Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spida Hunter: FEAR, Does it Own you?

Fear Does it own you?
Everyone has it, some talk about it, some do something about it, most just don't know what to do?!

Spida Hunter: Fierce

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat is NOT your Fault? Really.....!!

Yesterday I spoke with Dr Bryan Walsh owner of a new site Fat is NOT your Fault!

I first heard about his product about 4wks ago saw the title and "turned off", with thinking of, another person selling a BS product to the "victims" of the world who don't want to take personal responsibility for their actions in their life!

Bugger off......!!!!

Then I got an email from him, saying he heard of me through my Masters of Fat Loss website and wondered if I would be keen to have a look at his product!!


To cut to the chase, I opened up my blinders I had on and emailed him back saying, I will look at it with an open mind as I was turned off by the title!!!

Funny how life provides opportunities for you to "expand" your own version of what you think is "real" and not real!!

Well, I'm here to tell you right now that Dr Bryan's product Fat is NOT your Fault is the REAL DEAL!!! So much so, I have purchased it!!!

This is NOT a product for people who "can't" follow Nutrition/Exercise Programmes due to ________ (too hard, kids, husband, wife, work,)!

This is a programme to help you "bridge the gap" between Exercise/Nutrition/PHYSIOLOGY!


Physiology is what happens "internally" with your body e.g. Did you know that we have "good" bacteria and "bad" bacteria in your gut and the balance of this will impact your health and weight loss goals?

This is one of many examples of HOW physiology plays are part in health and weight loss! Bascially, if any Fitness Expert doesn't acknowledge physiology of the body they aren't worth learning from because at the end of the day, the BEST Nutrition/Exercise programme won't mean crap if your physiology is OUT!!

So if you have a desire to search for ways to Optimize your health to achieve greater weight loss then do what I did and purchase the product!

Click Here!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Do you REALLY want to train like a Combat Warrior...

90% of men like the "idea" of training like a WARRIOR, I mean at it's purest it's very Alpha and from the outside looking in we as men love to see the "warrior" win and never give up!!

BUT the reality is........

Training like a Warrior is HARD in fact it's VERY f$#@!@# HARD.... and it's not for everyone and this is why when it's fight time at EHP, generally ONLY those that are in the ring are those that "cut it".....

I mean why would you put your body through hell if you don't have to hope in the ring after 6wks or more of hell!!??

So to all my "wanna be" UFC watching warriors out there who tell me how much they would love to train like a Demon and show the world how much "grrrrr" you got in your belly after watching the latest UFC.......

While I understand your "Grrrrr" from feeling all pumped up after seeing 2 men in the ring at battle, why don't you ask these Warriors if they like it when it's fight time?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shannon Alexander-BMX World Champs July 09

KB Snatches for reps!

I have had the privilege of having my VERY FIRST sponsored athlete, Shannon Alexander! She is 14yrs old and has been training in preparation for the World BMX Champs in Australia 23-25th of July 2009!!

To say, I'm proud of her is an understatement! Here is an email her mother sent me on the 29th May 09 from her mum;

Just a quick update – Shannon had BMX racing last night, pretty much her first competitive racing since Nationals in April.

She competed in “Ability” racing which is based on ability only no gender/age. Shannon competed with 16 years + male and female and was up with the mix of riders. She commented that she felt so much stronger racing and had more power. We recently purchased a new bike for her which she did not ride on last night so the combination of the new bike and her strength and renewed confidence that has come with it we feel that she will only get better.

Here is an email I sent her mother on 19th June 09

Hi Fiona, I just thought I would drop you a line to say check out the super star below on the videos;

and here is what she did on Wednesday night which is so awesome and I’m very proud of her for “giving it a nudge”!!!

I think now is a good time for you to come and watch her kick some a.s.s. in the gym, I think you maybe surprised at her progress and “what” she can do! I will do a newsletter dedicated to her at some stage as well as she deserves it, she always does her “best” and at the END of the day that is all I ever ask of anyone who comes to train with me!!

You and Gary should be proud, regardless of the result next month, she has grown 10feet in “life” and as I said at the start, this is the MOST important thing to me!! I’m proud to have her as my first ever sponsored athlete and I will tell her next time we trains as she deserves it!

So Shannon, may you have the BEST time ever and may you ride as hard as you train at EHP & I promise you, regardless of what "number" you get at the worlds you will have #1 in your heart from KNOWING you did all you could with what you got and that is what really matters in life!

Here's some of the "numbers" she achieved through HARD WORK!

