Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spring Body Boot Camp...Drop a clothes size in 6wks!

FREE Video reveals my 2 BEST Secrets to losing weight & Toning up in 6wks with GUARANTEED Results in Spring Body Boot Camp!!

Local Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer Spida Hunter is putting his money where his mouth is & offering 100% Refund for anyone who doesn't drop body fat or clothes size in 6wks!

How many other Personal Trainers in Christchurch (or NZ) are prepared to offer you Guaranteed results in 6wks or you get100% of your money back?

Plus, a training system that is so easy to follow & fast in results that your friends will be begging you for your "secrets"! And the best part, it's at a price that is so cheap, it's almost giving the service away!

Get access to My 2 Best secrets by clicking here Spida's Best Fat Loss Secrets in 6wks!!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Too much info....arrrghhhhhhh!

Have you ever found you are "stuck" in which way to turn due to the conflicting information on fitness, fat loss, strength, nutrition etc...???

Watch this video of Wammo (from Kiwi FM) and how you can 'dissolve' the issues that don't mean crap in terms of results!!

  • Learn what your personal "hand brakes" are and how to "catch them"!
  • Details vs Big Picture
  • How much water to ACTUALLY Drink...
  • What H20 does to you first thing in the morning.....
Remember to listen in every Friday (Gone from Tuesday to Freak Friday :-) around 7am.
102.2 Auckland
102.1 Wellington
102.5 Canterbury
Sky Digital Channel 500
Kiwi FM .co. nz

If you have any "thoughts" on what you would like to hear then let me know in the comments section and we'll bring them out to the big wide world!!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

19yrs Today.....The A$$hole!!

I don't quite understand why people RIP celebrities i.e. Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze etc....

I mean personally for me you RIP those that you love or have had such a direct impact on your life through "things" they have taught you etc.....

So today I RIP my dad, Perry William Hunter who died at the young age of 37 and left behind Danny, Kylie, me and Vannessa.

While you are an asshole, (literally he was and for leaving us :-). Love you and miss you lots, thankyou for looking after all of us since you have gone, keep it up and have a drink with MJ and Patrick will ya! ;-)

To those of you that have lost your dads at a young age (literally or through them not beeing there) and you have had to figure shit out on your own, keep the faith brothers and always do your best with what you got and make sure you keep adding to your perception of what you think your "best" is!!

My defination of a Real Man is progressive, so my only advice I can give to you that works for me is;

Know where your own shit comes from! This will save you more drama then you need (i.e. kids, missus, people) and allow you to figure it out without being too attached to the outcome! I've been learning this the hard way and I still get hard lessons from it today :-)

To the mums who have had to pick up the peices either from dads walking out on you and the kids or through death. Keep the faith and thanks mum, you have had the hardest lot of shit to make sense of, out of all of us!!

Pic of my sister Kylie's kids with Maaia in the middle in Gold Coast: Alex, Maaia, William

Pic of me and my brother Danny, 19yrs since I seen him!!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Podcast with Kiwifm-Comparrisons of Kiwi's vs Aussies

All the way from Gold Coast Australia, Wammo and I talk about some of the comparrisons with Kiwi's and Aussie's in health and fitness.... is there are difference? What is the difference?

Tune in and see if there is....

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