Thursday, December 18, 2008

Personal Bests all round at EHP!!

Lets share with you some awesome Personal Bests that’s been happening from clients at the moment!

Most people don’t understand that when you increase someone’s functional strength you by default effect their;

ü Relative-strength

ü Speed-strength

ü Strength-endurance

ü Speed

ü Speed-endurance.

ü Self Confidence

ü Self belief

And to lesser degrees;

ü Higher levels of aerobic fitness

ü Agility

ü Dynamic mobility

ü Max strength development is a precursor to lean-mass gains i.e. more muscle less fat! Due to fast-twitch motor units have much greater capacity for hypertrophy (muscle growth) than do Type I Motor Units.

What does this mean to you the joe blog? Well, looking at the above benefits of training strength doesn’t it make sense to train for a “form” of maximal strength? After all, look how much “bang for your buck” you get when you train to lift heavy!

Any ways, that how I see things and that’s how I can get quicker results then 95% of trainers in my home town, because they pussy foot around with 3kg pink dumbbells and 20reps at a time and say things like, “you won’t get BIG when using this weight because it’s light and we are doing lots of reps, we are “toning”!!

Okay, get back on track Spida! :-)

Some Clients PB's:





Went from 80kg Deadlift to 160kg for 4reps in 6wks!!! That’s a 100% return on investment thank you very much, he the man!

Oh and we measure him tomorrow to see how much more weight/fat he has lost. After only 3 wks he had lost 4kg and 3% bodyfat!


New PB on Incline from 60 to 65kg!

NO INCLINE BENCH training at all, he trained with John for last fight doing “fighting protocols” and as a result increased his squat, incline. He’s also doing a 2 shoulder exercises 2x per week before every session.Which I think at this point has also helped him in breaking down the 60kg mark!!


Deadlift 190kg for 2reps from a recorded 170kg.

I’ve done 180kg on trap bar about 3yrs ago in Melbourne, so once I hit 180kg I got a new PB, felt good then hit 190kg. I let me ‘ego’ out of the bag at the right time!

For the ladies out there!!


Deadlift 2reps at 105kg from100kg

Back Squat from 75kg to 85kg at 1rep

Don’t let your ego tell you she’s built like a brick sh%# house guys/girls cause she’s not at a dress size of 12!!!


Dead lift from 75kg at 5reps to 90kg at 1!!

I trained Miki online while she was studying this year and when she come back and i saw here improvements I “new” she could get up there and she did! Dress size 10 here as well ladies!!!


60kg Deadlift for 5reps

Not bad for 49yrs young is it and a bodyweight of ^@kg (like I was going to give you that she’ll kill me :-).Oh another size 10 her, so there goes the lifting big makes you into a man!

So what’s the secret to breaking down personal PB’s!?

Obviously technique is important, however if it’s the main concern then you shouldn’t be lifting to your max! Honestly though, the secret is the “talk” between you and the bar or the "talk" that's happening between your ears!! Sometimes you can out beat your thinking and other times you don’t, but when lifting heavy it’s all in the mind!

Case in point: Lifting to your max is part about numbers i.e. 100kg is 100kg today, tomorrow 10yrs time it’s 100kg. So in simple terms it’s math! If you add another 10kg it becomes 110kg, it’s still math!!

NOW, the secret is HOW and WHAT does that number do to your thoughts, feelings and what impact does that have on YOU!!!

Do you get my drift, the weight on the bar is JUST A NUMBER but what and how it makes you “feel” is where the secret lies! You conquer that and you conquer the weight!

Now, you may have the right “feelings/thoughts” in your head but sometimes you just don’t lift it, that’s means your not strong enough, yet! Easy solution to that, KEEP TRAINING! But my experience dealing with “normal” people who don’t lift tin for a living is, the number they see scares the shyt out of them and sometimes me too!!

So always "talk" to yourself in a postive manner and if that doesn't work then let it out, you know the part of you that's not accptable to show in public?

All the anger, hate, ego, alpha, up yours, type thinking WE ALL have in us! I'm still learning to let it out and be okay with it, it's a part of me that scares me a little so I don't like showing it.

Last week when I hit 190kg, that was from the "hate/anger/ego" place and if I'm being real honest. I enjoyed it in fact I loved it!!!

What did I say between my ears that got me to lift it?
The first attempt and only moving it 1inch off the floor, Holy shit that's heavy!

Then directly after that, between my ears was "f$#@ you, you don't own me, I own you, now show it (the bar) who the F---- boss is around here, mutha F-----ka"!!

The rest they say is history......

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