Saturday, May 02, 2009

Does Meditation really work?

Meditation holds many meanings to many people and today I write just after I have meditated from 6-7am on a Saturday morning.

To some it may come to some surprise that I meditate, to others it may come as no surprise at all.

I'm going to give you an "insight" into my experiences meditating and the programme I use to meditate!

I first started meditating in November of 2007 with Holosync Solution.

I did this with out any REAL UNDERSTANDING of meditation, basically I just jumped off the cliff and learnt to fly on the way down!!

If you had of asked me what meditation is at that time, I would of said something like, "You sit there and say/do nothing" and then followed it up with "F*** that"!

Now look at me, I meditate pretty much EVERY DAY, actually in the last 126 days I've meditated 114 of them, that's only 12days I've missed!! Another way to look at "how" much I've invested is to say, I've done a total of 114hrs of "living" study i.e. not book study (that's on top of 114hrs) real life in the trenches "doing" study!! You just can't beat that kind of study!!

So let's bring it back to, "What is Meditation?"
Here's what the dictionary says;
1. the act of meditating; reflection
2. contemplation of spiritual matters, esp. as a religious practice
Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006

Noun: meditation - continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature; "the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge"
2.meditation - (religion) contemplation of spiritual matters (usually on religious or philosophical subjects)

That's what the dictionary says, which to me is very "closed" to what it REALLY is!!

So then what is Meditation "really"?!
Before we get into it, I must let you in on a little secret. This is just my interpretation of how I see things currently and trying to describe "meditation" in the written word or even in dissucssion is extremely difficult, because to describe something is to put it in a box which is not giving meditation it's true outlook.

The actual DOING of Meditation:
The meditation that I do is to sit quietly and put head phones on and listen to the tracks on the CD. Then what?
Well what ever enters your head through thoughts or your body through emotions, you just let it "be" i.e. just observe without clinging to anything special that may or may not happen!

Kind of like just "accepting" what ever happens... Now before you box it up into what you "perceive" what ever happens to happen. Let's just dive deeper into that for a 2nd. Sit there and LET what ever happens in thoughts to be just "OKAY!"

Now, that means the most joyful, happy, euphoric, enlightening thing you can think of and let that be Okay. To the ugliest act to the human spirit that you can think of and let that be okay too! Hmmm, easier said then done, I can assure you!

The hardest part at the beginning of any journey is to "do" more then you "think" and my experiences are no different in Meditation at the beginning and sometimes still today.

Before you pull your Ace card out of, "bro, sit there for 30-90mins and do nothing, f*** that I'm just too busy!!"

I've used that card and understand where your comming from, I sometimes pull that card out myself although no where near as much as I once did!

1hr out of 24hrs isn't a lot to ask when you get minimum 100X back now is it?...
If I asked you to give me $100 and I promised you a minimum of $1000 back, what would you do??
  1. Invest the $100...
  2. Ponder on the $100 investment?
  3. Say no thanks, I've got other investments going on?

If your being honest, 90% of people would actually choose from #2 or 3. Don't take it to heart, this is just human psychology 101. People are "scared" to take the plunge to the unknown!!

Here's some of the boxed up ways I've received my return on investment and I can PROMISE you 100X return is being conservative so you don't think I'm full of s***!
  • Greater concentration
  • Improve Depth of Sleep
  • Healing of Emotional wounds
  • Decreased stress
  • Greater Understanding of "things"
  • Greater self love
  • Connection of left and right side of brain
  • Increase awareness of "what is"
  • An understanding of your own Bullshyt (and others)
  • A detachment of your own bullshyt (and others)
  • Increased Energy
  • Greater Creativity
  • Detachment from emotional drama, either mine or someone elses
  • Clearer thinking
  • An ability to "let go" of old programming of the mind
  • An ability to create new programming of the mind
  • Increased patience
  • Increased happiness
  • Plus so much more then words can describe.....
Remember this is just the "tip of the ice berg" to what "can" happen. These things and more can happen and the meaning they have will be different for everyone. On the flip side to the above benefits, I should let you in on what happens when you DON'T "let go" and hold onto "old mental/emotional programming"!

You WILL wear yourself out!! You won't hand yourself over the unconscious mind and say "sweet as" take me on a journey of some nature even though I am scared S*** less, and I'll do my best to not "hold on" to anything I perceive to be 'positive' or 'negative'. Be honest, it's really scary to "let go" of your perception of control isn't it?!!

So what practice do I follow in meditation?
Now, I have NO idea about other practices of meditation, only what I've done through Bill Harris (he featured in the hit DVD The Secret) Holosync Solution programme.

