Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Speak Your Voices BUT.... Beware of Haters!!

It's always interesting when you speak your different voices i.e. the voice of hate, love, anger, compassion, right, wrong etc... what response you get back from people around you!!

I mean the more I "speak out" about what I think/believe the thicker my skin needs to be..... But here's the other side of this coin..... Alot More people are listening as well!!

So today I write from my different voices to the "haters" and the "listeners"....

Firstly, if you are a "hater" of what I've got to say, then good on you! I mean who said I'm right???

However, I challenge your thinking if I seem to p#$% you off with my rants and thoughts about how things "should be"!!

What is it that you so dislike?
Is it I speak my mind?
Do I strike a cord with your beliefs about ___?
Maybe you absolutely hate me?
Do you think I'm a egotistical male pig?

What ever your reason for being a "hater", I ask you to ask a couple of simple questions before you pass judgement on what you perceive I say........

Ask; What does he mean? E.g. Not what do I think he means, what does HE ACTUALLY mean when he says something that gets under my skin?!?

What is it REALLY about what he says that p#$%$# me off?
Am I all pi$ed off because he saying something that doesn't align with what I believe?

At the end of the day "haters", all I'm doing is speaking what I perceive to be true and yes, I do have a strong conviction when I bring it to the table but that still doesn't make me right or unable to change my thinking!!

May I suggest to you "hater"...... Always look at both sides of coin even if it is against your beliefs because to truly "get it" you need to look at EVERYTHING from a 360 degree perspective!!

To the "listeners" who enjoy what I got to say, thanks for listening BUT I ain't god and I make mistakes and have been known to be wrong many times!!

If you do have a "strong voice" about how you think, speak it but speak it with a OPEN MIND to other people's thoughts on the subject!!

Spida Hunter
P.S. Of late I have been speaking from my "take it or leave it" voice and this is why I created the video's below;

Part 2:

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