12wks training with me and in that time she has;
  • Dead lift of 85kg @ 3reps from ZERO (see video)
  • Back Squat 55kg @ 5reps from ZERO (I didn't push here in this one as much as Dead lift)
  • Increased her Vertical Jump from just over a bench to bench plus 2 Power bags (see video)
  • Increased Fitness Conditioning
  • Increased Strength/Power (KB Snatch 16kg/BB Jerk 35kg @6reps)
  • My Personal Favorite is CONQUERING her FEAR of jumping bench + 2 PB's!!
People don't understand FEAR, they "normally" let it 'own them' and they react in certain ways when fear starts playing the game with their mind!

Shannon showed all of this BUT she still managed to rise above it and put it too rest (watch video)! We can all learn from that........

Thanks Shannon for an awesome experience to date and remember to read your little card with your goals and fears on it....I promise this little "secret" will dampen the negative thoughts we all get as humans and MORE so when you are performing on a world stage!

Anyone who has done foam rolling for the piriformis muscle will know her smile is fake here because it HURTS LIKE HELL!! :-)

To all that read this, don't be shy to leave her comments so she can read them!!
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Are we REALLY 3rd Fattest Nation in the World?

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Click the Ipod to listen to interview with spokeswoman for FOE (Fight the Obesity Epidemic) you can visit FOE website here www.foe.org.nz

In listening to this interview with Dr Robyn you will learn;
  • Are we really #3 in the world as the fattest nation?
  • What is the BEST measurement for knowing if you are in line with Diabetes and obesity issues
  • What Dr Robyn would do NOW to change the state of the country
  • The problem with the "get fit" campaigns that the nation promotes
  • Plus much more...
If you want to know a deeper "truth" to the state of the nation and obesity then You need to listen to Dr Robyn Toomath's interview!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Feel My Rage....

I'm sure you have heard the expression "so close but so far away"!!!

That's me RIGHT NOW.....I'm so close to the finished product of masters of fat-loss that I can "taste/feel/smell" it in the VERY CORE of my being!!!

This is a great place to be but a hard place to "accept" i.e. so close!

Right now, I'm Mr Kool Cat...you know the one, I've found the "positive" from it all!!

Last 2days, my ugly and VERY IMMATURE ALPHA EGO was rearing it's "ugly-ness" and almost came out in FULL FORM a few times these last few days, I can tell you!!

I wanted to blast a few people and I'm so grateful that my more mature ego was able to JUST keep me in check.....man I must be growing up or becoming more "enlightened"!!

Enlightened my a$$ that's just a word people like to use to create a gap between "us" and "them" a bit like Guru! I prefer more "aware" of my "great-ness" and my "ugly-ness" and the "stuff" that makes them up!!!

Anyway, I digress big time!!

Look, I have Alpha traits (both immature & mature) and when I'm in my "immature ego, go get it mode", (i.e. emotionally attached to the point it's now negative!)

I want things done NOW & I don't want to here your B.S reasons why not or not enough time blah blah blah......make it happen for me NOW, grrrrrr!!!

And to express my "rage/immature ego" yesterday here's a tweet I sent to twitter & Face-book, after comming out of a printing shop who I asked to print some CD's with graphics on it!

I love nz! But f!@# we are so far behind in web development/graphic design that NO f!@#$% wonder the world still thinks we live in mud huts!

So after all my STRESS, I'm going to delay Masters of Fat-Loss till after the weekend!! I know, I know.....I've been talking it up 7 more sleeps, 1 more sleep etc.... and I'm very sorry for this, BUT somethings are out of my control!

This project is more then just Masters of Fat-loss that "you see", it's also the Project AFTER it as well......ssshhhhhh that was my surprise for you all!

Just so you don't think I'm all Bull Sugar.....I'm doing things on the net that NO ONE in the Fitness Industry in New Zealand (even the world that I know of!!) is doing so I have to out source all my work outside of NZ or DO IT MYSELF!

Which is what I'm more doing, and everything is NEW to me, I'm no techy type, I'm self taught doing this internet stuff!!!

Anyway, the end result is Masters of Fat-loss will be going live after the weekend!

But, here is my promise to you! Actually, no I won't promise you because if "things don't work out", I'll flip my lid and start blasting people..... :-)

So here's the deal, I BELIEVE you will get the first recording (which is Rachel Cosgrove) of Masters of Fat-Loss on Tuesday NZ time!

Have a great weekend, I'm off to the west coast to see my lovely girls and hang out on Coast time, which is NO time at all!!! I love the west coast and hanging out on the Arahua pa! Some of the people are "unique" but the coast is awesome!!

Spida Hunter
http://www.mastersoffatloss.com (the delayed site :-)

P.S. Here's me, 5wks after completing my very first marathon adding more to my "bucket list"!! Will you join me?

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Another Girl to the Hundy Club!!

Here's Miki kicking ass and smashing her Personal Best in the Dead lift by 7.5kg!!

