Thursday, April 30, 2009

What we see is limited to what you comprehend!!

Your body size is a direct relation to your Fitness & Fat Loss I.Q! This may be hard to swallow but at some level is very TRUE!!

Your job in life is to expand your ability to "see" things in a way that is 360 degrees and not with the blinders on or at 90 degree's as we all tend to be at times!!

The way you "see" health, fitness, nutrition, fat loss etc.. is through your "senses" which then gets distorted by your "filters" of how you perceive them to be!

Hence why YOU SHOULD expand your awareness in Fitness and Fat Loss I.Q so you can "see/sense" all areas of what is presented to you.

Or another way to look at it, you can "see" or understand both sides of the coin either
intellectually or by actually experience of living.

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Is Cash Gifting Legal said...

Great insight.

I am big on using visualization to expand my awarenes. My results have improved tremendously ever since I began to actively visualize.


Israel said...

Yeah, nice - take an overweight person, and you can be pretty sure they'll have 'blinkers' on when it comes to food, and what/how they eat and drink. When they expand their view, like my mate recently has, they realise that their view was extremely narrow, and that changes need to be made.

And that's when success starts coming!

Cheers, Spida.