Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Try this Fat loss, Muscle Gaining & Strength Workout!!

When it's all said & done, the most strongest & leanest people on earth always fall back on SIMPLE exercises that yield BIG ASS RESULTS!!!

Today I want to share with you a programme that you can do in the gym for a 4wk period & get great results in your Fat loss, Increased Muscle & Strength goals.....This pic is of Shawn Phillips visit his site & LEARN!!

5x5x5 Full Body Push/Pull

Perform the following programme like this 5sets x 5reps & 5 Exercises!

Day 1: Pull
1) Hang Clean or Hang Pull
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
2) Dead lift
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
3) Chin Ups
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
4) Good Morning
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
5) Single Arm Row rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets

Day 2: Push

1) Push Press/Split Jerk
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
2) Back Squat
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
3) Bench Press
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
4) Step Ups
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets
5) Military Press
rest 60sec then repeat 4 more sets

Do the above in a alternating fashion 3x per week so week 1 you would do 2 Pulling sessions but the following week will be 2 Pushing sessions. The end result, some serious fat loss, muscle mass & Strength Gains....... That's right this kind of workout gives you all 3 for a beginner to intermediate lifter & even an advanced lifter that is looking for a "change up"!! Some things to consider to yield optimal results of fat loss, strength & muscle mass!
  • The weight needs to be heavy enough that 5reps can be completed & you maybe able to squeeze out 6reps on the early sets but 4th & 5th set.....The possibility of 6th rep is GONE :) E.g. if you can Squat 100kg for 1 reps your 5rep will be around 85-92.5kg
  • 60sec Rest is also a must.....Sure you can stretch it out to 90sec when you are having a day where you don't have the ticker to kick through but this programme ain't designed for coffee talks....GET TO WORK!
  • Abs, Bi's & Tri's......... These are far over rated for a beginner/intermediate lifter, yet 90% of people do them because we are lead to believe they are what's required for Optimal fat loss, Strength & Muscle Gaining...... Just because you see some huge dude do Bicep curls doesn't mean you need too, their foundations would not have been laid on bicep curls I PROMISE YOU!!
  • Training Partner is good for this routine they keep you honest by 1 person goes at a time, when they are done you are in banging out the next set!!
  • Other Days consider walking/jogging/Yoga as these modalities will help with soreness & allow the mind to be more passive
Have fun and let me know how it goes!!

P.S. I once did a 5sets, 5reps, 5exercises, 5days for 5wks.......Week 4
I WAS OVER IT too much volume & I was always sore!!

I think I missed 3sessions & the 4 th week was a bit of a joke as I was over it!! Here's how it looked.......

Monday = Olympic lifts

Tuesday = Upper Body Pulling

Wednesday = Squatting

Thursday = Upper Body Pushing

Friday = Posterior Chain

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