Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tune in to Wammo & Me on Kiwi Fm

In this day and age "information" is everywhere and I've always done my best to provide you the reader with "real", "truthful" information in your journey of Fat loss, Health, Fitness, Strength & Life, that you can USE in everyday living!

If we aren't able to translate what we "know" into what we "DO" then what is the friggin point! Okay maybe that is a bit heavy, because we are better to "know" then bury our head in the sand of ignorance!!

However, to live a life to your version of Personal Excellence you need to take what you VALUE and "live" it i.e. DO IT!

Just because you KNOW something doesn't mean you are an example of what you know!

Case in point:
EVERYONE know's that veggies are good for you! But how many people actually have them 3 out of 5meals they have or 1 out of 3meals etc...

Have you noticed how many people are prepared to give you advice on something because they "know" it, but when you have a closer look at the person they generally don't live what they say.

A great example of this; is the new age trainer comming through the education system. They have more letters behind their name in qualifications but don't have the "common" sense to live the theory they have been taught! Hence the new age trainer are FATTER and WEAKER then EVER before!!!

So what's my point from all of this?
Basically every Tuesday at 7am you will want to tune into kiwifm to listen to Wammo and I discuss some ways for you to take what you know and make it happen in your life! i.e. go from 'knowing' to DOING!

We've done 2 slots on the radio so far and to access them you can visit Wammo's site for the reply where you can download it or listen in.

Podcast 1 March 17th 2009

Podcast 2 March 23th 2009

For you to start to truly change in your goals of more strength, fitness, health, decreased fat, weight etc... you need to raise your Health & Fitness I.Q!

These radio interviews are exactly that, an opportunity for you to Raise your I.Q, so tune in, listen in and them make it happen so you can be a true warrior of life!

The warrior that know's and does!
(or mostly because ALL warriors f$#@ it up occasionally :-)

Here's where you need to tune in every Tuesday, actually everyday Kiwi FM have got it going on!!

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