Friday, March 13, 2009

5 ways to make you lose your fight in the ring!

"Hurt in Practice so you don't Bleed in Battle"!

This has always been my motto when I started training fighters all those years ago and it stands to this day!!!

I've been training up and coming MMA star John Erskine who only lost his first fight in the weekend to a cut!

They say that John lost the first round on points and then "may" have won the 2nd before it was stopped to excessive blood from his cut! Well I saw his cut on Thursday and it was about 1cm long and looked nothing more then a little scratch!!

As they say, it must of hit a vein in his head because the pics I saw they were both covered in blood from it and John said it was pulsing out as soon as he "exerted" some serious force!

Sure enough, it had to be stopped!!

While this is John's first loss, in my mind he may have a L next to his record but everyone I've talked to said, it would of been a awesome 3rd round if it had gone to it because it was so even!!

So here's to a rematch I say and hopefully in Christchurch since both boys are from here.

I take my hat off to his opponent Garath, he looked in great nick then what I had previously seen him in!!

Here's a video of John, Scott (Kate is background doing her training) all hurting in practice so we don't bleed in battle. Ok, mostly don't bleed ;-) if you want to see blood click here, just look for the guys covered in blood!!

5 Things that Fighters do to lesson their chances of winning from training;
  1. Follow their MMA, Thai, Grappling coach for "expertize" in strength and conditioning. Get the expert coaching of the body from someone who TRAINS fighters!
  2. Watching Youtube video's on Randy Coutoure, BJ Pen and others doesn't mean their training is any good! They will be good at MMA regardless of their training, and most MMA strength and conditioning is crap! Yes, even the guys from UFC & other organizations have crappy Strength & Conditining Coaches!
  3. Don't be cheap, expand your knowledge and coaching through searching outside of your area of expertise!
  4. Running will NOT make you fit for the ring, it takes care of your aerobic system however in the ring, requires other systems of the body i.e. aerobic, lactate, A-lactate, power, strength, speed, agility etc...
  5. MMA is in the virgin stages, their is only a very select few that look at MMA as a profession i.e. train strategy, physically, mentally, emotionally, tactically, their opponent weaknesses & Strengths, their own weaknesses & strengths etc.... Treat it like a profession and seek the BEST to learn from.
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