She lives in Auckland studying and training with Cross Fit NZ who do an awesome job up there!! She said, she missed her PB a week earlier after seeing her do 1st set I new we were smashing down barriers today!!!

She's always wanted to be part of the "triple figures club" i.e. the "hundy club"! Well done Miki on achieving your goal and I hope this video will inspire woman around the world that lifting tin does not always make you into a "she hulk" that turns green!!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

1 More Sleep to go...Masters of Fat Loss

Thanks for visiting this page with Craig Ballantyne, in this interview you will learn valuable information on;
  • What your best strategies for success in fat loss are…
  • Diet vs Exercise, can you out train a bad diet?
  • What free website Craig recommends for food monitoring
  • Learn what tool Craig terms as “chipping” away the big rocks like Michelangelo would do…
  • Learn what tool Craig uses to “sculpt” away your body…
  • The habits that you can change now!
  • Plus much more…..
Downloading Instructions for Craig Ballantyne:
To listen to the recording now, please left click the link with your mouse.
To save the recording to your computer
  • Right click the link with your mouse
  • Scroll down to save link as….
  • Choose where you wan to save the recording
  • Let download happen it may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
First 1000 people get this mp3 and other Masters of Fat Loss Online Course FREE....Make it happen here NOW

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Master of Fat Loss...so far it's been AWSOME!

I just wanted to drop you an email to say, so far I have had the BEST time interviewing all these "masters" of fat-loss!!

I mean, I have learnt heaps! Not so much from a fat-loss modality point of view because I'm pretty good at that already ;-) but more from a "professional" point of view!

I feel often at times "isolated" in my approach or beliefs about "fitness stuff" and to re-connect with some "masters" again has really done wonders for me on a personal level!

Anyway enough about me.......let me share with you a few things you will be learning from these TRUE Masters of Fat-Loss!!
  • Rachel Cosgrove - Her interview we talk about the "mindset" of a female vs male and how we "talk/think" different about food/exercise and how we SEE our self's in the mirror! EVERY FEMALE and every MALE needs to hear what she got to say about this, she truly is one of the BEST female trainers in the world!!

  • Elliot Hulse
    - A Professional Strong Man and a Master of Fat-loss?? Well, I tell you, he may not be "ripped" like a body builder but neither am I :-), however his unique flavor to fat-loss/health/life is worthy of him being on this list of Masters and he truly know's his stuff about all of it!!
  • Mike Roussell - We talk about his 6 pillars of fat-loss, the problem with weight watchers, discussing how a client works with him in person, how a "die-t" must work for you! Look at how much you can take away from just these points I've given you! Plus, why USA is not ideal to lean up (you'll get it when you hear the call)!
  • Craig Ballatyne - His 3 best strategies for success, his #1 is worth signing up for this course, I have believed it forever and so does he! Have you ever heard of the saying "creating simplicity out of complexity"? Well Craig does this wonderfully!!!
  • Dax Moy - The Goals guy or the fat-loss guy or the "make it happen" guy....however you want to look at Dax, he is great at making "simple from complex" and turning into something you can use!
  • Spida Hunter - Then their is me, wrapping it all up in a bundle for you to "grasp" and "use", I also talk about my 4 pillars of health and how they all are "inter woven" together and NOTHING can function without 1 or more being effected!!
So when will this all be ready for me to download so I can "tap" the minds of these masters?

We are 7days away from it's release........ and I'm seriously thinking about only allowing 1000 people to get their hands on this online course because it's awesome and I FIRMLY BELIEVE I could get $79.95 and still be "giving it away"!!

You may NOT believe me with "how great" this course is, and that's your choice, after all some of you only know me through email. But to those that do know me in real life (and in time if you don't believe me) I'm sure you will see I'm very transparent in my life and have NO problem telling you my perception of truth!!! Just ask....... :-)

Be part of the limited 1000 spots NOW http://www.mastersoffatloss.com

So here's what I'm asking of you please, I'm asking you to either sign up to this awesome course and forward it on to your friends! If you are already signed up then please forward it on to your friends and family!

Yeah but what is in it for me?
NOTHING, except gratitude from me and a sense of "paying it forward"....after all you have the opportunity to raise the fat-loss I.Q of you and those that you care about at the cost of hitting a few keys!

Here is a key to hit or forward on now

To those of you that DO help "spread the word"....Again my sincere thanks and gratitude is sent to you via "good vibration" of the universe through me and to those that await your email :-)

Where ever you are at and what ever your doing, thanks!

Spida Hunter

P.S. Success is like a funnel where it's wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Each time you reach a "form of success" you go further down the funnel! This is not some "theory", this is a image I'm giving you that I believe in 100% and you have an opportunity to progress down the funnel by getting this FREE course by going here
http://www.mastersoffatloss.com .....what choice will you make?

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