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The 3 Rules of Fat Loss my presentation at Weight Watchers

I've been speaking at Weight Watcher meetings the last 3wks on the Topic of;

The 3 Rules of Fat Loss & How to "DO" them!

Here's a brief run of what I have been talking about. Enjoy these tips and if you have any questions please fire away by leaving a comment below or don't be shy to spread the word around either on twitter, facebook or any way you know how.

The Importance of Synergy!!
  1. Concern for Muscle
  2. Concern for Cardiovascular System
  3. Concern for Nutrition

The 3 Rules of Fat Loss & How to DO them:

1) Nutrition: I "preach" to them that they pay for the advice of Weight Watchers, so why not follow it, after all if you are into wasting money why not give it to me!!

It doesn't matter what "diet" you follow, the point is you follow it 90% of the time, other wise you don't know if it worked because YOU changed the "diet"!
Side Note: I'm not a real believer in Weight Watchers "diet" however I am a believer in 90% compliance with WHAT EVER YOU FOLLOW!!

HOW to do it:
  • Be compliant to WW guidelines
  • 6 meals per day
  • Be weary of the products in a box, as most a high in sugar!

2) Cardio for fat loss: People are conditioned to think 60mins a day of walking or jogging will give them the fat loss results they desire and to a point this is correct, however you must ask yourself if you have done this with NO RESULTS, is there a better way?
Or if you do this with limited results for the effort you put in, is there a better way?

Metabolic ESD (Energy System Development) or Interval training as it's commonly known as, is ULTIMATE for fat loss, it's not to say aerobic running/jogging/walking is NOT beneficial, however if you are to choose the BEST modality of cardio then Metabolic ESD is the cream of the crop for fat loss!
(Side note: by working in a metabolic ESD way, you inhearantly increase your aerobic capacity as well!!! That's 2 stones with one bird people!!)

How to DO ESD:
  • Power Walk/Jog/Run/Sprint for 30sec then go easy for 90sec i.e. 30sec fast (fast means, an inability to communicate) then go slow to moderate for 90sec x 8sets.
  • Yes you can do it on bikes/treadmills/cross trainers, it's the protocol of 30/90sec that's important!
3) Building Muscle
Muscle is the best return on investment we have "naturally" today, for e.g. did you know that doing weights in a metabolic fashion can enable you to burn calories for up to 36hrs POST training!!

That's like 360% return on investment!!!

It's impossible for woman to look like a female version of "she hulk" (naturally). Men produce testostrone which helps build muscle and females build estrogen which has less to do with building muscle!

So the Myth of, "If I do weights I will get big" is really nothing more then your imagination holding onto "freaks" on the internet! You may feel big but that is different to BEING big!

General rule of thumb;
Majority of men need to do more metabolic ESD as they like lifting the tin for 'numbers' on the bench press, and majority of females need to do more lifting the tin i.e. build more muscle, as they do too much cardio which can waste muscle if done too much!

How to Build Muscle:
  • Do all the exercises below in a Metabolic Circuit i.e. Do 1 then straight away do 2, 3, 4 then rest 90sec and repeat the process 3x
  • 3sets x 10-15reps, 90sec rest between sets.
  1. Bodyweight Squat

  2. Push ups
    and when the baby gets older from all the push ups they can do these ;-)

  3. Bodyweight Lunges

Tricep DipsI have NOT included abs in this metabolic circuit because these exercises will help develop them because they require you to stabilize in order to perform them!

There are hundreds of variations to make all this happen, if you have a willing mind you WILL find a way to make it happen!

The bigger the movement the more calories are burnt i.e. it's harder to do a squat then it is to do a bicep curl. You require more muscles to do a squat therefore you get more "bang for your buck" in calories burnt!

If you are to follow this programme you will want to do the Metabolic Circuit first which will take you about 15mins and then the Metabolic ESD 2nd which is about 20mins.

Yes that's right, a total time of 35mins and you can do this 3x per week i.e. Mon/Wed/Fri.

Now if you can't find 35mins 3x per week then you aren't ready to achieve your goals.

Any questions just fire my way and if you would like to share it feel free to do so by using the link below.

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