Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making our Woman Strong in Body & STONGER in Mind!

I'm a big believer in making woman "strong" when training at EHP!! My REAL mission when ever training woman is obviously get them their desired results.....

BUT it's more then that for me, if they let me, I want them to get the results they desire BUT also to have a strong(er) mind & spirit then body, I use physical training to "tap" into these other pillars of health!!

This is very important to me as a "man"....No I'm not that new age metro sexual type!! However, as a "man's man" I have the up most respect for woman that get on with it and JUST DO IT! This is the example I was shown by my mother and this is the example I have come to expect in woman!!

Just to prove to you I'm not the "new age" type.......

But...... NOT!

Yes, it's a struggle for you, but the woman before you have had it harder so get over it and make the most of what you got!!!

Anyway, back to my point before I got side tracked!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, just yesterday I had 2 girls Kathryn & Hayley perform the dead lift for the VERY first time after 8wks of training and they both lifted above their BODY WEIGHT!!!

In fact, every female who is currently at EHP can lift their body weight in Dead lift or more!! I'm not talking the "athletic" market either, I'm talking people like you and me who work and come to see me 2-3x per week and some are in the mature age bracket!! :-)

So to all the ladies that don't use your gender as a reason "not too".... bring it on and keep lifting the tin to make your mind, body and spirit strong(er)!

To the female clients of EHP, thanks so much for allowing me to extend your barriers to lifting weights!

Spida Hunter
P.S. To the men at EHP, your a stud but you don't need me to tell ya! :-)

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