Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you use your injuries as an EXCUSE!!!

Virgin Marathon Update:
32km was ticked off this weekend & NOT by me!!!

I wanted to share with you a text I got yesterday. I spoke to one of my best bro's yesterday morning (Saturday) & he said he was going to "knock" of 30km......

30km...... I said to him, "bro, let me know how you get on"!

At 3:45pm I got a text;
"Just got home from my biggest run. Unsure of distance but will drive it later to see. Was on the road for 3hrs & 15mins! Wow!

Then at about 8pm another text;
"32km's bro. Had to stop about 20km to get sugar hit from garage. Walked the block after that but otherwise plodded along most of the way"!
My bro's name is Joel & I wanted to share with you his accomplishments, because this is a HUGE friggin milestone 30km & we are 4wks out to the due date!!!

I'm "stuck" on 23km with a f***** brick wall in front of me that is self created!! BUT hearing of Joel's successes has givin me the kick up the a.s.s I needed to break down this mental barrier I have at the moment!!

So use Joel's success as I will to help you to achieve things you haven't done! You don't know Joel so his success of 32km may NOT have an impact on you, but I do so here's a little brief to help you "get to know him more"!
Joel's Injury list:
  • Broke his leg & dislocated his ankle from rugby league 3yrs ago (his nephew my son, went into the ambulance with him to hospital) where I saw them put it back in. To see the pain (which he doesn't remember) on his face was heart breaking, I can assure you!!!

  • I think from memory Medial ligament (or ACL) reconstruction on knee 4yrs ago, had 3months off work & first week back hurt it again (not work related)!
  • Operation on wrist 5yrs ago had about 3months off work from that!

  • He once pulled off 38 tackles in a game of rugby league, now if you don't know rugby league that is HUGE amount of tackles to pull off!! We use to have competition on how many we could do, needless to say he SMASHED me in that one, my best was 27!

Joel is still yet to hit 30yrs of age as well, that is still 3yrs away!!

So there you go, Joel is NOT someone who has simply lived the good life & never experienced some form of "pain" along the unless your injury list is more impressive then this, don't use your "injuries" as an excuse to NOT do stuff.

Find a way to make it happen!

Spida Hunter
P.S. Payment for marathon is NOW due, late fee takes effect from May 11th at 12am. Yes that means you pay more! So go to the MAIN SBS marathon site now and sort it out!

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Israel said...

Epic!! Really inspirational - thanks! Good stuff, Joel...

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks Israel, I agree 100% and will pass it on to Joel.

I used "his story" to break a PB of running 26km myself!!

Israel said...

Nice! Stories like Joel's definitely help. If he can do it through injuries like that, then there's just no excuse for anyone else.