Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 2 Best Questions to ask EVER....

I wanted to share with you today an email I sent the people who are participating in the 6wk Online Fatloss Group that I feel more people need to "understand".
All people who are in the group are getting results both in terms of fat loss and life. 1 person has reported a drop in clothes size in 4wks!!! Others have said they noticed clothes looser ALL have said that it's transfered to there life in positive ways!!
While fat loss maybe the focus, you can't put a price on improving the quality of your life!! To all those that are kicking butt, you are awesome I have posted the last video's for you as well.
questions you can ask EVER!

I believe with absolute conviction at this point and time in my life that if you ask 3 basic questions you can MOVE yourself up the ladder of success if not jump up the ladder of success!

I believe that most people get caught up in the "wrong" questions due to focusing on "things" that don't move them in a direction of success! I also believe that people regardless of where you are in life these questions will pay dividends, however if you can "see" more and then follow through on what you "see" then you will get more from the questions that you ask.

So what are the questions?

Before I give them to you, please understand that you "may" get what I'm saying at a "intellectual" basis and this is GREAT (although if you don't get it, it's still ok because if you keep asking the questions it will come), however "intellectual understanding" is ONLY 1 depth of learning and sure it's better then not getting it (even though you still do at some level).

However the REAL learning is observing and watching with curiosity of HOW you follow through on the questions; by now you maybe lost so let me explain what the questions are.

If you get "stuck" on something i.e. something is holding you back in this fitness journey then the BEST questions to ask yourself are;

  1. HOW can I over come this?

  1. WHAT can I do about it today?

  1. WHERE does it come from? (Only needs to asked if you are unhappy/sabotaging yourself)

Before we carry on please do NOT ask the WHY does this happen questions because that opens up a box to never never land, we want questions that move us forward not make us peel back layers of us that will take forever to understand,if at all!

How = asking the unconscious to find the answer

What = moving from "dreaming" to moving in a direction towards what we want to achieve.

Where = Where in your life have you "let that be okay?"

Okay please take note of this;

You DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW THE ANSWERS to the questions, more then likely if you are asking them you have NO IDEA, that is why you are asking them because you are asking your unconscious part of your brain to find the answer. If you have a perception of control then this will be very hard for you! But basically you are wanting to ask the questions then just "let it go" and allow it to come to you!

Call it Law of Attraction/The Secret or what ever, the reality is I want you to ASK the question BUT ALSO to follow through on what comes to you with out letting your conscious part of you say "No or Judge" you for what ever reason. This is the part to "watch with curiosity" to what happens next and or how you feel about the situation.

Please don't over analyze everything in this email just read it and ask the questions next time a "situation" arises and then just "let it be"!

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