Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It Saddens me...

While I had lots of fun play fighting with the kids in the pool at Hamner Springs, I want to share with you 1 thing I did see that saddened me!

I saw 1 girl eat the entire time we were on the bus both going up and coming home i.e. 90mins each way!! Plus, we ate once we got to Hamner and then just before we come home! Now, I did NOT see her eat in those times.........

However, what I saw was a kid UNCONSCIOUSLY throwing food in her mouth, and I'm not talking making a pig of herself, she politely ate and when it was gone, she started on something else!!

Now, it's easy to pass judgment on her, however I looked at her and thought,
"Is she ok, because the way she is continuously eating, indicates to me she is NOT?"

Here's a 10yr old girl who has started a habit that is going to be very hard to "get to the bottom of", now and or as an adult!

Yesterday I was on my son's bus trip with about 60 kids ranging from 5-11yrs old....yes very tiring and heaps of fun!
I don't think it's fair to blame the parents either, with out knowing what's going on! Let's face it, as parents we all slip into unconscious behaviors and this is WHY I think it's so important to ask questions of yourself not just as a parent but an adult!

Question I ask of myself when parenting or living;
  • What is this really about?
If you answer this honestly, you will get passed all the bullshyt that your mind will justify to make it "ok"!

Worth pondering on........
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