Sunday, March 07, 2010

Day 4 of Detox - Lizard Brain & Meat?!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on face book or the blog upon reading this Detox Journal, some great points and some real positive feedback about to quit or not!

Well it's day 4 write up so I guess I haven't quit yet!!!

I have to say, I'm real "peaceful" with my hunger, the strangest feeling (for me). I mean, if I was hungry in the past I WOULD EAT, no questions no drama no attachment to the
type of food, I would just eat!

This has served me well, I mean I don't care what I eat hence why this Detox is
"easy" to eat, sure some of it like the Wheat Grass drink takes a bit to get use too, but where people will say "I can't eat that I don't like it", for me if it's good for you, I'll eat it (mostly)! Brasoul sprouts are still crap!

Actually, since embarking on this Detox journey, my life has been "peaceful" (post 30hrs), nothing seems to bother me I just go through my day at "peace"! If something comes up in a form of perceived stress, I just deal with it without the emotional attachment. Sure, I may have 30sec of grrrr, but I can't think of a time that it has impacted me more then that!

, when you "connect the dots"!

Here's another interesting point; Protein & Meat!

I'm a protein based eater, it's how I prefer to eat and it's what I'm most comfortable doing i.e. too many carbs only play havoc on my system, where meat does not......... or so I thought!!!!!!!!!

This detox has been a
"no meat" and mostly veggies juiced, with 1 main meal of brown rice & raw veggies for lunch. I'm pretty staunch on my protein thinking I mean it has served me well relative to carbs!

But what can serve you can be your double edge sword! Without any meat in my diet over the last 4days, I've noticed things like;
  • body odour
  • sweating
  • flatulence
  • poo's
  • All smell different & a lot less of it!!

Now, this leads me to believe that too much meat/whey (or poor quality) is "blocking our system", I notice this with whey protein and this is why I prefer rice protein!

Now, I'm not saying that "meat is bad" and I'm a born again Vegetarian, BUT I am now observing meat both in terms of quality/quantity in our diet and I think this deserves some SERIOUS change in perception!!!

I don't have all the answers in this "observation" however, things people have said to me in the past about meat seem to make more sense now that I've taken meat out of the diet!

Again, I'm not saying we should remove it completely BUT it definatly should be addressed the quality and quantity we eat!!!!

Clever Mind Talk:

I say this all the time, "the smarter someone is in life and I.Q the better their justifications to defend their behavior!"

Well, F#$% me, I'm that guy!!! As painful as it is for me to admit this. I'M THAT PERSON!!

Last night, I almost threw it all away at our family dinner time AGAIN!!! I had all these justifications for it that sounded so good (to me), here's a couple;

* I'll eat fresh veggies (instead of the juiced celery, carrots, spinach etc..)

* I've achieved what I wanted, so why not?
* I'm neutral with the Detox i.e. my mind talk has stopped after 30hrs and I'm actually enjoying the limited food and REALLY enjoying my lunch of veggies and brown rice, i.e. I have NO attachment to the detox/food/habits anymore, I'm far more aware and chose with a neutral stance not to eat anything other then what is prescribed!

Sometimes, you just need to hear it straight and my lovely lady after I asked her, "do you think I'm cleverly justifying my actions of stopping for this one meal?"

"Yes, I think you are!"

Once I quietened the voice of "but but but but........", she was right I AM THAT GUY!!!

So I made my juice put 3 oranges in it (not in the plan) sat down and ate dinner with the family!

Seth Godin calls it the
Lizard Brain, I call it Mind Talk and this is MIND Talk at it's best!!!!! The part of your brain that puts up a form of "resistance" to make you believe what you are saying is true when something becomes "uncomfortable"!!!!

I'm grateful for this experience, mostly! Some of me is a bit annoyed that I was dumb enough or shall I be more truthful and say EGOTISTICAL enough to think I'm more aware then my own "mind talk/Lizard brain"!!!! The best learning's are those that you experience!!

So take home message today for me:

  1. The obsession with meat (in my life & I'll bracket all hard core meat eaters) needs to be addressed both in quality and quantity!

  2. My Mind Talk almost "owned" me with some very clever justifications

  3. I'm that guy as per above :-)

Day 5 here I come!

Thanks for following this journey feel free to post anything you want about it, I'm enjoying the comments and the read!

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