

B2) KB D-lift + Upright row

30sec rest b4 next exercise

Use 2 KB’s – 1 each hand

Metabolic Conditioning

KB Swings 30sec/90sec

Stretching/Foam Rolling/Recovery Shake

Start with tightest muscle first! 5mins

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bigger Stronger Faster!

What is real and what is not at the Olympics?
Would you do it?
Why not?
Why would you?

Let the games begin.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Killer at Large

Not sure if I agree with how the message comes across, however it does get your attention!

The Truth behind Kung Fu Panda

If you haven't seen Kung Fu Panda, then I highly recommend it to those with or without kids! I reckon it's as good as Shrek when it first came out!!

Now if you have seen it, you know that there are lots of messages in the film, like never give up on your dreams even though Po's dad wanted him to "get his head of the clouds"!

Or the Scroll, which was the "secret" is in
YOU, so don't look outside of yourself for the "secret" it's in YOU!

However, there is ONE message that the movie gave that most people have missed. So if you haven't seen the movie don't worry it won't ruin it for you! :-)

The message that was missed by most that watched it?

Master Sifu, who is the Panda (Po's) Kung Fu Master, created in his mind the drama of the Tai Lung (bad tiger) escaping from prison and as a result of his own F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) it became a reality!


Master Sifu's kung fu master s
aid he had a vision of Tai Lung escaping from prison and coming to the palace to get the secret scoll.

From his vision and expressing it, master Sifu created a big drama in his "head" about how the prison needed to double the guards etc... then he sent his bird to the prison to make this happen and warn them that Tai Lung was trying to escape!

Remember, this is all in his head at this stage, however from sending the bird to "warn them of his FEAR" he created the escape because the birds feather ended up unlocking the padlocks that was holding him in the prison!

How does this related to health and fitness?

What you FEAR often becomes your "truth" because you end up focusing on it either consciously or unconsciously!

Remember your "Thoughts become Things" so make sure what you focus on is what you want!

Lose thinking patterns like:
I want to be less FAT!
I don't want to be fat!
I will NEVER be fat!

They are focusing on what you don't want which is to be not fat!

Rather think:
How can I get to a dress size ________?
What can I do today to achieve my fatloss goals of _______?

What and How are more powerful and create a opportunity for you to "solve" the solution rather then create general blanket statements that focus on the negative aspect rather then the positive aspect of HOW and What can I do.....!

So much depth from a kids movie or is that me "thinking" too much :-)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Bucket List....

I have been a bit quite of late, last week I was away up in Rotorua
supporting family for a tangi (funeral). It was a very emotional
time seeing auntie's, uncle's, cousins that I haven't seen in years
all in one place supporting each other and celebrating life.

It's quite "ironic" that before I left I watched the movie called
The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicolas. The Bucket List
is about making a list of things you would like to do before you
"kick the bucket".

It's a great movie that makes you think, what do you really want to
do before you Kick the Bucket?

I mean really, what do you want to do?

I wrote a list in 5th August 2003 of what I wanted to achieve by
certain dates, the goals I did achieve I didn't achieve in the
"time frame" BUT I did achieve them.

The funny thing was I wrote this list out, printed about 5 copies
got them lamented and then forgot all about it!

I found the list a year ago when we moved house and read what I
wrote down and saw what I had achieved!
There is something to be said for "Inking what your Thinking"!

Every great leader that has achieved something has started with
a list!

Now we all know that making a list is NOT the only thing you must
do but it's a very good place to start!

Here's some of what I achieved in the list that I had forgotten
1) Buy Laptop (still got it, I wrote this from it :-)

2) To develop me as a "whole" person (While I'm still learning about
this one, I'm far more 'whole' then in 2003, I can promise you!
In fact in the same year my son was born I left the relationship
with his mother as we were unhappy but doing nothing about it!)

