Friday, April 10, 2009

You just gave 80% Sugar & Fat!!!

This weekend is Easter and what better way to post then to let you know how much your kids have consumed in Easter eggs of fat & sugar!

There seems to be 2 sides to Easter, the reason why i.e. Jesus Christ and the commercial side i.e. selling of Chocolate!

I'm not a hard core believer in either, I mean I participate in the Chocolate side but that is still very limited and I acknowledge the religious side to Easter.

I do have a question to those that believe in the religious side to Easter:
Why is it that we have a public holiday and the whole country shuts down for 1 or 2 days to celebrate Christianity point of view, I mean why not celebrate and have holidays for Buddhism or Muslim point of view?

Ok back to the real topic at hand, giving you the information on how much your kids have consumed of the 2 worst things they can get and how you have justified it as, "well it's only once a year"!!

Here's a simple illustration of what is consumed this weekend and the cost:

In this flake Easter egg which has 2 flakes and 2 eggs:
Is a total of 190grams;
Per 100grams we have
FAT = 29grams which 19grams is saturated fat
Sugars = 50grams

So per 100grams your child or you are consuming 80grams of fat and sugar plus all the extra's to make this product up!!
That's 80% (actually a little more) of this product is based on fat and sugar!
Now, if fat loss is your goal you want to limit these 2 things from your diet as much as possible. That does NOT mean you don't have them!

The problem today, is that they are "hidden" in most foods you purchase, particularly foods that are packaged in a box!!

Both transfat and sugar have massive impacts on your health and fat storing cells! This is why it's so important to read the back of packaged foods to see what is "hidden"!

I could go on about "bad" sugar and "bad" fat, but I think most people "know" that they aren't ideal in health or fat loss goals!

But Spida it's only once a year
let the kids have their chocolate man?!!
I get the sh#t's with this mindset, because the truth of it for me is that I'm NOT saying they shouldn't have any, but to have the product above plus smaller Easter eggs to go with it, is just bulls&^#@!

30% of kids are FAT! That means out of my son's group of 10 friends, 3 of them are going to be obese!!

This type of thinking is sending the message of, today is Easter kids & you can over indulge in sugar/fat (i.e.get f***** up) because it's once a year, which really means, don't worry about common sense just go hard and get wasted on sugar and fat and we'll sort it out later when you come down from the effects!

Adult version of the same thinking:
I haven't been on the booze for weeks so today I'm going to get f***** up and then to make matters worse I'm going to have sex with anything and everything, because it's only once a year!!


I doubt a husband/wife etc.. would accept this type of behavior so why pass it on to your kids!

Some food for thought, now it's time to finish off the above Easter egg ;-) cause that's what we got for 2 kids, NOT 1 each!!
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Roundballnz said...

Perhaps I am showing my age, when I got Easter eggs as a kid , we would make them last days not hours - it was one egg that was it ... hence the commercial side has taken over that we now eat multiple eggs alongside all the other stuff we eat - because the food companies promote it ....

Engage brain - if you don't any/minimal crap - that one Easter egg eaten moderately won't kill you - if you don't, well then something is going to have to give - change of mindset is needed

Enjoy the long weekend - as to why its a holiday - goes back to the Judea-christian origins of this country & those who settled here - is it still relevant hell no - but If it disappears so will the pub hols ...

any of this make sense - I hope so

Spida Hunter said...

Makes sense to me, I just gave out some more of what eggs my boy and his mate had.

Actually, I remember making it last because I enjoyed it enough to have it over a period of time rather then in one sitting!

Thanks for the religion update, I've always questioned "why Christianity" and how come we still keep it?

We always as a nation/world send mixed messages, wouldn't it be nice to have transparency e.g. why ban smoking in public places and use the "it's not good for people".

Why not just ban it altogether, if it's that bad for people!!

$$ maybe :-)