Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 7 of Detox: Done & Dusted!

Today is a Summary of my learnings of "detoxing & fasting"......

My Goals for doing this 7 Day Detox;

1. Clean my system from the Inside (From time to time we need to "cleanse" our internal cells & organs, allowing our body to revitalize and rejuvenate!)

Achieved without a doubt!!!

2. Let go and become aware of patterns/habits I have (This is part of the explore the "mind talk" that comes up when I'm breaking habits and or being hungry!)

I feel as if I have a "new depth" of awareness around my own mind talk and what's it's really about & I believe I've changed my habits/thinking towards eating! Biggest feeling of accomplishment is in this department!

3. A fun Challenge! (Can I even do it? What "stuff" will come up to enable me to justify certain behaviors....)
lots come up and I did do it and oh yeah lots of stuff came up :-)

My Measurements March 3rd 2010: LOST Measurements March 11th 2010:

WT = 91.2kg 4.6kg 86.6kg
Arm Flexed = 39cm 1cm 38cm
Chest = 104cm 3cm 101cm
Waist = 91.5cm & Skinfold = 28cm 2.5cm & 6mm 89cm & Skinfold 22mm
Hips = 95.6cm & Skinfold = 25mm 3.1cm & 10mm 92.5cm & Skinfold 15cm

You could argue I've lost Lean Body Mass (LBM = muscle) I suppose it's not really an argument, but where's the problem?

The benefits I have received are well worth losing some LBM!!! Any GOOD trainer trying to add some LBM to every client because we all know, the leaner you are the more efficient you are at burning calories!

BUT, the awareness I have gained in loss of the muscle...... that my friends is the real secret to fat loss & or muscle mass!

Thanks for learning from this journey,

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