He promotes the programme as Lazy man's Meditation and Get deep meditation at the touch of a button! I can guarantee you that these 2 things will happen!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the biggest investment you can make is in yourself! Meditation is one form of investment I make into myself, you obviously know the other, Exercise :-)

Many things can help you in life to reach for more, but I'm prepared to say that Holosync Meditation with exercise will IMPROVE ANYONE'S life if they want it too and QUICKER then ANYTHING else on the market today!!!!

If you are looking for a way to reach higher states of development at the push of the button, why don't you click the pic to get a free demo of his Holosync Meditation and begin the journey I started almost 2yrs ago!

But Spida what about Science?
Here's a birds eye view on how the brain functions for more click the picture above to direct you to all the information you'll need to get a better "understanding" i.e. think more then you DO!

Image of Four Brainwave Patterns

(14-30 Hz)

Concentration, arousal, alertness,

Higher levels associated with
anxiety, unease, feelings of
separation, fight or flight

Alpha Brainwave Patterns

(8-13.9 Hz)

Relaxation, superlearning,
relaxed focus, light trance,
increased serontonin

Pre-sleep, pre-waking
drowsiness, meditation,
beginning of access to
unconscious mind

Theta Brainwave Patterns

(4-7.9 Hz)

Dreaming sleep (REM sleep)
Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity

Integrative, emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material

Hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind

Delta Brainwave Patterns

(.1-3.9 Hz)

Dreamless sleep
Human growth
hormone released

Deep, trance-like, non-
physical state, loss of body

Access to unconscious
and "collective unconscious"
mind, greatest "push"
to brain when induced
with Holosync®

So you tell me, Does Meditation really work?

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Graeme said...

Hey bro, great article. I've been using holosync myself since I arrived in chch 2 years ago almost to the day. To say it's helped me is an understatment.

It helps to really get rid of the conceptual rubbish that floats around in our heads and distracts us from the truth, which is usually much simpler then our minds are comfortable with.

It's a process thats not always comfortable, but is endlessly valuable. The more you practice the more you discover.

In my humble opinion you shouldnt feel skeptical about sharing this stuff bro. You don't live inside the walls and limits of normality anyway.

Thanks for sharing Spida.

Jo said...

Kiaora Spida,

I haven' tried the type of meditation that you use but I can attest to all that you say the benefits of meditation are! Back in 1999 I did a Vipassana meditation course - 10 days of silence 12 hours of meditation a day for those same 10 days. Those who know Vipassana will know that it is a huge challenge mentally physically and spiritually but the benefits of completing one of those courses was huge! The benefits were so huge that I went back and did about 20 more courses. I'm a sucker for punishment I know, but there is nothing like insight into self which is what this meditation teaches and more! And the real benefits when meditation was integrated into everyday life - 1 hour in the morn and 1 hour at night.

So I tautoko what you are doing Spida and you so need to share your message! And its nice to know there is another Maori out there meditating :)

Jo :)

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks Graeme for sharing! What level are you on?

The "truth" man ain't that a perception relative to what you "know", "see", "sense" etc....

Spida Hunter said...

Tena koe Jo, great to see you pop over! I firmly believe Jo now that I've been doing meditation as a habit, that it is very closely related to maaori cultural beliefs!

When I hear our Kaumatua talk about spirituality in the form of "presence" I feel so touched as I can relate!

Actually, I met a Maori man on the west coast (South Island)this year, who to me is the MOST grounded human being I've actually met in real life!

He brought a presence that I had never felt before both in terms of "warrior-ness" and "spirituality" that is missing in modern maori culture (I think).

I felt he had "bridged the gap" between the 2 and was comfortable with both!

To be perfectly honest, I felt he would eat you in battle if it came to that as we use too, however he also had a healing/teaching nature just as strong as his warrior side, if that makes sense?

He is what we need to model off as maori men, not the way we JUST do the haka!

Ma te wa ehoa,

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing article Spider
I love the truth you so freely share and the straight up no bull approach.

As I was reading I thought I wonder what he listens to and then clicked on the picture and have joined the program. Amazing to see the brain wave patterns too, awesome.

Firstly thank you for you emails very appreciated and I'm a great believer in all things happen for a reason and I needed to read about meditation and your view as well as the effects cause I've been thinking about it I used to do it before my son but truth be told I've been seriously lazy for the past 7 of my sons 9years and I've had enough.

After being sick really set me back into old habits and taken me all this time about a month to get back into the right state of mind the just do it not the put it off for another day but I'm glad it happened cause I seen the difference in my body from both ways.

Basically having to get real with myself and say is this working the past 7years what did I achieve zip and reading your articles doing your exercises as well as grazing that's a big one Spider because I was like a cow lol and then slipped back to my eating once a day you know dinner and sheesh the weight piled back not all of it thank goodness just enough for me to say hey wake up lol and knowing someone makes sense got that helped me achieve results so I'm back to learn.

