Thursday, December 03, 2009

Things are Changing...... Are You?

It's been said by some clever person that,
"If You're Not Growing Your Dying!"

To a point I agree with this statement and like anything there is a time to "grow" and a time to "enjoy the moment"......

The real test is knowing when which
one will serve you and then use it for that time period & when it's time to let it go and progress into "grow" or "moment" thinking to apply it!!

This is the same for Strength, Nutrition, Power, Fitness, Pilates, Swissballs, Core, Fat Loss training etc.... if you are not exploring all of these avenues then what are you leaving on the table?

How much more "growth" can you get from where you are today?

This does not mean you need to be an "expert" in all areas, however a commitment to "be that" for a period of time is required for growth....not 1 day pilates & your a guru!

So here's the deal, things are changing (often too fast for us to truly get) however you need to ensure if you have a goal then you "yield" to that goal and GROW to acquire it.

Once you have achieved it, then my recommendation is to sit "in" it and be in the "moment"...... just don't forget to come out of it and then start "growing" again

Why have I posted this?

Because, I've made a commitment to post daily (M-F) to reach out to you the reader, as I've been told people enjoy my posts and I should do it more often, and this is me making it happen.....everything starts with a single step forward and this is mine.....

Please be prepared for some changes coming to this blog page i.e. New Look but the same kiwi attitude posting rants, success, health, fat loss, fitness, strength, MMA tips for you to take what you like and hopefully PUT TO USE!

Thanks for reading, Ma te wa Taniwha!

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