Friday, September 26, 2008

Fatloss Steps made easy...

Fatloss Step #1
Are you doing resistance training?

Fatloss Step #2
Are you doing it in a way that is going to create what's called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). In other words will you burn calories AFTER YOU HAVE WORKED OUT!!

Fatloss I.Q. time:
People are so concerned with "how" many calories they burn WHILE exercising! Who cares!!! It's the amount of calories you can burn when at rest recovering that will provide more bang for your buck!!

Case & point: You workout for 60mins and burn 500 calories doing "cardio". I workout following resistance style of EPOC principles i.e. high metabolic workouts with limited recovery and high tension.

In 45mins I burn 400 calories BUT BUT BUT the next 36hrs POST workout I burn an extra 400 calories while I'm recovering.

Tell me who is kicking some serious fat, that's right ME!!!

Just in case you are a person that needs "science" to validate everything in your world :-)

(Evidence suggests that a high-intensity, intermittent-type of training (interval training) has a more pronounced effect on EPOC (Haltom et al. 1999). Also, it appears that resistance training produces greater EPOC responses than aerobic exercise (Burleson et al. 1998).)

(EPOC). Originally referred to as an oxygen debt, this postexercise state was first hypothesized by A.V. Hill and H. Lupton in 1922.

Nutrition Step #1
Are you eating 4-6meals per day?

Nutrition Step #2
If NO, then that's where you start ,don't worry about WHAT you eat at the moment just add meals/snacks to your day. From this you will increase your metabolic rate because you will graize rather then pig out, and you know when you are starving you pig out!

Don't be ashamed about "pigging out" I don't give a rats bum WHAT I eat when I'm hungry, I want food and I want it NOW!! We all can be 2yr olds in big people's bodies at times, gotta love those hissy fits!!

If yes, then only have white carbs after you have trained i.e. if you train you have earn't the "right" to eat some white rice/pasta/potatoe etc...

I could give you more "detailed" steps but the reality is MOST people are NOT doing these steps, you may think you are from your perspective but from mine more then likely your not!

That's the beauty of a coach they "look" at the big picture and figure out what's ideal to give you a massive return on minimum effort (sometimes maximum effort too :-)!!

What about cardio? ESD or cardio has it's place and it can give you results when done in a "EPOC" fashion,for now though I think if you just action ed 1 of these steps you will see a "shift" in fat!

So will you move on one of these steps or will it be something you "know" but don't "DO"?

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