Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day 6: Detox = Change Your Picture!

So many people have their "own representations" of WHAT a Detox is... Hell, I know I did!!

Here's what Wikipedia had;
Body cleansing or detoxification is a treatment in alternative medicine which proponents claim rid the body of accumulated harmful substances that exert a negative effect on individual health.[1] Many scientists argue that such cleansings are often unnecessary, and are based on questionable or disproved scientific claims.

I believe the above is partly true!! I also believe before I started on this journey that people do detox's for the wrong reasons i.e. weight loss only! Sure, depending on what detox you do this is opportunity to make this happen!!

But, what I think people truly miss out on, is the opportunity to "change their ways" or habits. I mean what's the point of doing a detox then getting straight back into the way you WERE?!?!

This truly doesn't make sense to me......

This is why, my mindset has always been to "explore me" and give my internal system a break from the stresses we impose upon our system, it had NOTHING to do with weight loss!

I think if you are coming from a perspective of weight loss then you will be on a yoyo diet train all your life, jumping from one "secret diet" to the next AND you will hate every single one and your body will be a representation of that as well, big to small to big to small etc....

As Day 6 is done and dusted, it's real interesting this whole "detox" thing.
Detox or Fasting is a form of cleansing "internally" and a opportunity to "explore" you! If you can look at it from this perspective then you can make real life long changes!!

I'm no expert at this stuff, but what I do know is that from the perspective of "exploration of me" I have found a new depth to health, mentally, physically & spiritually!

I hope this helps shift your perspective on diets, exercise, detox and the simply fact that all of them are a JOURNEY not a destination!!

Kia Kaha = Be Strong!

Spida Hunter

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1 comment:

Daniel Munday said...

Nice insight Spida, I think you hit the nail on the head.

A detox of the mind is just as important as getting the toxins out of the body.

And you're spot on about bouncing from fad diet to fad diet. That is only going to result in a screwed up metabolism