Friday, March 27, 2009

Never Stop Investing in YOU!

Well it's the end of the week i.e. Friday here in NZ and i thought I would send an email to let you in on the haps here at EHP Fitness Studio.

EHP Fitness Studio
is turning 1yr old!!
March is nearing an end and come April 14th 2009 I would have been in my studio for 1 YEAR!! So I'm saying out loud to all clients (whanau/friends too) EHP is having a 1st birthday bash!!
Dates on this will be confirmed but it's looking like Friday April 24th, so pencil it in your calender.. it's party time baby :-)
To make 1yr old has not been an easy road at all....everyday is a learning experience that sometimes I welcome like a budist monk and then sometimes I resist my learning experiences like the plague!!!!
It's quite fitting that I left my part time job 3wks ago just before the Studio's1st birthday!
The most important
investment you can
make is in yourself!
Warren Buffet stock market Billionaire has said;
"The most important investment you can make is in yourself"

I know we are in a recession of some sorts and services like Personal Training get put on the back burner...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop investing in your health and fitness!

Now I'm not saying you should continue to use the services of a Fitness Professional like myself if you are struggling to put food on the table!

However, all this means is you need to find another way to get your goals and stay invested in YOU!

Here is a video of a workout that my partner Tracey, Mum and I did on Wednesday which was Day 3 of our 30day Fitness, Fat Loss Challenge.

You will see a full body workout with Body weight ONLY from a Nana (i.e. My mum), Tracey who is 6wks post giving birth to our daughter Maaia and me who had a friggin man cold.

That means you see all levels of "making it happen" with NOTHING more then BODY WEIGHT and a desire to change!

That means, if munney is an issue for you, I have provided a workout to burn the phat right off your body that will cost you 15mins in time 4x per week!

What inspired me to write this was the fact I have just brought today;

How to win and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

A product from Ryan Lee & Mike Rousell = How to run a continuity newsletter


I don't NEED these things, however, I see them as an "investment" into me and the direction I want to go in life!

So no matter your situation that is "special" to you, NEVER EVER stop investing in yourself, even though sometimes you just can't be bothered!!

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fitprosarah said...

Keep it up, Spida! I dig your positive attitude and genuine interest in helping your clients succeed! More fitness professionals need to observe and learn! :)

Spida Hunter said...

Thanks Sarah, enjoyed your blog, got some great stuff on their and anyone reading check it out!!