Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's your bucket list?

How would you like to "tick" something off your Bucket List in 2009 and be part of an exclusive group of 1st timers?

This bucket list is for 1st time virgins only (exceptions can be made for those that are willing to share their experiences with us ''first timers')! Oh by the way, that's half or full marathon-er virgins!

If you have never done a half or full marathon before and would like to tick it off your Bucket List before you kick the bucket then read on..... if you have never thought about doing a marathon but interested to learn about the journey of 1st time "marathon virgins" then read on.....

First let's get the issue of "What is a Bucket List" out of the way!?

The term Bucket List comes from the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgon Freeman, about 2 old men who find out they are going to die from cancer. They come from 2 different backgrounds i.e. Morgon Freeman is very "wealthy" in the family sense and Jack Nicholson is very "wealthy" in the monetary sense.

Basically, these 2 make a list of things they want to "tick off" before they "Kick the Bucket" and use each other to spur them on to achieve what they have always wanted, but never done!

This is the the theme behind you reading this web page and deciding if you want to "tick off" or "cross off" a half or full marathon from your list before you "kick the bucket"!

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