Friday, January 08, 2010

5 Simple Ways to Make Goals Stick in 2010

I was asked a Question on Facebook about, Motivational Tips to get "started" on achieving goals.... I would like to deepen the answer I gave on FB and provide some helpful tips for you in the daily grind of life to ensure you stay "on track"!

The Tips below I'm going to tell you if I have "lived" them or if they are purely just "intellectual" learning, there's a massive gap between the 2 and it's important I think that you understand which place I'm coming from!

Motivational Tips to Achieve Goals or Just GET STARTED

  1. Be Coached:
    This has to be the biggest "secret" their is in life....Yes you can sort it out yourself, I often do (right or wrong) however in order to jump the long process we must be coached.

    Real life Learning; Just this morning I rung a coach about a "issue" I was experiencing in life. Within 3mins I had seen "clarity" on it and realized how to change it i.e. the real proof will be in time to test my new found Life I.Q... However, the point is, I was too involved to see the simplicity of the situation and my coach saw it in 3mins!! That's priceless!!

  2. Write Down Your Goal:
    Don't be fooled by the nature of how simply this is, I also believe writing in pen/pencil on a peice of paper is MORE powerful then typing to a computer....Don't ask me if this is "science" based because I have NO idea, it's what I prefer!

  3. Set a Date:
    After your Goal, set a date you would like to achieve it by e.g. 5kg in 8wks = Start Monday Jan 10th, Finish Sunday March 13th. Once you have this written in calendar you can plan your social life around it..... I'm currently doing this on my yearly calendar with my own goals!

  4. Refer to your written Goal:
    We all often need a "motivation" boost and this is what reading your goal does everyday, it reinforces the outcome you want. Don't get caught up in Why you can't do _________, that just reinforces the outcome of NOT getting what you want!

    Ask questions like; How can I achieve my goal of __________ and leave it at that, it may come to you straight away it may come to you next month the strength is in asking "HOW can I"!!
  5. Performance vs Outcome?
    A Outcome Goal is lose 5kg in 8wks which is an important part of the process, however to help with the actual "doing" of the goal, I think adding in some Performance Goals into the big picture to make it more mangable goes along way to achieving it.

    Performance Goal = I'm prepared to commit to train 4x per week, therefore 4 x 8(weeks) = 32 training sessions.

    Work on "ticking" off these 32sessions as part of your performance goal, this is a great way to "measure the daily/weekly/monthly effort" so at the end of 8wks you can see what worked or what didn't i.e. if it was your training programme or the discipline of Showing Up!
There is alot more to the puzzle of Goal Setting or Motivation, however it all starts with DOING and this is where I START!!

Another big part of the puzzle is Commitment & Discipline to follow through.....with out these all of the above is just, "nice to know"!

Have fun with this, don't take it too seriously and remember to Fail Moving Forward :-)

Spida Hunter
P.S. One of the best programmes I've used for Goal Achievement is Dax Moy's Magic 100 programme, it pushes your threshold & he holds you accountable through daily emails!!

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