Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Biggest "Secret" is in Turning Up....

With 3days left of 2009, I saw a post on Facebook by Alwyn Cosgrove that he had just completed #250 workout of the year.....

This got me thinking to how many days I have meditated this year as I've been "measuring" it.....

Well I can now tell you I hit my goal of 90% Adherence to Meditation and I'm very proud about it!!

What does 90% look like in the real world?
I meditated for 329 days out of 365
I missed 36 days of meditation which is 10% of the year!

I've written about Does Meditation Really Work? Before here
I've also written about #1 Secret of All Time here

This isn't about Meditation although if you are interested then go here this is about SHOWING UP CONSISTANTLY!!

So many secrets to your health and fat loss goals, yet people are missing a few important facts to anything in life!
  1. Secret #1 Show Up
  2. Secret #2 Show Up Consistantly i.e. 90% of the time (if 90% is too much start with 70%)
  3. Secret #3 Totality of health/Fat loss is more important then your "secret ab exercise"! So look at many different facets rather then just exercise or nutrition......
Look you don't have to be completely anal about "measuring" everything other wise you won't start, however when you are ready to move up a level then things like this matter!!

The most important "secret" you can do right now is START..... enjoy the process and journey and let it come to you by DOING!!

2010 is coming and everyone is talking about "best year ever".....rather then look at it as a best year ever, maybe look at it from a perspective of "what would my life look like if everything increased by 10% minimum!!!???

Have a awesome New Year and Talk next year!!

Spida Hunter

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