3) Own my own Car (Still got it and 'thinking' about getting a new

4) Go to USA and meet Juan Carlos Santana (Awesome trip, went to
Ryan Lee's first bootcamp for fitness pro's, he's holding his 3rd
one this year!)

5) Train Professional Athletes (Jason "Pshcyo" Suttie & Shane
"Choppa" Chapman)

6) Get Diving Certificate (What an awesome experience that everyone
should do at least once in their life!)

7) Work on my parenting skills (Does this ever end :-)

WOW, as I write this I'm amazed how I pulled some of these off,
after all I had NO idea of the HOW with any of this!

There's a lot more that I didn't achieve I can assure you,
however it all starts with a list rather then wishing I had X and Y!

In fact every day I write a list of what I want to achieve in that
day, it's kinda of a, To do list, goal list, moving forward list.

So what is my "Bucket List" at the moment?

I'll share with you some of what I would like to achieve before
I Kick the bucket! :-)

1) Live with Unconditional Love for my family/friends;
This is easy to say but HARD TO LIVE!! Unconditional means to me
NO MATTER WHAT, no matter what doesn't mean I stand by and except
bullshyt behavior but that I look at the behavior/action from a
higher ground of compassion and love NO MATTER WHAT the loved
one has DONE!

2) Become Financially FREE = Most people have 'negative' beliefs
around money!
The figure that will give you FREEDOM depends on the lifestyle
we choose to live.

So to make everyone feel comfortable I'll put it down as 6 figures,
once this is achieved then we'll assess if 7 figures is required.
To be honest, I look at money as Cost vs Benefit, what is the cost
of me achieving 7 figures? 60+hrs per week and no family time or not
seeing my kids prize givings/sports events etc, then 7 figures is
NOT worth the benefits I perceive it to give me!

3) Bring the Unconscious to the Conscious =
Live from a place of conscious choices rather then a reaction of

This statement unlocks a small door to a massive maze of "stuff"
that forces me to FOREVER grow in all aspects of my life;
Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally!

There is very little room for bullshyt here I can assure you!
Sometimes I get it and other times I'm bathing in a bath of
self made crap that I've created and I'm just to ignorant to
"see it"!

But what about the flash cars, house, boats, penthouse, woman and
all the bling bling!!

What I believe right now is that I'll get my Ducati bike when I can
learn more about me (and I've already got the woman I want :-)!
Actually I KNOW I can get the bike when I WANT, I just choose to
do it "knowing me first"!

Therefore I can consciously CHOOSE to be a prick with a
Ducati & money rather then a prick that doesn't know he is one due
to his own insecurities and or ego!

Hopefully you get my drift, so what's your Bucket list?

My aunty who passed away last Friday new she had 1 month to live,
you know what she did which was in here Bucket list?

She made "peace" with everyone who was in her life, even those that
she had 'drama' with!

She transcended hate, anger, resentment, blame, victim-ness, guilt
and loved unconditionally everything and everyone that touched her
in her last few weeks of life!

Why do we wait for death to be at our bed before we "choose" to
love unconditionally?

I've read and herd how people have moved to higher ground when put
into "stressful" situations however I've never seen it.

While I wasn't there for her last few weeks of life every time
I spoke to her (months before her last few weeks)
I could here a "different" person that spoke to me,
some one that was free of anger, resentment, hate and all other
negative emotions that keep us down!

I saw the impact she left on those that where there in the last few
weeks, how clear they where of the drama that they once had with
her and they spoke how she had a different "ora" around her and
how beautiful it was to see!

What better gift to leave a legacy with, a gift of
Unconditional Love for everyone!

Thanks Aunty Ana for showing us it can be done!

Love ya always,
Spida Hunter

P.S. Your emotional state as a human being has an impact on your
health and HOW you look. So if the squats you are doing aren't
working, check yourself for "stuff" you may be holding onto

P.P.S. Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy!!

The Last Lecture....

1960-2008! Now that's a Bucket List!