Monday, December 07, 2009

What are abs? How do you get abs? What do abs do?

In this video Wammo (from Kiwi FM) and I dive into the pit of "Big Bad Abs"!!

Every man wants them, every female loves them and every fat loss expert tells their special secret on How to get them!!

Here's what we dive deep into to discover "you're Abz"!!
  • How to REALLY get them.... This is NOT some "secret" exercise!
  • What is their Role in the Body?
  • The "Core" who?
  • What exercises develop the Abs
  • Demonstration of a Swissball Crunch
  • Got $4.... Then you can do this ab exercise that will "fire" up your abs from the Inside Out!
  • Plus more.......

Enjoy the video and remember to LISTEN to HOW Abs are REALLY made it will change how you think!!

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Dr. Bryan Walsh said...

Killer stuff, Spida. More people need to know about the abs from a functional perspective, rather than a purely aesthetic one. Love the video.

Be well,
Dr. Bryan Walsh

Roundballnz said...

Good stuff as always Spida,

You can do those with a swiss ball as well .... once you have done these you won't go back to crunches