Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 yr old TODAY!!

EHP Fitness Studio is 1yr old TODAY....

Today the 14/4/2009 is 1yr old for EHP studio, man what a journey to date.


I think off the top of my head NZ is 80% small businesses, and over 1/2 of them fail in the first 3yrs!! I've been self employed for the last 4yrs as a fitness professional (in the industry for 10+ years) and my dream of having my own studio came a reality 365days ago! Real cool ahe!

Like I said a few weeks ago, every day
is a LESSON that sometimes I welcome and sometimes I resist with passion and conviction that keeps me up at night!!

So where to next for EHP Studio? I will continue to progress and DOMINATE the local market, actually I'm prepared to say that NO PERSONAL TRAINER/Gym/Studio in Christchurch could out beat the results we can produce here for REAL fat loss, fitness, MMA, Strength, toning, success in life!

People may perceive my statements to be co.cky but it's the belief
I get stronger every day and I suggest you adopt a belief that's similar to get what you want out of your fitness, fat loss, well being, life success goals!!

Lastly, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported me in this cool journey, most of you probably don't realize how much of an impact some of you have had. So to everyone, thank you so much!! I won't name people because I may miss some out and that would make me feel like the stink guy!

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