Monday, March 01, 2010

The Month That Was = February

February has now been and gone and we are over 15% of the year GONE, never to be seen again until 2011!! Man, how time flys........

Discipline is one of the most (if not the most) determining factor to reaching your goals, the fitness marketing guru will have you believe it's their "secret programme" BUT I can assure you it's NOT!!!

The "secret" is showing up CONSISTENTLY and that requires DISCIPLINE to do what needs to be done in the daily grind!!!

I've set goals for the year;
Here's how I'm looking so far for the above;
  1. Dead lift (this has not been a focus, I just train at this stage :-)
  2. Meditation
    Jan 2010 = 26days
    Feb = 27days
  3. 250 Workouts
    Jan = 10 (started late)
    Feb = 19 (All MS & PE workouts are with Fighters in preparation for March 13th Fight Night.
    2 x Yoga (aiming for 1 per week in March)
    4 x Metabolic Strength
    6 x Power Endurance
    5 x Run (In preparation for City 2 Surf 12km run 21st March & 1/2 Marathon in June)

  4. Reading Books = 0/Nil/Nothing :-) Just started reading first book today (Cardio Strength Training by Robert dos Remedios)
So as you can see, I'm not perfect BUT I'm DOING!!! I often "play" with the idea of measuring other things as well and I have no doubt I will! What I do know from all of this, when the end of the month comes to a close and I get to look back, it's bloody satisfying I can assure you! :-)

Sure there is room for improvement, but I can see exactly where I need to improve to raise my "numbers" if I'm on track or if I'm off track! That's the beauty of measuring!!

Take home message of all of this, measuring what you do actually tells the story of HOW you are doing and allows you to "adjust" things to suit!

March Goal:
  • 4 x Yoga (1x per week)
  • 7 Day Detox
  • Raise my total training #'s to 22 workouts
  • Have read 1 book.
All this while we are having our next baby any time soon........ So no guarantees on how I will go with achieving this but I'll give it a go :-)

Thanks for reading,

Spida Hunter.

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