Thursday, March 04, 2010

Day 2 of Detox- I think I've cracked it!!!

As day 2 comes to an end of my 7 Day Detox, I think I've gone through the "toughest" part of this Detox!!

Weight this morning
90.5kg from 91.2kg the day before! <800grams.

Yesterday, was tough! I had so much "mind talk" about wanting to quit and how hard I wanted to quit & I had so many justifications for it as well!!

First thing today, was
NO different!! I went to Yoga and had the same "mind talk" going on in my head and 1/2 way through I was thinking this is "too hard" AGAIN!!!!

Yoga turned out to be the
"turning point" for me, after it I showered up and met with my lovely lady and daughter, I was still rough at this point, however an hour later when having my "main meal" at 2:30pm I thought, I've done it!!!

This is the "turning point" and I quietly ate my lunch with no "mind talk" to combat with!! I was at "peace"!!!

So I'm hoping Day 1 and 1/2 of Day 2 were my "hardest days"....... I'm hoping :-)

What my day looked like:

  • 7am: Drink Lemon/Ginger
  • 7:15am Wheat Grass drink
  • 8am Veggie Juice
  • 8:30am to 1pm MIND TALK Galore!!!
  • 10am Yoga
  • 11:45am Green Tea
  • 1pm Meditation
  • 2:30pm Main Meal = Brown Rice, steamed veggies & raw veggies
  • 5:30pm Veggie Juice = Carrot and Apple
  • 7:30pm Veggie Juice
  • 9pm Wheat Grass & H20
  • 9:20pm Peppermint Tea
I didn't do BJJ tonight, I wanted to keep my "good feel" that I discoverd during lunch and I didn't want to tax my energy levels that I had just got back!!

So Day 2 is now done and I think I'm "over the hill" with so much crap filtering through my head and my low energy levels!!!

Some Explanations:

Energy Levels:
They are a bit low due to the drop in calories, I haven't done the math on how many calories I'm consuming however I would guess that it's 1/2 of what I normally consume

Mind Talk in my Head: This is interelated with the above, when ever you go "cold turkey" your body goes through some form of 'withdrawls' & mine is having less calories......

Part of my "belief system" is
I DON'T GO HUNGRY!! It's part of Maori Culture to have food regardless of occasion i.e. death, happiness etc... So to be hungry is a real challenge to me!! If I've wanted to get leaner I eat more veggies/protein and less carbs BUT I don't go hungry (or real hungry)! So this is/was my biggest challenge to date, shifting my perception around this......

What's installed for me tommorrow?

I have no idea but I'm starting to actaully enjoy it now...... right I'm off for my peppermint tea :-)

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