I do have a question I've been putting off asking no offence it's a little embarrassing but here goes during menstruation;

How do I combat not wanting to exercises it's just that my body is bloated and uncomfortable are there any exercise you share with your female clients??

cause I'll feel good and then when that week comes up I feel like I have to restart all over again.

My favorite video is the one of your Lady and your Mum awesome inspiration.

Your help achieved so much and my ways of the past 7years just keeps the fat, and that's the truth.

Spida Hunter said...

First, if you need any help with the Holosync programme (I’m not sure if you have ordered The Awakening Prologue or just the free demo) then let me know, if you have invested in the programme I PROMISE if you listen to the CD’s it will F*** you up in ways you never thought possible and GIVE you so much more then you ever thought possible too! (That' how it's been for me :-)

Anyway, if you have questions or are looking for “real world” advice just let me know once you have started.

Menstruation: That’s a tricky one because every female deals with it differently, however I’ll give you some strategies to try when you get your period.

1) Be accountable i.e. if you plan on going to the gym or exercising do it with someone so you have to turn up!!
2) Don’t push the boundaries too much i.e. if you are feeling emotional then don’t attempt to bust your ass, use it as a “light” week.
3) I don’t change exercises I more change the way I “teach” e.g. I notice that females when they have their period are more emotional therefore having me “push their limits” isn’t very smart so I tend to back off and let them do weights or cardio in a comfortable fashion i.e. it’s hard BUT STILL VERY SUCCESSFUL that means NO FAILURE!!! At all, your goal is to walk out “feeling good”, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps and thanks so much for your comments!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked and appreciated that you described the OUTCOME and not the ACTIVITY. ... and for me OUTCOME can embody both the journey and the end....

I really appreciate that you don't give a shit that the you of you might be different from the perception of you.

Roger Wilde said...

Hey Spida you're full of surprises! I jumped in for a peek at your blog and look what I learned about you.

Anna and I did the Holosync for about 18 months and still use it occasionally. For me, it brought me back to meditation at a time when I felt I'd stuffed my mind up so bad I would never ever ever feel at peace again. In my early 20's I lived in a Zen temple in Japan, meditating for hours every day. At the end of 4 years I had an experience that really f****d me up and I came home to NZ completely disillusioned and broken. I don't blame my teacher, I carried the seeds for this trouble inside myself.

It was a long journey back to some sort of balance and peace in my mind and holosync was an important step. These days I sit in silence and study with teachers in the Western Insight tradition of Buddhism. I have also started teaching, with several people coming once a week to sit with us at our home.

Holosync is amazing and for many (most?) people it may be the only way they would ever get into meditation. I think Bill Harris is a genius - especially at marketing - and is using modern technology to bring happiness to people all over the world. This is just one way in which spiritual practice and teaching is moving into an exciting new period, a big leap forward in the development of human consiousness... but I'm getting carried away now.

Meanwhile back on earth life is good for us in Nelson, our little boy is now 18 months and fun fun fun.

Good on ya Spida

PS our healthy recipe book "Real Fresh Food" by Anna and Roger Wilde is off to the printers and due out in bookstores in September. YAY! We'll talk to you more about this soon.

Spida Hunter said...


Please let me know when the book is on the shelves, I'll be keen to have a read!!

Wow, that's cool your experiences through Japan both the "good" and "bad"!

Holosync has been my only introduction and I love it, although it has taken me a while to be able to "express" my thoughts.

As I'm sure you know, it's hard to describe 'stuff' that is happening that you can't put a finger on.

I've read a lot of Bill Harris work and even his other spiritual colleagues from other practices i.e. Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilbur plus others who I found could "connect the dots" in a way that made sense to me, which for me means take it from "pie in the sky" stuff to "real world living".

Anyway, a converstation for another day as I'm always interested in discussions with other meditators.

Talk soon to you and Anna, have fun with your 18month old, my partner and I have a 3month old girl!! Awesome... said...

Kiaora ano Spida,

I so get what you mean and you are right it is something that is SO missing from Maori tikanga today. I think we have lost a lot of our old ways, I mean the REAL old ways, a lot of the "warrior" thing is all macho and physical and fails to acknowledge the inner strength and mana of a person which I think is what our tupuna actually meant by the word "mana" - not the physical strength on its own but the whole package including our spirituality. I do believe as you said that there needs to be a balance and that old koroua sounds like he's the man! In a balanced kind of way. I wish more of our people were into meditation because it was very much a part of ancestors' are right the modern Maori has lost a lot of that although there is a lot of reclamation going on at the moment...yes we can blame colonisation and this has had a huge effect on our people but at some stage we have to take responsibility for our own healing and lives and meditation is great for that. Anyway, I'm bla bla bla-ing a bit, its 4.15am! Actually I could go on about this time of the morning and what it means to our people but we'll save that for another comment! Good stuff Spida!
Jo :)

angel said...

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