Thursday, April 09, 2009

Breaking down Mental Barriers.....

I can be a bit slow to "get it" sometimes but oh well, it happens!

Here are 2 books that I think are MUST READ for anyone embarking on a "running journey"!!

The first I've talked about many times before called, The Ultra Marathon Man

This book is nothing short of INSPIRATIONAL!!! I mean have you EVER thought of running 200miles in 1 clip?

Me either, after all what they hell are you running away from? Why would you do such a stupid thing?
Or something simliar to those thoughts!!

Let me tell you, that Dean Karnazes book is AWESOME! It will give you an insight into his mind and body of who and what he is. This is NOT a book of immature ego, saying I'm the greatest type bullsh#t..

This merely is a collection of his experiences!

His other book is called 50 Marathons in 50 Days!

This is a bit more of a "How to" book for running marathons etc... to be honest it didn't have the same impact for me as his first one, however it taught me alot about running.

In saying all of that, it still gives some awesome stuff into the task of running 50 marathons!

In this book they also did "scientific tests" to see how much damage he would accumulate over the 50days on his body!

The results may shock most people, but I'm not surprised at all!! I loved the fact after 50 marathons he felt a little "un-easy" with himself, so he did Forrest Gump and ran....and ran and ran...............1300 miles later he stopped and went home!

So why am I sharing you this other then suggesting 2 books to add to your personal collection?

I have NEVER really got "running" except to improve fitness for sport and once I learn't anaerobic type conditioning I pretty much 'ditched' aerobic running for fat loss, fitness, sports performance!

But now I get it!!

I mean the amount of "mental barriers" you can smash through (and sometimes get smashed by them) is amazing. I love how training for a marathon makes you face "you" as a person and who you are!

Or I should say this is how I'm using the marathon training. I'm NOT concerned with time or placings, I'm all about crossing the finishing line!

I ran past 22km the other night, which for me is HUGE, I mean I KNOW I can do 22km but beyond that is "unknown" and a bit every time I've got to 22km I give myself a massive pat on the back and justify the beer I have after :-)

The problem being was I was scared of going to the unknown of beyond 22km. Why? Well all sorts of reasons but the reality is, it's nothing more then my mind playing tricks on me and me buying into those tricks!

E.g. Have you noticed when you get close to the "end" of something i.e. running X km or last little bit of gardening etc... that you all of a sudden get "extra tired" or "something" pops up before you say, "I'm almost there, not long to go now" and then it centers you to focus on the task at hand?

The other night I ran to the 22km mark and had all the noise in my head to stop me, "you have done primo Spida, it's the quickest you have ever ran, you can stop now!!"

As I stood there, I replayed what it was really about! Nothing short of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real), so I quietly said. I'm going to continue running and see what happens!

1 extra km later I ended back home having ticked off running past 22km! Thank you very much, I've now gone to the "dark side" of the unknown and I KNOW from real life experience that it's nothing more then 1 step after another regardless of "how" many km you have done!!

If you are keen to join me then go here to sign up i.e. joining up means you don't have to run you can just show your support by signing up to the marathon newsletter.

1 last thing I wanted to share with you about the marathon journey, is that I love how exercise/running/weights etc.... can strip away all the layers of bullshyt to the human ego and leave you with nothing more then a naked and sometimes insecure little human who is truly you!
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