Tuesday, April 06, 2010

March = Wow that much, really?

The March Update almost didn't get done with Easter, moving gym etc.... Then it "dawned" on me, don't make an "excuse" for something that you said you would do i.e. Do monthly updates! Who bloody cares if it's late, just GET IT DONE!!!

So here we are & WOW what a month it has been!! Let's just go in order of how it went......
Detox, Fasting =



I've written about this journey every day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7) so no need to get into details BUT to say that it has been a experience that I'm so grateful I've DONE, and it's got nothing to do with "weight loss"!!

I'm talking from a "health" perspective on my body & my mind!! If people can let go of the "weight loss" dogma & or even the "detox" dogma they would by default open their mind up to far more then you can comprehend in "my words"!!!!

Bottom Line: I will do a "detox" again, probably in Spring because the benefits of a detox/Elimination type Diet is too powerful NOT to do!!

I'm now a Dr........

I'm now a Dr ;-) We had another baby girl on March 12th at 12:50pm and I DELIVERED her, I'm not talking just cut cord type stuff, I mean I actually delivered here into this world as I did with our 1st daughter!

If you ever want to see a "pain free" birth, my lovely lady is the one to talk too!! Ok, I'm going to change gears & be brutal honest & you can perceive it how you want too!!!!

Woman share "war stories" of giving birth to each other like men tell stories about how great they are in bed & with how many woman!!!

If you as a woman reading this & you want to go down that path of "how much pain/trauma" giving birth was & it lasted 56hrs then by all means do that!

BUT what good is that to woman-hood!! If you truly want to empower woman then change the story to something more then "pain/world war 3" type stories!!!

I have the up most respect for woman & my words are not to degrade you, I hope you can read between the words & see the bigger picture, if not I feel the knifes warming as I type :-)

Here is Lennix Maria Lilian Hunter at 3wks old!

City 2 Surf = Thanks!

I wrote about clients completing City 2 Surf here, but think it's worth saying thanks again to those that gave it a nudge!! Your awesome!!

EHP is Moving......

EHP has combined it's magical powers with a local powerlifting club called Eastside Barbell, it is awesome to be part of a greater extended tribe of like minded people!!

Clients have already commented that Eastside has a "nice feel" which means the people at Eastside are cool cats that don't think they are the shiz cause they lift 2000000kg :-) !!!

Looking forward to breaking down new boundaries with EHP & Eastside :-)

BJJ & Pan Am

I'm back doing BJJ after a 2yr lay off, man it feels great to roll around and explore opportunities in movement. I'm taking a "new approach" to BJJ, because I'm strong I consider myself to have "strong BJJ" where is, I will use my strength to get to a position, however I'm trying to "surrounder" to this and allow my technique to find a way out or use my explosiveness when it will serve me rather then every time I'm in trouble!!

I've also decided to go to the Pan Am Tournament in Melbourne (November) where I'll compete in the masters white belt division :-)

So more to come on this........Check out Groundworkz BJJ Fan page here

Conclusion of March
Wow, what a month all this in only 4wks, there is more but I think they are the "big" things for the month....

Thanks for reading have a great day/month ahead & keep failing forward whanau, it's the only way to "fail" :-)


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